Sankhya Yoga

Working Draft

This document is a volatile working draft with known critical errors. An update is currently scheduled for 13 August 2017.

In light of recent findings, atheism will no longer be associated with Kedara yoga but Pasa yoga. Atheism will be classified as a complex dis­order with a basis in the psychosis associated with the latter yoga and influenced by irrational elements of the former yoga. While introvert elements of the latter are probably required, indications supporting the former are consistently found in the charts of atheists (with convincing preponderance).

Pasa yoga and Yuga yoga are associated with introvertness. All other yogas are less introvert, ranging from brave and foolish to strong and wise. Dama yoga and especially Veena yoga support extrovertness.

A few other changes and less critical corrections are also expected. This update already incorporates a few small but important revisions in the supplemental notes on this page.

Sankhya Yoga is a complex indicator (also known as yoga) in Jyotisha pre­senting the big-picture potential of an astrological birth chart as a number from one through seven. The number stems from the number of signs oc­cu­pied by the seven classical planets.


The seven sankhya yogas define seven distinct types of character. Two astrological concepts may help explain some of their internal motivations and innate strengths and weaknesses. The first concept is essential dignity and should be familiar to all astrologers. The second concept is planetary war and might be relatively unknown outside of Jyotish.

First, let us distinguish between power, our capacity to affect the environment, the scope of our existence, and impact on the world, and strength, our awareness and the knowledge we have of ourselves, defining how we use our power. Power is material in nature and related to honor. Strength is immaterial in nature and related to authority. To the extent we have a sense of right from wrong and are able to do the former instead of the latter, we have character. Lacking a better word, this document tries to summarize all three attributes and then some using the term integrity.

While an increase in strength may yield a corresponding increase in power, it is not necessary to have much or even above average strength to wield power. Power without strength reveals itself as arrogance, pride, pointless self-assertion, as well as willingness to take charge, override, and manipulate, or simply mislead. Strength without power can possibly lead to happiness, satisfaction, and greatness but no honor. Character brings joy or at least comfort. It is quite obvious, we would want to have them all.

In astrology, integrity is indicated by planets placed in their own realms of excellence. Such planets enjoy full essential dignity and bestow optimum results. Planets placed in the signs opposite their own enjoy no essential dignity and cannot express any of their significations. For the seven sankhya yogas, it is the essential dignity of Saturn in the sign (or signs) ruled by the planet associated with a given yoga that limits its ultimate expression.

When planets are joined together in a single sign, at least one is usually more or less out of place. To make things worse, they all have to share the same energy. In Jyotish, the internal power struggle is called a planetary war. How much the integrity suffers as a result of such a conflict depends on the nature of the planets involved and the essential dignity of the winner. Nevertheless, considerable power and strength is almost always lost.

Since the number associated with a sankhya yoga corresponds inversely to the number of planetary wars present in a chart, the integrity tends to increase one discrete step at a time from the first yoga – all planets in war (6 losers) – to the last – no planets in war (0 losers). However, this simple correlation is partly broken for the number four and five yogas, since Saturn is mostly dignified in the signs of the former and mostly undignified in the signs of the latter.


To know the sankhya yoga of a given chart, count the number of different signs occupied by the seven classical planets: the Sun, the Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn. The resulting number (1–7) is the so called sankhya yoga or number yoga.


Simply put, astrologers use two different zodiacs: the tropical (bound to the seasons) and the sidereal (bound to the stars). When determining the sankhya yoga, the choice of zodiac sometimes matters. However, for many charts, the two zodiacs yield the same result. In this document, the sign of a planet refers to the tropical zodiac only.

As a final word of caution before preceding to interpret the result, note that the sankhya yoga is the same regardless of essential factors, such as planetary wars and combustion. The 7 sankhya yogas present general pictures, which become progressively broader from the first to the last. The exact content of these pictures is subject to considerable variation because of the essential dignity and strength of the planets as well as other indicators, including different rising signs generated by the Earth’s rotation. All these factors, both essential and accidental, matter greatly in the final evaluation of a horoscope.

The next version of the Astrolog for OS/2 software will calculate a chart integrity score that will account for the sankhya yoga along with different planetary conditions, including essential dignity, solar aspects, brightness, etc. This document contains links to tables of example charts which will be sorted in ascending order according to this score.


Since the seven sankhya yogas involve all the seven planets visible to the naked eye, it follows that each yoga is an indicator of overall effects rather than result in just one area of life. These overall effects constitute different perspectives on life, which lead to different ideal functions in society. In the following interpretations, ideal functions are only listed under the first yoga that fully supports them. Nevertheless, the yoga(s) next in line can usually express all the listed functions equally well.

Lower vs Higher

A lower sankhya yoga shows a more limited life than a higher. In most cases, a higher sankhya yoga also comes with greater capacity to find happiness and fulfilment in life. Growth and development are faster for the lower yogas and slower for the higher, but the latter start life more evolved than the former. Going from all planets sharing a single sign to all planets occupying different signs, awareness, influence, know-how, insight, understanding, learning, compassion, endurance, success, and satisfaction all increase. Conversely, childish tendencies, selfish habits, obsessions, worries, fears, prejudices, delusions, and other inclinations to be overwhelmed by circumstances decrease in both number and strength.

Inferior to Superior

Sankhya yogas 1–3 are named in order Gola yoga, Yuga yoga, and Sula yoga. These, the first three yogas, represent people of decidedly immature and often violent character. While also many natives of the higher yogas are capable of expressing unacceptable behavior, people of the lowest yogas do so in strikingly basic ways and with truly remarkable consistency. Their health is clearly inferior and often pitiful. Their longevity should also be subpar. Average lifespan could be below 60 years.

In personal dealings, the natives of the first three yogas are likely to shock all but the worst or wisest of people. Without indications supporting education and competence, these people will have none at all. Failing to meet minimal standards of responsible behavior in society, these people are traditionally considered unfit for company; they are usually best treated as outcasts, but if you prefer not to, at least be prepared to use special gloves. If you study the examples attached to this document and gather your own as well, you will most likely see why this is good advice.

Sankhya yoga 5 is named Pasa yoga (sometimes spelled Pasha yoga). It is by far the most common of the seven yogas. While it indicates greater capacity for joie de vivre than the first three yogas, it usually falls short of bestowing long-term happiness on its natives, who are likely to be victims of their own past, present, and future transgressions, including dishonesty and deceit in human relations as well as self-righteous and pretentious ways. Almost half of the days of the last century belong to this yoga and the first three combined.

Sankhya yogas 4, 6, and 7 are named in order Kedara yoga (also spelled Kedar yoga), Dama yoga (less often known as Damini yoga or Daama yoga) , and Veena yoga (sometimes called Vallaki yoga). They all indicate better fortunes than the other yogas. Since they in themselves are mostly dignified, other keys to chart interpretation become a lot more relevant to fully reveal the virtues and vices of their natives. Nonetheless, these three dignified and superior yogas continue to indicate somewhat different priorities, opportunities, and responsibilities in life. A very slim majority of the days of the last century belong to these three yogas.

The Commonest

More than two thirds of all people are natives of the two mutable yogas, i.e. Kedara and Pasa. They assign different weight to details and generalities. Natives of Kedara yoga typically focus on sensuality and making money, while natives of Pasa yoga usually value morality and having a good time. The former are much more likely to accumulate wealth and the latter insight. Although Kedara natives may be more worldly, natives of both yogas are likely to lead eventful lives, albeit on vastly different scales, one narrower and the other broader. They are unlikely to relax or be too patient. Natives of Kedara yoga have significant difficulty making up their minds. Natives of Pasa yoga have true difficulty maintaining a steady course. Kedara people are extroverts (relatively speaking) and like to be specific, while Pasa people are introverts and like to generalize.

Unfortunate combinations of Kedara yoga and Pasa yoga may produce typical and literal losers and what this website calls psychosociopaths. An example of an unfortunate combination is the presence of one of these yogas along with corroborating and unfortunate indications for the other. Natives of unfortunate combinations are eager to compete but lack the capacity to do so.

Kedara losers, such as Bill Gates, engage in anticompetitive practices. This kind of stupid loser is of course especially easy to spot. Pasa losers, such as Sigmund Freud, are probably worse according to most people. They are highly deceptive and because their more ‘superior’ self-image does not match their inferior performance, they prefer unawareness (frequently with the aid of drugs, usually ethanol and opioids) to awareness. Such extreme examples as these two of course need support from extreme indications, including Venus in Scorpio for the former and Venus in Aries for the latter. Both Gates and Freud were born with Mars in Libra.

