One of the major planets in astrology, ruler of Libra and Taurus.

Compare Tellus.

  1. Archetype of the Stone element and the Mutable mode; the Virgin.

    Virgo represents Critical Physicality.

    Virgo complements Gemini.

  2. In astrology the part of the Zodiac (ecliptical division) ruled by Mercury.


Of vitality; public, generous, bright, purposeful, sexual, rational, vulnerable, pure, intrepid; without fear.

Compare Emotional.


Extrovert qualities of being; qualities of an unattached spirit; specific subset of character traits and associations based on such qualities:

  1. Magnificent Vitality (Leo): Conservation, Law, Control, Regulation, Faith, Calm, Advice, Enthusiasm, Energy, Radiance, Publicity, Gullibility, Foolishness, Tardiness, Fortune, Royalty, Indolence, Relaxation, Fun, Drama, Heroism, Moodiness, Arrogance, Domination, Temper, Melancholy, Failure, etc.

  2. Devout Vitality (Sagittarius): Expansion, Prosperity, Enlightenment, Competition, Sports, Archery, Victory, Benevolence, Sympathy, Outlook, Prophecy, Travel, Synthesis, Truth, Comedy, Humor, Sexuality, Heaven, Bliss, Liberality, Scattering, Extravagance, Gambles, Optimism, Indecency, Dishonesty, Recklessness, etc.

  3. Able Vitality (Aries): Creation, Health, Integrity, Beauty, Pureness, Kindness, Generosity, Solidarity, Gallantness, Passion, Fidelity, Grasp, Savvy, Presence, Courage, Independence, Command, Avidity, Fame, Philanthropy, Promotion, Encouragement, Technology, Untidiness, Dirtiness, Insecureness, Paranoia, etc.

Vitality effects Personality.

Vitality complements Emotionality.

Vitality disagrees with Physicality.