1. Archetype of the Air element and the Mutable mode; the Twins.

    Gemini represents Complex Personality.

    Gemini complements Virgo.

  2. In astrology the part of the Zodiac (ecliptical division) ruled by Lilith, alternatively Mercury.

    Most astrologers associate the sign of Gemini exclusively with Mercury. However, the association with Lilith fits the order of the Zodiac (ecliptical division) and the Planets perfectly.

Goat, the

Animal of the Chinese Zodiac (circle).

The Goat shares its appreciation of art, dreaming, and tendency to worry with Pisces of the Western Zodiac.


That which has purpose and provides truth in order to spread bliss; behavior of an unattached spirit; travel.

Good is an enemy of Evil.

Compare Surrender.


Of matter; dense, earthy, impure.

Compare Subtle.