The most antisocial losers seize every opportunity to patronize and denigrate other people. Most Pasa losers, including Lance Armstrong, resort to cheating but still lose in the end. Genuine losers, such as those named here, also have afflicted fate lines. Without any indications (neither fortunate nor unfortunate) supporting Pasa yoga, Kedara yoga can produce a regular or direct loser, but this kind of person is unlikely to suffer from any inferiority complex and is therefore more willing to accept defeat or not compete at all. An honest loser is rarely a problem in society and may very well be a highly desirable marriage partner, thus not really a loser at all.

The Best

The last two yogas, Dama and Veena, are the best equipped for leadership and reliability. They represent less than a quarter of all people. They differ in the weight they assign geniality and spirituality. Dama natives tend to be more compassionate, patient, and lenient, while Veena people tend to be wiser, more spiritual, and even universal. A typical native of either yoga tends to know a measure of prominence and above average fortune. Natives of both yogas are clearly less prone to projection (i.e. to assign their own character traits, perceived shortcomings, or confusions to other people) than natives of the earlier yogas.

See sankhya yoga example charts.



The following notes, combined with the sankhya yoga delineations to follow, will most likely help you extract the essentials from any natal chart. Since this document deals with the planets and a few other indicators in relation to the Earth as a whole and not a specific place on it, the precision of a horoscope of birth (by definition, down to at least an exact hour) may or may not be necessary, depending on the movement of the planets during the day.

These notes are especially important if you lack prior knowledge of astrology, since they define critical terms needed to understand many of the delineations. To start with, here are a few words on astrology itself. The primary purpose of astrology is to enlighten and support God’s people. For this purpose, astrology first and foremost instills reasonable expectations, giving us a highly valuable perspective on our world and the people in it. By increasing our understanding, astrology raises our spirits, dispels agony, and removes fear. Astrology can also, in some detail, foresee the future. If properly utilized, it maximizes our well-being in this life and ultimately helps us achieve liberation. As you discover astrology, it conveys a strong and clear sense of the divine order of God’s creation. We all play our God-given parts, whether we know it or not.

The statements delineating the seven sankhya yogas are loosely based on rather poor English translations of old Indian texts. Whenever a delineation uses the word supposed, it directly refers to claims made in these English translations. The first few paragraphs for each yoga are intended to sum up the gist of the yoga. They leave out references to cattle and update expressions such as lord of money to banker. Except for a language more adapted to our times, these initial sentences should retain the essential meaning of the translations. Additional paragraphs elaborate on the translations and mostly contain statements backed by examples. They build upon the name of the yoga and add interpretations of Saturn in the sign(s) of the yoga ruler (see below). This document uses the following planetary associations in the order of the yogas: the Sun, the Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn. Each yoga emphasizes one of these planets. The planet emphasized by a yoga is called the yoga ruler (or lord). Sign placements and planetary conjunctions often emphasize another planet. When such indications coincide with the yoga ruler, the characteristic traits of the yoga are reenforced. If the indications instead emphasize the planetary opposite of the yoga ruler, the essence of the yoga is more or less undermined. Conjunctions with Saturn can be especially important.

For every yoga, there exists a whole range of possible outcomes. An isolated statement as part of a delineation of a particular yoga should only be read as an increased likelihood of it being true for this yoga when compared with it being true for any of the other yogas. Not all statements will be applicable to all natives with a particular yoga, but the overall picture should offer a more accurate description than that for another yoga. In addition, the lower the sankhya yoga and the more collaborating indications there are, the more accurate the delineation should be. In almost all cases it ought to be a lot easier to match a person with the given description for the person’s sankhya yoga than attempting the same thing using the person’s Sun sign.

Many delineations are qualified using the term unafflicted together with the name of a planet. A planet is unafflicted when it does not clearly lack essential dignity (e.g., situated in a sign directly opposite one that it rules) and when it is not combust nor a loser in a planetary war. A planet is combust when it is outshined by the Sun. This happens when the planet is close enough to the Sun to be undetectable from the Earth. The exact range is different for each planet and varies from 17 degrees longitude for Mars, to a mere 10 degrees for Venus. Because of its exceptional agreement with the Sun, Jupiter is not considered afflicted when combust. For a planet to be a loser in a planetary war, it has to be less bright than the winner, but even as a loser, a planet does not have to be afflicted. If the winner is unafflicted and agreeably disposed towards the loser, the loser can still be unafflicted. From this follows that the Sun can never be a loser and that all planets are afflicted by the Sun, except Jupiter because the Sun is agreeably disposed towards that planet. In a war, Venus is always brighter than Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. Venus is therefore never critically afflicted in a war with any of these planets. Mars is fully afflicted, because of its contrary disposition, and loses all of its power. Mercury is unafflicted but might be slowed down. Saturn is very similar in disposition to Venus and is not really afflicted at all. Venus and Jupiter appreciate each other, they are both so called benefics, but Jupiter loses some of its power (more if Venus lacks essential dignity). All planets involved in planetary wars are afflicted to some degree – unless they are in total agreement with each other (total agreement is very rare; it only occurs between Jupiter and Neptune as well as between Saturn and Uranus) – but an unafflicted planet, by the above definition, is always closer to being completely unafflicted than completely afflicted. A planet is always clearly afflicted if it is in within orb of another planet that the planet is in total disagreement with. A planet is fully afflicted if it is placed in close conjunction (within three degrees longitude) with a brighter planet who has a completely disagreeable disposition (ruling one of the opposite signs). A planet is fully combust if it lacks essential dignity in Leo and is placed within 8 degrees longitude of the Sun. Planets who enjoy at least some essential dignity in Leo are never fully combust (this is true for Jupiter and Mars, although the latter is still afflicted in most cases). Saturn is fully afflicted in three situations: It is (1) combust and conjunct the Sun within less than 8 degrees longitude, (2) closely conjunct the Moon within 8 degrees longitude, or (3) situated in Leo or Cancer. A planet is extremely afflicted if it is fully afflicted by both sign placement and planetary conjunction.

Delineations make frequent use of the term dignified. A planet is dignified to a certain degree, if it enjoys essential dignity, is strong and unafflicted, and its dispositor is also dignified to at least the same degree. A planet has sufficient strength if it is at least 3 degrees removed from both cusps of the sign it is in. To enjoy essential dignity, the planet has to be situated in its primary sign, the sign complementing the primary one, or one where it is exalted. The Sun is almost always fully dignified in its primary sign, i.e. Leo. For a woman, the Sun can also enjoy full dignity in Leo’s complement sign, i.e. Cancer. The Sun is exalted in the signs of Aries and Scorpio. If the dispositor is not fully dignified, the hosted planet will increase the influence of the dispositor and lose some or all of its own. The very best combinations of Sun and Moon are the Sun in Leo and the Moon in Cancer and vice versa. The most exalted suns are the Sun in Aries with Mars in Scorpio and the Sun in Scorpio with Mars in Aries. The above exemplify domiciled and exalted essential dignities. As an extension to these classical dignities, the following interpretations assume the Sun to be welcome (enjoying more than 50% dignity) in the signs of Sagittarius and Pisces. The most welcome suns are the Sun in Sagittarius with Jupiter in Leo and the Sun in Pisces with Jupiter in Cancer. In total, this assumption gives the Sun six sign placements of mostly or completely benefic influence and another six where it is mostly or entirely malefic. The essential dignities of the other planets have been extended in the same way. Whenever a text refers to the extended dignity, it always uses the term mostly dignified. If a statement requires exalted dignity, the text uses the term highly dignified. If a statement only applies to domiciled dignity, the text uses the term fully dignified. A planet is fully afflicted if placed in a sign opposite its domicile (where it could have been fully dignified). The planet is said to be debilitated in this situation. It is highly afflicted if placed in a sign opposite its exaltation (where it could have been highly dignified). It is said to be fallen in this situation. Finally, it is mostly afflicted if placed in a sign opposite its welcome (where it could have been mostly dignified).

Immediately following each general description of a yoga, a special section titled Supplemental Indications gives specific details on essential indications which support and contradict the promises of that yoga. For all sankhya yogas, a poorly dignified yoga ruler or higher planet lord (a planet ruling a higher sankhya yoga) or an atmakaraka other than the Sun (for a man) or the Moon (for a woman) weaken any favorable traits associated with the yoga. If the yoga ruler is weak, any higher fortunes indicated by the yoga are also weak. If the yoga ruler is severely afflicted and combust or situated in Leo or Cancer, the overall fortune can appear hellish (an unafflicted fate line where the dispositor of the north node is not similarly afflicted mitigates).

