The following document is in a draft state. As an initial draft it should be subject to many and hopefully frequent additions, changes and reorganizations. Please excuse the present mess of words and sentences.

Cosmology is about the origination, realization and workings of the place we live in. It describes the nature of the cosmos and the cause and purpose of its apparent existence along with the regulation guiding its unfoldment.

The Cosmos

The cosmos is endless by nature, but can never be complete. The cosmic experience called life is like a dream with the cosmos as its setting. It follows that just like in a dream no matter how far you go you can never reach an end. Similarly the cosmos can never be complete as it is always less than its dreamer. Its nature is that of illusion and emptiness. It would not “exist” without you.

Cause and Purpose

The cosmos was created as a result of your wish to be detached from existence. Its ultimate source is lust or love. The cosmos is the facilitator of deception for your fallen state of self. Depending on your particular circumstances, attitudes and biases in life the cosmos can appear as a prison, a school, a fun house, an eden, or anything else within the bounds of your will, imagination and karmic constraints.


As a subject of illusion, i.e. make-believe reality, the details of your experience are conditioned by cosmic regulation. The Bhagavad Gita mentions three material qualities as the actual movers and shakers of the people entrapped in this world. The particular mix of these qualities that make up our bodies is determined by our wishes and a law of cause and effect.