Metaphysics Glossary

Welcome to the Metaphysics Glossary of the Cosmic Ledger website. The main purpose of this glossary is to annotate the metaphysical content of the Ledger with precise definitions for terms that would otherwise be unclear from having many possible and sometimes wildly divergent meanings.

Each and every keyword has been verified for accuracy using Isopsephia, which is a kind of Greek numerology where words of like numbers are used to describe each other.

The numerological verification does not mean, however, that there is no room for error. Only that this kind of numerology can guide an imperfect mind to pick the right words for the job. The glossary is currently scheduled for revision and serious expansion.

The glossary is a work in progress with frequent changes and additions. Highlighted terms have been added or changed in the last year. Italicized terms have especially volatile definitions that have changed recently or should be expected to change in the near future.