A superior atmakaraka, i.e. Mercury, Venus, or Saturn, reduces or entirely absorbs any material fortune. Near complete absorption only happens if the atmakaraka is Saturn and the planet is placed within a few degrees of the very end of its sign and both the Sun and the Moon are situated within a few degrees of the very beginnings of their respective signs. A dignified atmakaraka may retain superior fortunes indicated by the sankhya yoga (or the atmakaraka itself), such as luck or wealth, relational or educational achievements, as well as universal or spiritual success. If the atmakaraka is undignified, at least some of the benefits bestowed by the sankhya yoga will be lacking. If the atmakaraka is fully afflicted through combustion, most of the benefits may be lost.

Wherever Saturn is mentioned in these and the supplemental notes, Rahu (the lunar north node) can substitute, and wherever the Sun is mentioned (except when defining the Moon), Ketu (the lunar south node) can substitute. Where Saturn is interpreted by sign or conjunction, the full and the new moon can substitute. Such substitutions should yield benign or malign results of the same degree, but not necessarily of the exact same quality, scope, or polarity. Unlike the full moon, the new moon can be afflicted, and not only by the Sun but also by other planets. The new moon is also the only planet capable of afflicting the Sun, but this only happens during solar eclipses (a local phenomenon). The outer planets Uranus and Neptune generally give the exact same results as Saturn and Jupiter respectively. Neither the lunar nodes nor the outer planets can act as yoga rulers or atmakarakas. They also always lose in any planetary wars with the classical planets.

For most of the sankhya yogas, the supplemental sections come with subsections titled the best and the worst. These give indications which support the best and the worst traits of the yoga. Usually, they do not define the best or worst possible charts with that yoga. You need to add together the best or worst supplemental indications of more than one yoga to get examples of really good or really bad charts.

While reading the following texts, it may be good to remember the big picture. Just like there are no all good people around today and no all good astrology charts (for people alive today), nor are there any all bad people and any all bad astrology charts. There is literally good and bad in everyone. All the seven classical planets are very important – never stop short of reading all of their indications before judging a horoscope!

Even after reading all about the character traits of the planets revealed by sign, it is still necessary to read all about the experiential effects of the planets shown by house. Both the best and the worst things written about a planet in a particular sign require accidental support to fully develop. The best may only show up in strength with a strong first house and one of the four strongest rising signs (Aquarius and Capricorn, Libra and Taurus). The worst may only come out in force with a dire first house and one of the four most dire rising signs (Leo and Cancer, Aries and Scorpio). If all you have time for is three delineations, I would recommend the sankhya yoga and the fate line. The fate line is less relevant for the first three sankhya yogas and the fifth. It is clearly an important read for the fourth, highly noteworthy for the sixth, and fully relevant for the last sankhya yoga. (Although not necessarily identical in effect: For the lunar south node, you may read about the Sun in the same situation. For the lunar north node, you may read about Saturn in the same situation. The delineations should definitely point you in the right direction.)

A single good or bad indication is rarely powerful enough to build an important character description on. In general, it is necessary to look for themes supported by at least three indications of a similar nature or at least pointing in roughly the same direction. Only if one of the indications involves the atmakaraka, the yoga ruler, Saturn, or the lunar nodes, may such an indication be highly noteworthy on its own. If all of the above indicators are strong and unafflicted, then the Moon is definitely the most important indicator to look at. As a rule, indications linking many planets, such as the sankhya yoga or the atmakaraka, are a lot more important than indications which involve just a single planet in a particular sign or two planets conjunct each other.

In all charts, the most influential planets are usually the solar moon, Saturn, the yoga ruler, and the atmakaraka. If only one planet is situated in its own sign, this planet is often the most important one, provided it is unafflicted, strong enough, and one of the major planets Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, or Saturn. If the planet is situated in its primary sign, the native exhibits significant manly characteristics. If the native is a female and the chart reveals no contradictory theme, she may be a lesbian or a feminist. If instead the planet is situated in its secondary sign, the native has significant womanly characteristics. If the native is a male and the chart has no contradictory theme, he may be an extremist or a faggot. In all cases, these singular indications point to specific talents, strengths, or skills. Note: In general, for someone to be a homophile, at least one of two conditions must be satisfied: 1) The overall chart integrity is clearly below average or 2) the overall chart polarization clearly exceeds fifty percent. In the majority of homophile charts, the yoga ruler is polarized, meaning it enjoys secondary instead of primary essential dignity for the native’s gender. Observe that even if both conditions are met, the native must not necessarily be a lesbian or a faggot. It is perfectly possible to be a manly woman or a womanly man, and have no psychological issues. This is usually the case if the fate line is unafflicted.

Also keep in mind that most planetary indications (not involving the yoga ruler) vary in importance over time and will only be in full effect when they are specifically activated. In Jyotish, the concepts of dasas and transits decide such activation. If both the Sun (or the Moon for a woman) and Saturn are dignified, any difficulties indicated by the other planets will, with time, become less and less. Eventually, they may even peter out completely. Only with a fully undignified Sun or Moon (including Ketu) are the same mistakes likely to be repeated over and over again. However, if the Sun is highly or fully undignified, there are no unafflicted planets in Leo or Cancer, and Rahu is placed in either of these two signs, the prospects are always very grim. For there to be harmonious material progress and credible universal evolution in life, neither the Sun (including Ketu) nor Saturn (including Rahu) must be fully undignified. For civil and material progress and good fortune improving over time, the Sun or the Moon must be dignified, or Ketu must be unafflicted in Leo or Cancer. For universal and spiritual progress and selfless satisfaction growing over time, Saturn must be dignified, or Rahu must be unafflicted in Aquarius or Capricorn. If Saturn or Rahu is fully afflicted, materialism is likely to envelop the native. If that is the case, any ‘progress’ is towards hell. Unless the Sun is in Taurus, a strong Mars (in Scorpio for a man or in Aries for a woman) can greatly mitigate and often hinder a descent into depression or melancholy.

Finally, always remember that a birth horoscope represents a soul’s disposition and body in one lifetime – not its eternal essence. All souls are by nature eternal, while all material bodies are temporal. A material body reflects a soul’s wishes as well as its karma. If one knows all the material circumstances of its birth and can accurately read its birth horoscope, the actions of a material body can be predicted with full accuracy. A conditioned soul identifies itself with its body. Veda calls this maya-induced delusion ahamkara, which refers to a conditioned soul’s erroneous belief that it is responsible for the actions of its body. The soul believes it controls the body when it is, in fact, the material nature that is responsible for all of the body’s actions. In no way can the soul affect its body. It is a passive observer with a will that is everything but free. God is always in steadfast control of everything you do and everything that happens to you. You cannot and should not take the credit nor the blame for anything. If God were not omnipotent and fully in charge of this world, it would quickly become chaotic – and perhaps most importantly (at least in this context): Astrology would not work!

Gola Yoga

Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.
– Alexander Pope

Gola yoga designates fools, devoid of learning, strength, generosity, and capability. Natives of this yoga can be brave and zealous to have their own way, in which case they make stately or powerful efforts but nonetheless remain clueless and always grieved by something.

Although they have great faith in themselves, people of this yoga are supposed to be dirty, pathetic, and without wealth. They are also likely to be tardy, controlling, and melancholic. Most of them are unskilled and defective in some limb. They may associate with low people and commit sinful deeds. Unsurprisingly, they are also supposed to be banished, short-lived, and have no relations, children, or spouse.

This yoga reveals a character that is both powerful and complicated. Its natives tend to be slow in more ways than one. They typically suffer from an enormous sense of inferiority. They either become introverts and retreat into themselves defeated or bravely go out and battle the world zealously to compensate for their many shortcomings (both real and imagined).

Most Gola people seek to spend their time as dramatically as possible. At best, the dramatic urge leads into constructive channels, but these people are more likely to seek drama and publicity for their own sake, regardless of aim and motive. They have to be careful not to hurt others, and they should also be careful not to hurt themselves.

With all planets in Leo or Cancer, the natives of this yoga care nothing for veracity (they do not even know what the word means) and lack all knowledge but know how to deceive. They are majestic liars but seldom manage to fool anyone but themselves for very long. They like grandeur and limelight and can easily become too magnificient for their own good.

All nuances are usually lost on these genuinely dogmatic and totally fearless people. They follow their hunches no matter where they lead and their surreal life paths seem surrounded by an unusual number of strange events and freak accidents. Humbling experiences play a major role in trimming their dictatorial tendencies down to size. Any success in life is extremely limited and comes through considerable tension. More often than not, the people of this yoga are lazy as hell.

Gola natives are not considerate of the feelings of others and either with or without meaning to can injure other people. Like very young and very foolish children, they seem to think the whole world revolves around them. Whether they are truly diabolic or just clueless may be an open question, but their foolishness and lack of interest in anyone but themselves make them sordid company regardless.

Because this yoga indicates general misfortune, prominent expression of any societal function is extremely unlikely. In any case, the people of this yoga tend to play roles where all higher qualities are largely irrelevant. They usually become actors but might possibly end up as short-lived rulers or dictators.

