Free Will

Messy Draft

The following document is in a messy draft state. As an initial draft it should be subject to many and hopefully frequent additions, changes and reorganizations. Please excuse the present mess of words and sentences.

Science and two independent religious scriptures agree: We do not have free will. Given certain circumstances the outcome is just as certain. The feeling of free will is nothing but an illusion. The will is there for sure, but it is not free (Rom 7:19).

This truth coupled with ignorance of or disbelief in it often cause great frustration. However, without this truth there could be no accurate prophecy or any other absolute predictions, nor could God rightfully be called almighty.


God creates all, causes all, and is all, but does nothing, i.e. takes no action. God is thereby free of Karma and all things associated with it including pleasure and pain, happiness and sadness, excitement and suffering. God is and always will be unmoved in perfect satisfaction.

The Power of Life

God is the power of life. If you are in tune with God you have unlimited power to live, prosper and in the end become a free spirit. This is quite a good thing, but it requires knowing that God is God in all his Power, Glory and Total Knowledge.

Praise and Blame

Some people praise or blame God for their sitiuation and things that happen to them, but God is beyond love and hate. Although it appears so, God does not favor anyone, but always promotes our welfare.


God grants wishes. No matter how foolish they might be, so be very careful what you wish for – it might come true! Just in any case someone thinks this means that God grants all wishes, it does not – only the most foolish ones. Alright, that was not perfectly true, but for higher love to operate and be of any value, God does grant also very foolish wishes, however there is a limit – you cannot wish God away.


To protect yourself from the foolish wishes of others be spiritual at heart, recite the Lord’s prayer, remember Krsna and be kind to all God’s creatures. If you follow this advice your wish for protection will most definitely be granted, you can count on it.


To be kind is to neither love nor hate, but instead to keep what is best in mind. Since you have no free will you do not have to worry about how to act, but instead go with the flow knowing that you are doing God’s will – not your own! If you do not know this you will become bound by your action (Karma).

Life and Death

Death is necessary for new life. If it were not for death there could be no changes to our condition ever, no liberation, no salvation, nothing. A murderer would live a murderer for ever. A victim of rape would live a victim for ever. This would be cruel, very cruel, or more exactly extremely cruel, and contrary to modern Church dogma but in accordance with the Bible, God is not cruel. A note of warning: Anyone who teaches eternal torture will surely suffer for it.

The Person

God is a person. Just like a mother and a father would like to see their children live in joy, so does God. When anyone is harmed God feels it, please remember this. If everyone was to follow God’s heart and only wish for Good there would be no suffering in this world.

God’s Plan

The Bhagavad Gita does not explicitly mention any God’s Plan. It does however state that God appears in every age to reinstate religious principles, deliver the righteous and destroy the wicked. According to the Bible (a much more recent publication than the Gita) God’s Plan is to save all of us (from ourselves), not just a few, not even just people, but really all God’s creatures.