1. Any planet harbouring life.

  2. Our location in cosmos, see Tellus.

  3. Synonym for one of the Elements, see Stone.


Illusory part of a living being responsible for pleasure and pain; reflection of a soul as a unique physicality; gross body providing instinct, ‘false self’, body; that which is physical.

Ego follows Evil.

Compare Mind.


Constituent part of fundamental nature; one of the Elements.

Elements, the

Four fundamentals that constitute everything: Water, Air, Stone, Light.


Of emotionality; private, selfish, dark, obscure, sensual, sentimental, powerful, dangerous; without persona, impersonal.

Compare Vital.


Introvert qualities of being; qualities of an unattached soul; specific subset of character traits and associations based on such qualities:

  1. Efficient Emotionality (Cancer): Observation, Imitation, Initiative, Action, Business, Affluence, Charity, Fiction, Partying, Timidity, Defence, Prudence, Danger, Fret, Hunger, Greed, Support, Intuition, Empathy, Care, Softness, Sentimentality, Moods, Hurt, Evasion, Haughtiness, Selfishness, etc.

  2. Solemn Emotionality (Pisces): Introspection, Retreat, Rest, Ease, Adaptation, Compassion, Tenderness, Solution, Meditation, Insight, Poetry, Music, Fantasy, Sensuality, Comfort, Sorrow, Worry, Clouds, Indecision, Distraction, Isolation, Bondage, Surrender, Pessimism, Irresponsibleness, Crime, Drugs, etc.

  3. Profound Emotionality (Scorpio): Possession, Power, Dignity, Judgement, Attention, Quickness, Audacity, Elegance, Desire, Restraint, Ecstasy, Loyalty, Death, Reverence, Medicine, Investigation, Secrecy, Reserve, Manipulation, Seduction, Magic, Hypnosis, Jealousy, Craziness, Vengeance, Wickedness, Ruthlessness, etc.

Emotionality effects Physicality.

Emotionality complements Vitality.

Emotionality disagrees with Personality.


Event resulting in understanding; condition following such an event.


That which makes something what it is; quality of a thing separated from its dispensable parts.


Of essence; necessary, indispensable.


Need to rebel against the whole in a never completed search for pleasure and happiness; rough and senseless behavior associated with nescience; belief in the ego in place of the self; cause of pain; rebellion, lack of purpose, struggle.

Evil perpetuates Physicality.

Evil requires Nescience.

Evil is an enemy of Good.

Compare Hubris.


That which creates, but never appears nor disappears.

Existence is a quality of quintessence.


Of introvert behavior aroused by lust; social.


Of the sex giving out and disowning; having interests dispersed outward; of creation, invention, expansion, communication, conservation, or love; of yang; manly.

Archetypes: Aries, Aquarius, Sagittarius, Gemini, Leo, Libra.

Compare Introvert.