Power is no blessing in itself,
except when it is used to protect the innocent.
– Jonathan Swift

See Gola yoga example charts.

Supplemental Indications

Saturn in Leo or combust corroborate the typical expression of this yoga. These people are spiritually unevolved, meaning their development starts from a beastly level. They are the hubs of their universes. All planets conjunct the Moon and the Sun eclipsed makes the clueless and foolish image complete. Knowledge, skills, talent, health, strength, charisma, sobriety, discipline, endurance, innovation, longevity, musicality, spirituality, universality, success and satisfaction are all utterly and totally missing. These natives lack all virtues except bravery. They can be exceedingly gullible and dramatic. They contrive to hold center stage, if not actively by leading the conversation, then passively by sulking in a corner until someone asks them what is the matter. Their deep sense of inferiority gives them a childish urge to control other people. Although extremely dogmatic, any control they gain is superficial only. They are unprincipled and can commit any sin. Like all demons, they are carnivores and incredible liars – they can usually make a convincing case for black being white, and vice versa. They have zero interest in veracity. Their health is extremely pathetic and they regularly suffer from fatigue. Some natives face both immaterial and material maladies. If Rahu is afflicted by the Sun in a superior sign, they may be wannabe dictators; with the Sun in Leo or Sagittarius – or even Aries, they may be the real thing.

A combust Mercury supports the diabolic fortune and royal foolishness of this utterly inferior yoga. With Mercury in Leo, these pathetic people are cluelessly opinionated and tough customers to make change their minds. They are at best imperfect observers, and their reactions are slow. They must cultivate attention and become consciously aware of the world around them. In Cancer, they are less brave, often shy and salacious. If the Sun is situated in Scorpio or Taurus, they represent the very definition of stubborn. With Mercury in Aries, they are antagonistic and difficult to deal with in an argument. They do not get the other person’s viewpoint very well, and they are not interested in talking his or her language. In Gemini, Virgo, or Sagittarius, they may appear flexible and wavering, but under this surface agreement, they are likely to keep their own private theories very close to their hearts. In Pisces, they are self-abnegating until opposed and then capable of bull-like stubbornness – the apotheosis of ‘won’t power’. In Libra, they are tactful and considerate of the opinions of others. In Capricorn, they are eager to get their own ideas across but not too sure of themselves. In Aquarius, they are sound and tolerant.

The Best

The Sun in Leo brings forth the best qualities of this yoga. These natives are brave and cannot be cautious even if they tried. They learn quickly by constantly watching the effect they have on the people around them. They are accutely aware of themselves and they are likely to be found, if not conventional, at least discreet. Leo is the most dramatic sign of the zodiac and these people love drama more than anything, but they are always genuine and cannot behave as they do not feel. The roles they assume are noble, whether on stage or in one of their usually many love affairs. While only a few of these natives have any conscience, they are always aware of what other people are thinking of them and you can rest assured they are striving to make them think as well as possible. The Moon in Cancer gives similar results.

Also a strong and unafflicted Jupiter in Leo strengthens the most magnificent characteristics of this yoga, including bravery. These people know magnanimity and are likely to break the silence even when no one else does. They are unlikely to save money, but they can be great earners and spenders. They are, however, even more likely to prefer publicity over money and to work for little pay if they think they are appreciated. The stage lures them and if they do not become professional actors they will make stages of their lives and try to win approval for the traits that are most important to them. Their ultimate goal is the high hill on which they can stand triumphant for all to see. This placement of Jupiter is quite common among lesbians and clearly unusual among faggots.


All the planets situated in Aquarius or Capricorn contradict the most typical traits of this yoga. An unafflicted Saturn in Aquarius should lead to a more cooperative spirit with at least some interest in other people. In Capricorn, social skills may be improved. An atmakaraka other than the Sun or the Sun situated in Aquarius, Capricorn, Libra, or Taurus may significantly reduce or completely remove the bravery associated with this yoga. These indications may also hide its most dogmatic and arrogant characteristics. The best supplemental indications for the following yogas partially contradict. Venus unafflicted in Libra and Jupiter unafflicted in Sagittarius should go the furthest to alleviate its cluelessness and gullibility. However, this fully undignified yoga leaves little room for unafflicted and strong contradictory indications, and severely limits their benefic impact.

Yuga Yoga

A man is rich in proportion to the number of things
which he can afford to let alone.
– Henry Thoreau

Yuga yoga shows phonies who do not maintain love for anyone for long. Without knowledge of the proper and the improper, they are harsh in speech and either irreligious or religious in appearance only. They are likely to eat begged food or make a living from sales of some shoddy product.

Natives of Yuga yoga might become rich, but they are unlikely to ever become adult. They usually remain immature and naive all through life. Although with many debts (not only monetary), they are devoid of virtues, knowledge, and abilities. Without strong contradictory indications, their life expectancy at birth is well below average.

A missing or abusive parent may facilitate their arrested development. No matter the cause, they are unusually susceptible to circumstances. The immaturity shown by this yoga is perfect soil for depression, and its natives easily become addicted to alcohol (the most self-destructive drug known to mankind).

This yoga reveals a childish hunger for attention. The most outgoing natives are certain to seek self-justification in the public eye. Those who are more shy are likely to play invalid or fragile to attract attention in private. A bias towards the mother, father, or an older relative prepares the ground for difficult relations with the opposite sex. Their professional relations tend to be problematic as well; most of these people are too self-centered for executive work and not cooperative enough for subordinate work. Many are reticent and can carry plans around with them for a long time without taking anyone into their confidence.

It is common for people of this extremely arrogant yoga to put their own needs above everyone else’s. At the same time, a latent inferiority complex gives them a tendency to underestimate themselves. Despite this, they are proud and like to be self-sufficient, but they need real, rather than pseudo, confidence, for most of their independence is bravado. They are unwise, avoiding knowledge, lack endurance, and tire easily. Without contradictory or mitigating indications, their selfishness can be mind-boggling.

Yuga natives like action and can be very greedy. They pretty much want everything material they can get their hands on, and most of them are capable of extreme violence to make it theirs. They typically have zero concern for unfamiliar people and may at times even be unaware of their existence. When they are, they often appear defensive.

The high regard these troublesome people have for their own feelings coupled with their near total disregard for the feelings of others puts a constant stress on their surroundings. When confronted, many of them will dismiss charges of any wrong-doing, think little or nothing of the trouble they cause others, and instead pity themselves.

Yuga people have great difficulty maintaining a steady direction in life, and because of their fickleness and wavering feelings, they are frequently discarded by everyone but masochists and enablers. Especially selfish and adept at exaggeration, they frequently receive more respect and achieve more material success than more hard-working or more warm-natured people of greater accomplishments.

These people value normalcy a lot and can be shy and haughty with people they do not know (they tend to know very few). Though a home is important to them, they are not warm-natured people. In more ways than one, appearance is more important than substance. At worst, they can be all-out xenophobic. Bigotry is familiar to them, either they cherish it or they get called out for it. They have great trouble getting the other person’s viewpoint and are not interested in talking his or her language. They often show great irritation in disagreement – no matter how trivial.

All natives of this yoga harbor serious delusions. They believe in free will, and they either reject God completely, or their idea of God is like that of a Santa Claus figure (not a supreme being of omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence). Yuga people often have a material interest in politics. They take pride in themselves, their children, and their country.

As alcoholics, these people are more than a little sickly even when they do not drink. Their health is in all ways inferior. On the upside, you rarely have to fear a quiet moment; few people can talk more than these! On the downside, they like to engage in irrational rationalization, projection, and overreaction – they easily panic. Frequently, they perceive danger where there is none. No matter what the reason, or lack thereof, they can quickly become extremely violent and dangerous to other people.

As lunatics, they are big on sameness, including same appearance, same food, same place, and even same gender (they are best friends with their own gender, and they are in many cases true homophiles). Although not quite as simple-minded as some other people, they are in many ways simpletons. Superficiality appears to be their expertise. The most infantile natives are big on boobs, the bigger the better. The women are salacious. Natives of all genders are difficult to hate.

This yoga comes with great misfortune and rarely effects prominence in society. Its natives may become authors, peddlers, business owners, performers, or tyrants of limited scope and influence.

It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle
than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.
– Mark 10:25

See Yuga yoga example charts.

