1. Archetype of the Light element and the Mutable mode; the Archer.

    Sagittarius represents Devout Vitality.

    Sagittarius complements Pisces.

  2. In astrology the part of the Zodiac (ecliptical division) ruled by Jupiter.


Willed personal stimulation.

Satisfaction is a property of Mind.

Satisfaction comes with Discontent.

Satisfaction denies Comfort.


One of the major planets in astrology, ruler of Aquarius and Capricorn.

Compare Uranus.


Understanding of the Cosmos; vision of reality.

Intellectually science is Reason applied to ideas entertaining the Mind. Modern Western Science seems to be little more than belief in different theories shifting with available evidence or lack thereof, such as the now defunct theory of evolution. In current popular usage the word science seems to assume materialism, which in turn is founded on selective scepticism with atheism at its core. In this modern interpretation science has become a repressive ideology, rather than the liberating voice of reason it could have been.

  1. Archetype of the Water element and the Fixed mode; the Scorpion.

    Scorpio represents Profound Emotionality.

    Scorpio complements Aries.

  2. In astrology the part of the Zodiac (ecliptical division) ruled by Mars.

    Many astrologers associate the sign of Scorpio exclusively with Mars, while most Western astrologers have it exclusively associated with Pluto. However, the assocation with Mars fits the order of the Zodiac (ecliptical division) and the Planets perfectly.


Combination of spirit and soul conveniently considered as an entity; spirit soul.


Complementary form or division; one of the Sexes.

Sexes, the

Concept of complementary polarity: introvert and extrovert.


Symbol for a particular archetype; one of the Signs.

Signs, the

In astrology the twelve signs or parts of the zodiac (ecliptical division): Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces.

Snake, the

Animal of the Chinese Zodiac (circle).

The Snake shares its unmatched efficiency in business, caring empathy, and selfish intuition with Cancer of the Western Zodiac.


Essential part of a being responsible for care and comfort; fragment of quintessence carrying a unique emotionality reflected as ego; that which is emotional; thought, ease, power.

Compare Spirit.


Essential part of a being responsible for purpose and bliss; fragment of quintessence carrying a unique vitality manifested as mind; that which is vital; enthusiasm, joy, passion.

Compare Soul.


In astrology the distant suns providing the backdrop for the planets.

Astrology using the stars on their own merit is known as sidereal astrology.


Element of reflection; physical substance.

Archetypes: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn.

Stone complements Air.

In this glossary the name Stone for this element replaces the more common Earth. The most mundane reason for this is that the term Earth is overloaded with meanings, all of which ring of greater complexity than what most people associate with the word Stone.


Of intellect; delicate, airy, refined.

Compare Gross.

Sun, the

One of the major planets in astrology, ruler of Leo and Cancer.

Compare the Moon.


That which has rythm and provides music in order to produce comfort; behavior of an unattached soul; reclusion.

Surrender is the antonym of Hubris.

Compare Good.