WarpCalc is a calculator package with both CLI and GUI executables. The two executables share the same core capabilities, which include those of any regular scientific calculator. Additionally, you can define your own functions and variables. While in use, the calculators also store input and result histories. Using the GUI executable, you can traverse both histories easily (the input history can also be made persistent across sessions).


  • A whole calculation can be entered, reviewed and edited at once (e.g., allowing clipboard copy and paste).
  • Recognizes binary, octal, decimal, and hexadecimal numbers, as well as sexagesimals (minutes and seconds).
  • Plenty of standard mathematical functions are built-in, including trigonometric and hyperbolic.
  • Seamlessly expandable with user-defined variables and functions.
  • Session variables can be created on-the-fly using the assignment operator (a variable assignment can be placed anywhere in an expression where a number is allowed).
  • User configurable result formatting (e.g., engineering and hexadecimal notation) and precision (up to 15 significant digits).

Graphical User Interface

Standard Window
  • Both the keyboard and the mouse can be used for input.
  • Repetitive evaluation with side-effects such as variable incrementing.
  • The last result, input history (option), and all user-defined symbols are preserved across sessions.
  • Online help with reference section, including the SI units and prefixes.
  • Localized signs for multiplication, division and decimal separator.
  • Automatic copying of results to the clipboard. (option)

An extended window layout is also available. Perhaps most importantly, it features a wider input/result window, but it also has push buttons for more functions, as well as buttons for quick conversion to four common number bases. The extended layout is only a double-click away:

Enhanced Window

When only using the keyboard, a minimal layout is available to save valuable desktop space. The function key F12 toggles window roll-up:

Efficient Window

Command-line Interface

The CLI version can be passed a mathematical expression as a command-line argument like this:

calc sin(pi/2)

As with the GUI version, it is also possible to pass more than one expression at once, separating the different expressions with semicolons:

calc "x= atan 1; sin x/cos x; tan x - ans"

WarpCalc 2.0

Version 2.0 is released as freeware, i.e. it is free-to-use and free-to-copy without any limitations. It contains a few improvements and a couple of fixes, one might have been a major obstacle for new users. There are also some changes in the way it looks for application data, adding a software home directory. The online help gives you all the details.

Version 2.1

Version 2.1 improves the number parser (more accurate decimal parsing), the sin, cos, and tan functions (special input values tested), and error reporting.

Stealth Updates

Awaiting the next documented release, stealth updates are available. These packages contain the latest executables, but changes in the software are undocumented. The latest stealth update was released on Sunday 19 February 2017 .

Download Information
WarpCalc, v2.0,
released 2012-03-21
warpcalc.zip (224 kB)

WarpCalc Registration

To become a registered user of WarpCalc 2.0 is completely optional. If you want to support free and independent software development, you can still register your copy and have your name appear in the product information dialog. Please contact the developer for details.

Ordering Information
Registration (EUR 5) Online payment options will be available shortly.


WarpCalc is supported freeware. All registered users are entitled to free technical support. If you find any bugs, want some enhancements, or like to see some other improvements, please message the developer at the following address.