Supplemental Indications

Saturn in Cancer and to a lesser extent Saturn with the Moon corroborate the typical expression of this yoga. These lunatics are full of pride, both in themselves and in whatever they happen to relate with themselves. They lack all virtues except prudence. They are selfish, devoid of social skills, unscrupulous, and likely to become depressed and alcoholics. Their health is as bleak as their awareness is clouded. They are experts at feeling sorry for themselves and extremely capable of hurting others. Xenophobia is no stranger and violence is often their closest friend. They know plenty of ways to get attention; invalidism is a favorite. They are abysmal at cooperation but fabulous at fiction – some of them may even become best-selling authors. Those born with Rahu in Cancer (or closely conjunct the Moon) may have very scary dreams, experience what one native calls ‘hell rides’, or go through other extremely scary and surreal events. [A new moon (the Sun and the Moon sharing the same sign or holding within 16 degrees longitude of each other) gives similar traits, especially if combust (within less than 12 degrees longitude of the Sun).]

Mercury in Cancer helps raise the typical expression of this yoga and strongly supports its most naive traits. Its natives are hypocritical, i.e. not critical enough, and attention-seeking. They prefer fiction over fact. They can also be greedy, bigoted, and arrogant. These salacious and many times extremely violent people are likely to be sickly and find their hair prematurely gray or white, very thin or unevenly distributed, or at least with a clearly receding hairline. Whatever their looks, almost everybody can easily recognize these people by their unreasonable and unwise ideas, which sooner or later hit the hard wall of practicality. The women are more intelligent than the men (as usual).

This yoga is associated with autism type I, a disruptive character disorder recognized by its extraordinary lack of knowledge and charisma, including practical abilities and sociability. All autistic people also reveal a notable lack of education, discipline, and focus, i.e. traits necessary for success. They show little to no interest in other people but may be very interested in themselves. They like to voice their own arrogant opinions but are less willing to listen to the opinions of people who know more than they do (if you think of politicians as you read this, you are not alone). Severely autistic people show a selfish disregard for the welfare of others. They easily become violent and can even hurt their own children. In extreme cases, they advocate violence without giving any reason at all. They do not like change. They readily become addicted to people and things. If they do travel abroad, they are most likely to return home as soon as possible. They prefer watching TV over reading books. They are neither studious nor inventive but usually intelligent.

The above delineation of this yoga describes many recognizable traits of autistic individuals, including their self-absorption, shyness, and sense of inferiority. All natives of this yoga should meet the criteria for autism. No additional indications are required, but contradictory indications, such as Saturn in Aquarius, Mercury in Virgo, and Venus in Libra, can moderate its effects. Statistical verification is difficult, since this yoga is very rare (there may be no natives born in the 21st century). The following zodiac signs define three types of autism: Cancer – type I, Pisces – type II, and Scorpio – type III. People with major indications of autism of this type or both type II and III are likely to be xenophobic, alcoholic, and lunatic (thinking or expecting the worst possible and not wanting to know any better). They are capable of extreme violence, including against defenceless animals. They can be the most arrogant of meat eaters with the least convincing arguments for their habit. Their extremely bad karma matures into extremely bad health.

The most extreme support for type I autism is a full moon (opposite the Sun by sign) in Cancer combined with this yoga. The second most extreme applies the same moon to Pasa yoga, and the third most extreme does the same to Sula yoga. These people are unhappy but are proud and conceal their unhappiness to keep up appearances. The fate line going from Ketu in Capricorn to Rahu in Cancer is an alternative to the above combination of the Sun and the Moon. Adolf Hitler with Kedara yoga, Vladimir Lenin with Pasa yoga, and Fidel Castro with Dama yoga are three examples. Both the above full moon and the above fate line are examples of complex disorders, i.e. a superior disorder, in these cases indicated by the Sun or Ketu, combined with an inferior disorder, in these cases revealed by the full moon or Rahu, (both these superior indicators are much more influential than the two inferior indicators). It may be impossible to create a chart with pure and simple autism, but the autism notes under Pasa yoga include examples where both the Sun and the Moon yield inferior indications.

The Best

The Sun in Cancer reveals the best qualities of this yoga. These people seek material and domestic security. They are born providers and capable of great self-sufficiency but can also be clinging vines. Efficiency and productivity are important to them. They watch their money like hawkes and their business ventures usually yield great revenues. As a rule, they make their fortunes buying and selling material goods rather than on Wall Street. With livelihood they take no chances, either in getting it or keeping it. They will only gamble when they have a nest egg, not before, and then only as a game. Natives of the Sun in Cancer make the best homemakers and spouses. They are prepared to go to great lengths to protect, defend, and improve their home, mate, and children. If they remain unmarried it is because protectiveness has turned into fear or selfishness; or because they feel that their security is best served alone. They really need a home and should have children. Without children, they give an impression of incompleteness. The Moon as the atmakaraka or situated in Leo gives similar results.

Also a strong and unafflicted Jupiter in Cancer supports the best traits of this yoga. This Jupiter promotes beauty. The business intuition is as good as it gets. These people can make money with the utmost efficiency. They are not grasping, but they are careful, because their wants are comparatively great, and they strive in every way they can to satisfy them. Their final goal is a pleasantly furnished home with all the trimmings of domestic comforts, and one way or another they will generally have it. They have just as much regard for the security and comforts of others as they have for their own, and thus are charitable and openhanded with what they possess. This placement of Jupiter is the second most common among faggots, but it seems to do little or nothing for lesbians.


Planets in Aquarius or Capricorn weaken the typical traits of this yoga. A dignified Saturn as atmakaraka or placed in Aquarius exactly contradicts and could lend some general knowledge and an authentic interest in other people. In Capricorn, there is a degree of sobriety and at least some social interest in other people. An unafflicted Mercury in either sign can also help, especially if in mutual reception with Saturn.

Sula Yoga

Those who live by the sword shall die by the sword.
– Matthew 26:52

Sula yoga denotes enemies, always prompt and ready to agitate and battle. These people are adept at achieving fame through war or medicine, as toughened commandos or powerful healers. The most extrovert natives are intrepid and engage any and all opposition head-on. The most introvert are timid and strike to kill, which they prefer to do silently. The name of this yoga means thorn and its natives are supposed to act as thorns in people’s sides.

Most Sula people have a knack for getting others into trouble and are often recognized as complete morons or idiots, largely thanks to their mix of innocence or loyalty, paranoia or suspicion, and near total absence of education and even common sense. No great savvy or even a minimum of due diligence should be expected from these people.

Sula natives know how to assert themselves. They rarely pull any punches in a fight nor do they hesitate to kill if it suits their needs – and these are very needy people! The most introvert natives have the worst need of all: the need to be needed. This can cause them to advise or prescribe care even when it is not needed (or see to it that it is).

Although quite eager to acquire money, general incompetence usually keeps wealth away from the people of this yoga. As a rule, they also lack long-time partners, friends, and associates. They are apt to be audacious, and despite being socially rejected, they are often famous. Their willingness to sacrifice sleep for work is probably a contributing factor. They have many and usually unstable means of livelihood.

Without contradictory indications, Sula people exude no warmth and exhibit no sense of tact. Most often they come across as crude or wicked. They are supposed to be quarrelsome or at least short-tempered. At their best, they express indignant remarks; at their worst, they are lovers of injustice. A significant number of them are warmongers.

The most jealous natives can swiftly, and in a moment’s notice, commit petty or ruthlessly violent acts spawned by animosity or suspicion. Their jealousy is quickly kindled; they know how to hate relentlessly. The most commanding natives tend to be stern and comfortless; they have very little, if any, confidence.

Ambitious and capable of arduous mental work, these people are more in their heads than in their hearts. Some have an urge to better themselves, leading them to become versatile thinkers and to seek perfection and quality in all things. Almost all natives are liable to display touchiness and indignation. Most are prone to become drug addicts. The women, though intelligent, harbor many delusions.

People of this yoga are more inclined to be thinkers than lovers and to value friendship above love. Relations come and go quickly; while they last, they tend to suffer from unnecessary conflicts and misunderstandings. They often involve plenty of passion and frenzy but rarely much love or lust. The men tend to be incompetent, ill-tempered, and given to quarrels. Antisocial qualities, including a usually silent but sharp tongue and secrecy as well as timidity, make happiness scarce for the women.

Although of dangerously limited spiritual awareness, this yoga typically reveals a genuine interest in religion. The most introverted natives enjoy rituals and are likely to be intimately religious, practise witchcraft, or pursue purification by way of ecstasy and death. For both the men and the women, a sense of humility or reverence facilitates prayer.

Sula yoga promotes martial or morbid interests and can at its worst bring forth a life of utter horror and relentless turmoil. Curiosity and impulsive or idiotic habits cause health and longevity to suffer. Sula natives are prone to homicidal and suicidal thoughts. They are often closely affected by deadly diseases threatening their own life or the life of a spouse or a child. This unhappy yoga attracts accidents. Since its natives do not like to wait, they may cause more than a few themselves.

