Unwanted physical sensation.

Pain is a property of Ego.

Pain results from Evil.

Pain denies Bliss.


Of personality; manifested, detached; overt.

Compare Physical.


Manifested vitality; qualities of reason and ignorance forming a mask for the spirit; specific subset of character traits and associations based on such qualities:

  1. Fond Personality (Libra): Cooperation, Grace, Taste, Refinement, Charm, Appeal, Sexiness, Love, Peace, Orderliness, Justice, Eloquence, Finesse, Patience, Ruth, Counsel, Inquisition, Hesitation, Weakness, Dependence, Slowness, Loneliness, Restlessness, Adultery, Diplomacy, Indulgence, Complacency, etc.

  2. Complex Personality (Gemini): Communication, Publishing, Cheer, Boldness, Brains, Reason, Genius, Openness, Flexibleness, Cleverness, Ideas, Play, Luck, Disease, Nervousness, Lamentation, Irritability, Boredom, Cant, Lying, Elusion, Defiance, Provocation, Cheekiness, Teasing, Meanness, Torture, etc.

  3. Supreme Personality (Aquarius): Invention, Strength, Will, Gnosis, Knowledge, Prestige, Authority, Leadership, Magnetism, Gregariousness, Networking, Individuality, Veracity, Talent, Radicalness, Ingenuity, Design, Safety, Idealism, Irregularity, Tension, Strangeness, Turbulence, Caprice, Rashness, Carelessness, Hardness, etc.

Personality is a realization of Mind.

Personality complements Physicality.

Personality disagrees with Emotionality.


Attention to reality for the purpose of enlightenment; rationality of spirit.


Of physicality; reflected, incomplete; covert.

Compare Personal.


Reflected emotionality; qualities of instinct and nescience shaping a body for the soul; specific subset of character traits and associations based on such qualities:

  1. Dense Physicality (Taurus): Sensation, Geniality, Tact, Cuteness, Lust, Diligence, Reliability, Solidity, Tranquility, Steadiness, Happiness, Lethargy, Wealth, Stinginess, Stubbornness, Rebellion, Infidelity, Viciousness, Gossip, Lewdness, Anger, Rage, Madness, Aggression, Violence, Destruction, Shamelessness, etc.

  2. Critical Physicality (Virgo): Concentration, Service, Duty, Honesty, Decency, Expediency, Soundness, Logic, Precision, Glibness, Parroting, Toil, Fragmentation, Assimilation, Prejudice, Scepticism, Anxiety, Conformity, Modernity, Frigidity, Coldness, Illness, Debt, Jaundice, Hostility, Normalcy, Cruelty, etc.

  3. Ultimate Physicality (Capricorn): Education, Work, Discipline, Daring, Caution, Ambition, Imagination, Silence, Focus, Depth, Literature, History, Tolerance, Endurance, Envy, Shrewdness, Success, Nobility, Eccentricity, Innovation, Recognition, Standing, Pressure, Dejection, Gloom, Aloofness, Violation, etc.

Physicality is a realization of Ego.

Physicality complements Personality.

Physicality disagrees with Vitality.


Quantification and measurement of physical things in order to describe relationships or laws between them.

Pig, the

Animal of the Chinese Zodiac (circle).

The Pig shares its fondness, impeccable taste, and indulgence with Libra of the Western Zodiac.

  1. Archetype of the Water element and the Mutable mode; the Fish.

    Pisces represents Solemn Emotionality.

    Pisces complements Sagittarius.

  2. In astrology the part of the Zodiac (ecliptical division) ruled by Neptune, alternatively Jupiter.

  1. Celestial wanderer, moving star; location.

  2. In astrology one of the Planets.

Planets, the

In astrology primarily the seven planets visible to the naked eye making one horoscope different from another by continually shifting longitudes along the Zodiac: the Moon, the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn; additionally the outer planets Uranus, Neptune, the special planet Tellus (our Earth), and possibly also Pluto.

The Sun represents one’s faith, sense of self, dignity and appearance to the world: Leo & Cancer. Continuing from the Sun, the planets are assigned surrounding signs in order of increasing distance. First out are the inferior planets (inside the orbit of the Earth) assigned Virgo & Gemini and Libra & Taurus, then the first superior planet (outside the orbit of the Earth) with Scorpio & Aries, and finally the two giants overseeing Sagittarius & Pisces and Aquarius & Capricorn. The remaining planets are all complementary. Neptune may be the most important of these planets, defining generations by spending about 14 years in each sign. Pluto is a tiny planet with a dramatically more eccentric orbit than the others. At times this brings it inside the orbit of Neptune.


Wanted physical sensation.

Pleasure is a property of Ego.

Pleasure comes with Pain.

Pleasure denies Bliss.


One of the minor planets in astrology, secondary ruler of Aries and Scorpio.

Compare Mars.