Natives inclined to medicine may be active in bizarre and grotesque methods of disease prevention, diagnostication or treatment. Some on the fringes will be largely harmless and seen as con artists, others more short-sighted will be considered mainstream but be all the more lethal (these quacks repeatedly revive truisms such as the cure was worse than the disease and also help explain why medical doctors are the most prolific serial killers).

A great many natives are extraordinarily poor listeners. Their lack of lucidity makes it easy for them to misunderstand. While killing overtly as a soldier or covertly as a doctor comes naturally, these people are unlikely to learn either compassion or understanding early in life. Natives who are not clinically insane and do not fit the description of Münchausen syndrome by proxy or some other extreme antisocial character disorder often suffer from despondency, post-traumatic stress, overwork, or secret drug abuse.

Sula people tend to be socially arrested at the level of preteens, insecure and touchy or timid and suspicious. As soon as they let go of their pride or their mental concepts, they can begin to learn some ethics or ideals. This will cause the men to gain confidence and the women to learn competence; eventually, they can both start to relate to other people the way sane people do.

This yoga is associated with some fame but very limited fortune. It is unlikely to lead to prominent positions in society. Its most typical natives may become workers, artists, painters, sculptors, clerics, martyrs, technicians, doctors of medicine, researchers, private investigators, supervisors, regulators, ministers, carpenters, soldiers, commandos, poets, and pioneers, or possibly emperors of especially difficult fortune.

It takes two to quarrel – but only one to end it.
– Spanish proverb

See Sula yoga example charts.

Supplemental Indications

Saturn in Scorpio or Aries and to a much lesser extent Saturn with Mars corroborate the typical expression of this yoga. Add a New Moon in either sign and it should make the innocent or insane picture painted above complete. Without contradictory indications, competence and confidence is well below average. The same can be said for all other Venusian traits, including virility, charm, affluence, and geniality. Any human compassion or understanding is limited at best. Power and passion substitute for love and happiness. In Scorpio, there are incompetence, wastefulness, and crudeness. These passionate and often rowdy people are unlikely to ever know happiness. They are very ambitious and can be intensely belligerent. During their usually short but loud lives, they are likely to wear themselves out, as they want the maximum of self-justification with the minimum of self-yielding. These insecure people easily become paranoid and are frequently followed by an incorrect (or at least overblown) sense of being spied on or covertly monitored. If they are exposed to knowledge, these able thinkers can wise up quickly. In any case, they are usually well-informed about a great many things, and without contradictory indications, their ambitious nature is likely to bring them some significant fame but no great success or prestige. This position is frequent among lesbians. In Aries, there is an emphasis on timidity and jealousy. Its natives lack confidence and have an almost unbelievable knack for misunderstanding other people’s intentions. They are afraid of failure and rejection. Often silent, immoral, and wicked beyond belief, they thrive on conflicts and suspicion. The most troubled natives suffer severe idiocy and are constantly at war with their surroundings. With no delay, they can put on a show horrific and powerful enough to last a life time. If nothing else, it will thoroughly teach you why hell knows no fury like a woman scorned. Instead of accepting changes which are necessary for peaceful cooperation, these people are more likely to blaze desperate, ruthless, and self-destructive trails through life. More wisely used, their heightened attention can lead them towards self-betterment and long arduous mental work by which they succeed in transforming themselves into the sort of people who do not require constant defending. This placement is the least common among lesbians.

This yoga is associated with autism type III. Note that autism requires an introverted expression of this yoga and additional indications promoting the signs of autism: Cancer – type I, Pisces – type II, and Scorpio – type III. Autism type III is the least typical and the most severe. Unlike the first two types, type III autism only fulfils the first and third tier traits. Natives of this type, who are not also born with indications supporting at least one of the other types, may possess significant communication skills and IQs (although introverted), making them less obviously autistic in this regard. On the other hand, they are the least understanding of the three types. Unlike the others, type III autism clearly lacks a moral compass and any sense of humor. They are more likely to be called horrible than considerate. Natives of this type are obviously retarded. Bill Gates is a near perfect example of this kind of autism. His IQ is above average and he does communicate a lot more than your average Swede, but his communication is restrained at best and his stage presence is awkward. Not all type III autistics are eugenicists like Mr Gates, but this trait is certainly not foreign here. Eugenics does fit especially well with this type, since Scorpio is the killer sign. Natives of lower IQs than Mr Gates are frequently silent when they are expected to speak or when speaking would have been a more successful way of dealing with people. Although all autistic people are antisocial, only natives of this type are both immoral and amoral; they are frequently vengeful beyond belief. While many people with mild or false autism end up winning in the end, the people of this type are born losers (many are just as or even more anticompetive than Mr Gates himself). They care nothing for right and wrong and can be extremely inconsiderate and petty. Their complete lack of tact and frequent dead silences eventually deter all people from even trying to socialize with them. Most natives of this type are born with Neptune in Scorpio and an afflicted Mars or Venus. For more information about autism, read the autism notes for Yuga yoga.

The Best

Mars alone in the signs of this yoga emphasizes its best traits, including versatility, realism, courage, humility, reverence, passion, technical ease, thinking and analysis. For the following delineations to have full power, the best supplemental indications for the previous yogas must also be present. If the worst supplemental indications for Veena yoga (e.g., Jupiter in Capricorn and the Moon in Aquarius) are present, the following delineations may lack relevance. In Scorpio, the planet confers power of command, an ability to take charge and start new things. A powerful drive for freedom and with it a keen sense of solidarity makes fame likely. These are very creative people. Most of them are excellent with all kinds of technology. They enjoy working more than resting. With a definitively positive attitude towards pretty much everything, they like to smile and can offer great encouragement to others. God is on their side. This placement of Mars increases the passion (makes the individual more desirable for women). In Aries, the planet grants power of magic, an ability to draw others and hold them. The libido is perfect. These people are inclined to be rich and honorable; they like to be clean and can be models of loyalty. They are powerful, modest, and intelligent. In business they can be very sharp. They are often silent and sometimes timid. They usually side with God. This position of Mars heightens the libido (desire for men). It is the second most frequent placement of Mars among faggots.

Also a strong Sun in the signs of this yoga boosts its most auspicious qualities, including mental power, sympathy, and freedom. In Aries, the Sun promotes thinking, tech-savvy, humility, independence, and solidarity. These people are very versatile and can get on top of most anything and anyone. As a rule, they are highly ambitious and impulsive. They walk one step ahead of their companions and have the first word (and often the last) in any argument. They have great sympathy for the oppressed and able weapons against the oppressors. They make excellent thinkers and great pioneers. To little or no surprise, this is the most likely Sun sign for fame. In Scorpio, the Sun sharpens the attention and usually reveals technical ease, invisible power, and extreme loyalty. As a rule, these people are intelligent, tight-lipped, and adventurous. They make excellent researchers and private investigators, as well as loyal soldiers and dexterous surgeons. They also know how to design and handle machines to perfection. These people are careful of appearances, and generally conformists in all that meets the eye. When desired, they usually go completely unnoticed by lesser mortals, which can be a highly desirable effect, since Scorpions are frequently engaged in private, maybe secret, pursuits. As expected, this is the most likely Sun sign for pure magic. Its natives like to stay clean and rarely fall ill. Their libido is second to none.

Although usually very good and fortunate, these highly benevolent placements of Mars and the Sun see their favorable qualities significantly reduced when combined with undignified sankhya yogas. In all undignified combinations, but especially this one (Sula yoga), they also have a lesser or greater tendency to emphasize the more inauspicious Martian traits, such as crudeness and impatience. Mars in Scorpio can lack confidence and be too commanding. In the face of overwhelming opposition, the Sun in Aries can be crude and runs a risk of self-pity as well as delusions of persecution in mild or acute form. Mars in Aries can be impatient and assert itself at the wrong times. If encountering infidelity, the Sun in Scorpio can be lethal and easily becomes overly suspicious much like Mars in Aries. Of all the Sun signs, Scorpio is also the most idiotic. Its natives know how to be petty and wicked, but with a dignified sankhya yoga, an unafflicted fate line, and Mercury out of this sign, these traits rarely surface. Neither of the two Martian signs promote happiness, which has to be found elsewhere.

The Worst

Venus in the signs of this yoga goes beyond its typical expression and brings out the absolutely worst Martian traits and reduces the Venusian qualities to zero. These two placements represent the opposite of lucid and reliable. They are the most common among murderers, serial killers, eugenicists, and other extreme criminals. While additional supporting indications, such as this highly undignified sankhya yoga and/or a severely afflicted fate line, are required to guarantee antisocial behavior, these fully afflicted Venus positions always point to a lack of ethics and reduce the likelihood of advanced education, social skills, charm, and compassion. Unless Mars is unafflicted, they support immoral and extreme antisocial behavior. If Mars is debilitated (i.e. situated in Libra or Taurus or closely conjunct Venus), they reveal behavior even worse than Saturn in these signs. In Scorpio, injustice abounds. Its natives have high standards and can be extremely harsh judges. This placement is number one for idiocy. Timidity and a tendency to be silent in love support insane delusions. These impatient people are usually very active, and if Mars is debilitated, not in a good way. In all cases where Mars is afflicted, they can be insensitive, jealous, and vengeful in the extreme; without contradictory indications, wicked and even lethal behavior is second nature. As they are unyieldingly attached to the material world, these materialists are likely to go under with it. With an afflicted fate line and Mars placed in a Light sign, they easily become killers even if Mars itself is unafflicted. These often strikingly ugly people have little to no consideration for the well-being of other people and can expect plenty of disappointment and unhappiness in all relationships. In love, they can be exacting and possessive, not to mention ruthless. A most extreme example of this Venus placement is Jimmy Savile, the British child molester, whose chart also features Mars in Taurus, a fully afflicted fate line with the north lunar node in Cancer, and Pasa yoga. In Aries, conflicts flourish. This placement is number one for incompetence. These people are frequently quarrelsome and will probably never be described as moderates. While they themselves are touchy and easily offended, they are nonetheless very good at commanding other people. Love, sympathy, and understanding are all related to themselves; preteen tantrums carry on all life. They could not care less about group social problems and waste little or no time on tact or diplomacy. They often appear vulnerable, and if Mars is afflicted, they easily become paranoid. This position combined with Mars in Taurus, especially when joined by the Sun, is common among mass murderers and rampage killers. In both signs, Venus is hindered from expressing any sense of taste or tact. Happiness is usually sorely lacking, as the concepts of justice and ethics are barely understood. These people make the most unlikely and the most difficult mothers and fathers. Without indications to the contrary, there is little or no social engagement and even less romance. For the men, who are often impotent, the chance of conceiving male children should be well below average. Since Venus rules semen, its quality should be subpar. For the women, who are often unattractive, infertility is likely. With any of the corroborating supplemental indications for this or lower yogas and no strongly contradictory indications, such as a full moon in Libra, Saturn in Taurus, or Mercury in Capricorn (none of which may be cusped within 1 degree or severely afflicted), the results are frequently horrifying, including but not limited to power-crazed individuals who indulge in intrigue, politics, delusions, magic, manipulation, secrecy, spying, war, injustice, resentments, jealousy, hate, vengeance, pseudo-psychiatry, and even killing for its own sake.

Also Mercury in the signs of this yoga activates its worst traits but to a much less extreme degree. Mercury in Scorpio followed by Saturn in Aries and Venus in Scorpio are indications of increasing wickedness, lethalness, or at best, plain idiocy. Except for some favorite subject(s), its natives do poorly in school and are more likely to completely lack education than have any. In the case of Mercury, the mind is silent, suspicious, and idiotic. While its natives are passionate and care about things and people – at least those close to them and in their power, they are frequently malicious and habitually unjust. Unless Venus, the Sun, or the Moon are strong and situated in Libra or Taurus, they will usually have a very sharp tongue (exceptions could be for a cusped or fully combust Mercury). If Mars is strong in Sagittarius or Leo, or extremely afflicted by Venus (including debilitated in Libra), they can be the most wicked, unscrupulous, and petty people you will ever meet. If Mars is strong and unafflicted in Aries and there are no influential Libran contradictions, such as both the Sun and Venus in Libra, they are usually extremely intelligent and never fooled by anyone or anything. They are good at keeping secrets, especially their own. Being curious, they are equally good at discovering the secrets of others. Mercury in Scorpio is a powerful indication and can reveal grandiose manipulators. The same planets in Aries followed by Scorpio and Aries are more extrovert than introvert but may be just as challenging (at least for a woman). Mercury in Aries comes with general debility and inadequate reasoning skills (including unwillingness to use reason). These unusually quarrelsome people are antagonistic, incompetent, and unreliable. They are impatient and prone to jump to conclusions. They are quick to share their opinions even if no one is interested. It is easy to call these people moronic, but it would be wrong to call them feeble-minded, although with Mars in Taurus, they usually try their best to combine the two.


Planets in Libra and Taurus go some way to weaken the typical traits of this yoga. An unafflicted Saturn in either sign and a strong Venus exactly contradict and can at best negate most of the worst traits. A full moon or Venus in Libra reveals an unusually smart, educated, and confident native. Substitute Taurus for Libra and natural instincts and competence see a big boost. In both signs, there is a good chance of contracting venereal disease. The Sun in either sign usually rules out quarrelsomeness and any morbid interests, but it also precludes versatile thinking and intelligent analysis. Also the best supplemental indications for Pasa and Veena yoga can somewhat trim the many challenges associated with this one. Venus and Jupiter unafflicted in Pisces greatly improves the intellect and lends a sense of humor, taking some of the edge off these people’s otherwise very thorny personalities. This is most certainly the case when both Venus and Jupiter are strong.

Kedara Yoga

Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.
– Albert Einstein

Kedara yoga represents geniuses of all kinds, youthful and full of ideas. It also shapes a great many experts, people with special and precise skills in a specific field of expertise. Generally easy to deal with, bold and cheerful or honest and helpful, the natives of this yoga tend to experience a fair share of luck in life.

Kedara people are appreciated for their usefulness and deference. As a general rule, they are idealistic and decent. Although they have limited comprehension and may change their minds frequently or await orders endlessly, there is nothing wrong with their memories; usually, they can master details with great ease. The most extroverted can be extremely alert, and they invariably enjoy a good debate. The most introverted tend to be extremely speedy and apparently have very little need for sleep.

Typically, the natives of this yoga show an early interest in science or sport as well as all things related to sex and commerce. Usually, they are open and direct with other people, taking every opportunity to question or persuade, but despite all their eloquence and glibness, they are rarely interested in intellectual matters, right and wrong, or rules of any kind.

This yoga commonly reveals a strong body and mind, including acute senses and clever words. Its natives are supposed to be dutiful, courteous, and earn honors, but there are a few things which can become issues if not checked by other indications. Kedara people are a lot more sensual and body-conscious than most people, and their daily activities often involve sensation and entertainment to a degree few can match. A magnified and sometimes callous sensuality leads many of the more extrovert natives to become world-class players and some of the most introvert to frequent prostitutes or become registered sex offenders. The women are the most attractive to men.

As gifted dealers, these people know how to make money from pretty much anything. In business, their verbal skills yield great gains. Money comes in so easily and is handled so expertly that some considerable wealth down-the-road is almost guaranteed; once attained, it is most unlikely to go away. Not surprisingly, the world’s wealthiest people are most often natives of this yoga.

For most natives morality is not a familiar concept and quite a few are likely to stretch the rules of the game a bit too far and become part of outright scams. Letting the end justify the means, a sizable number could cheerfully walk over bodies to fulfil their desires.

The innate amorality of this yoga calls for other indications to strengthen Jupiter, Venus, and the Sun or the Moon. Without such indications, there is a definite lack of conscience and a limited sense of humor. With their emotions repressed, Kedara people have very little ability to meaningfully associate with other people, which makes them easy targets for bullies.

In place of a moral compass, the natives of this yoga stress conformity. They are often more than willing to conform down to the smallest detail of dress, conduct, and other conventions of their crowd (they are sometimes so keen to fit in, they almost lose themselves completely), which appears to be a lot more discriminating than normal. In fact, these people care little for normality and unfortunately not much for civility either. At times, they can be openly and aggressively intolerant; at others, they are among the least tolerant of people.

A compelling number of the most extrovert natives are born reprobates. They easily exhibit all the traits of full-blown psychopathy, including torture, caprice, habitual and illogical lying, hubris, teasing, meanness, discontent, boredom, hypersexuality, schizophrenia, subtleness, scamming, coercion, and taking advantage of other people’s benevolence. Psychopaths are very slow learners, usually unable to learn from past mistakes. The worst can rape and torment without a trace of remorse.

The most introvert natives show all the traits of full-blown egocentricity, including coldness, cruelty, malice, jaundice, atheism, stinginess, sarcasm, near endless repetition, anxiety, sickness, frigidity, madness, stupidity, and mocking the beliefs of other people while having irrational beliefs of their own. Mad people are insipid, have close to no empathy, and are up to even less good. They are also known as Swedes. Most of them like to indulge in profane and gross language, and the worst can commit murder and other acts of aggression without a trace of shame.

Kedara yoga indicates mostly good fortune. In general, the people of this yoga have few really difficult issues to deal with. Nonetheless, most natives tend to be emotionally undeveloped much like teenagers, narrow and senseless (myopia is not unusual), until they reach their 60s, by which time the questioning and freshness of youth should have given way to humor and insight.

Although traditionally associated with the agricultural profession, Kedara yoga associates all people who are fond of money or numbers or both and do all their thinking inside the box, or literally (in the case of this yoga) their field. They are best suited as land owners, entrepreneurs, merchants, accountants, critics, lecturers, scribblers, wordsmiths, entertainers, commentators, publishers, secretaries, announcers, mathematicians, programmers, scientists, engineers and physicians.

I thank God for my handicaps, for through them,
I have found myself, my work and my God.
– Helen Keller

See Kedara yoga example charts.

Supplemental Indications

Saturn in Gemini or Virgo and to a lesser extent Saturn with Mercury corroborate the typical expression of this yoga. About a third of these people’s personalities exhibit adolescent vices. The remaining two thirds reflect their more typical amoral but ingenious, practical, useful, sensual, decent (sometimes even chaste), formal, cheerful, helpful, frank, and lucky traits. With Saturn in Gemini, reaction to experience is rapid and the mind as well. These people are articulate and can be extremely alert, especially in matters of money. They are very rarely stalemated even by the most complicated situations. Adaptability is their great strength, but also their weakness, since they are willing to try anything once. With Saturn in Virgo or conjunct Mercury, this yoga produces sticklers for rules and methods, profane students, weird mathematicians, and glib engineers. At its best, it reveals helpful and dutiful people, who are tough drillmasters but no executives. They can be great at service, but they can also complain about work and may even refuse to work at all. Usually, they will work overtime to do what they have to do thoroughly, or to do added work that is in direct line of duty. If they are doing efficiently and accurately what is expected of them they are likely to feel pretty well pleased with themselves. While not eager to win in competition, this position of Saturn may be the best for success in sport. It will in any case support a sporty life-style. With the following provisions, all natives of this yoga are highly unlikely to become addicted to alcohol, other heavy drugs, loose feet, or moralizing: Neither Mercury nor Saturn is combust or otherwise severely afflicted, no more than one of Rahu, Saturn, and Uranus are afflicted, and Rahu is not highly afflicted. A debilitated Rahu is associated with alcohol and other heavy drug addiction, a clearly afflicted Rahu is unfortunately all it takes for moralizing. The remaining paragraphs of this section assume an unafflicted fate line as a precondition for the auspicious promises of this yoga. All charts reviewed so far support the idea that a combust Mercury with this yoga nullifies its promises and does not strengthen Mercury in any way (if Mercury is combust, the delineation for Gola yoga should be more accurate).

A dignified Mercury highlights the best traits of this yoga and should offer very strong protection against both loftiness and crookedness. Even if Mercury is afflicted but at least not combust nor conjunct the Moon, this yoga greatly reduces the risk of psychosis and chaos. A typical native such as this should experience far fewer problems with memory and reasoning than natives of the inferior yogas, especially Pasa. They are among the least foolish of people and rarely fooled. While they can bamboozle the world, nobody is going to sell them any gold bricks, phony oil stock, or subprime mortgages. They should also be unlikely to indulge in bigotry, materialism, xenophobia, and other expressions of extreme selfishness. If the solar moon is domiciled or exalted in the signs of Mercury or Mars, this yoga can greatly boost the IQ. If neither occupies the signs of Mercury, one has to occupy the signs of Mars and the other the signs of Saturn. In cases where the above conditions are satisfied but Mercury is severely afflicted and neither Venus nor Saturn is strong and unafflicted, stupidity is clearly evident along with the above average intelligence, cleverness or glibness. Even if the solar moon is not domiciled or exalted (in the signs indicated above), the IQ can still be above average, if its dispositor is strong and unafflicted or Mercury is at least close to fully dignified (strong, domiciled, and neither combust nor conjunct the Moon). This is most evident if Mercury is retrograde.

Together with a highly or fully dignified Sun (well-functioning brain) or a fully dignified Mars (facile thinking or intelligent analysis), this yoga offers strong protection against mental illness, mental instability, and pathological narcissism. Here are a few vocations (in addition to those already given in the main text) this yoga can encourage with the help of a dignified Sun: in Leo, a good actor or magnificent ruler; in Cancer, a glib author, prudent businesswoman, or brilliant performer; in Aries, a great thinker, versatile artist, or intrepid soldier; and in Scorpio, an intelligent researcher, sharp investigator, or powerful healer.

Unless at least one of Jupiter or Venus is fully dignified in its primary sign (Sagittarius and Libra for a man and Pisces and Taurus for a woman) and Venus is strong and either domiciled or exalted, or both the solar moon and Ketu are unafflicted, this amoral yoga reveals below average abilities. If the moon does not occupy an intellectual sign (Sagittarius or Pisces, Libra or Taurus, Leo or Cancer), there will still be some obvious disability when it comes to competition, language, synthesis, prediction, logic, insight, comfort, devotion, morality, humor, etc. Even with the best of supporting indications, natives of this yoga are never true intellectuals. This is because their focus in life is to a significant part non-intellectual, i.e. on money or wealth, sex or sport, ideas or trivia, etc. While their IQs can be high enough – even astronomical – their intellects are never broad enough. To come close to any extraordinary ability with this yoga, apart from intelligence and ingenuity, a native must have a fully dignified Jupiter or a highly dignified Venus in Sagittarius or Pisces and a domiciled or exalted solar moon in these signs, Libra or Taurus, or Leo or Cancer. The minimum requirements would be the following strong and unafflicted: 1) a domiciled Jupiter or Neptune; 2) an exalted Venus; or 3) a domiciled Venus with a domiciled Sun. Saturn must not be severely afflicted, neither should the planet be situated in the signs of Mercury or joined by this planet (at least not in an amoral sign). With any of the later sankhya yogas, the above indications could point to an extraordinary intellectual.

This is both the least heroic and the second least violent of the seven sankhya yogas. Its introvert natives are also the second most cowardly. While you will never find famous heroes with this yoga, its natives are non-violent and non-sociopathic with the following provisions: 1) The yoga ruler is unafflicted or at least strong and situated in a superior sign and not combust within 8 degrees of the Sun nor joined by the Moon within 8 degrees; 2) Venus is unafflicted; and 3) Saturn is unafflicted. If the yoga ruler is strong and unafflicted, it is enough that Saturn is not severely afflicted. If there are no undignified planets in Leo or Cancer, it is enough that Venus is situated in a superior sign and neither combust or conjunct the Moon. Afflictions by the Moon or Water signs are more violent than the same by the Sun or Light signs. However, natives of the latter may delegate violent executions to other people. A strong and unafflicted Venus in Libra greatly mitigates all violent tendencies – but to its greatest extent for a man. For a woman, Venus in Taurus does the same but better. Unless the yoga ruler is debilitated or combust or Venus is fully afflicted, Saturn strong and unafflicted in Aquarius should greatly limit if not eliminate any violent tendencies. For a woman, Saturn in Capricorn does the same but better. All the worst indications for the inferior yogas of course contribute towards violent behavior, but this yoga surrounds such behavor with a strong degree of reason, or at least honesty, not present with any of the inferior yogas.

The most extreme vices associated with this yoga, such as torture and atheism, are inhibited by a strong Jupiter. Indications greatly strengthening this planet, known as a benefic, such as Venus in Pisces for a man or Sagittarius for a woman and the planet itself in the latter sign for a man or the former for a woman, greatly reduces or eliminates the risk of severe stupidity leading to atheism and severe psychopathy leading to torture. As usual, the planets should be strong and unafflicted; while Jupiter may be combust from within the sign it occupies, Venus may not. Obviously, violence and sociopathy as well as other vices associated with other yogas cannot be ruled out when a chart fails to meet the provisions set out in the previous paragraph.

The Sun in Gemini or Virgo boosts some of the good and some of the bad traits of this yoga, but mental development is slightly delayed and the likelihood of amoral behavior is increased. Mental, nerve, and other health issues are likely to crop up. Most of these people are clearly irrational or illogical by nature. In Gemini, bravery is short and nervousness has at least in part replaced boldness. This is the sign that epitomizes experimentation, discontent, and neurosis. Although often clever, many of these people are overly verbal, to the point of being boring. At best, they are right slightly less often than they are wrong. At worst, they show no emotion and behave like mean teens all their lives. In extreme cases, they are able to contradict themselves within one and the same sentence. Quite a few of them are chronically neurotic. Unless Mercury is afflicted, almost all Geminis are communicative, open-minded, and reasonable. They like to play and usually enjoy plenty of luck in life. As a rule, they are a lot more resourceful than your average person. In Virgo, any enthusiasm is hidden and sickness has demoted soundness. This is the sign which typifies discomfort and all sorts of evil. These people know pessimism by heart and when it meets their fertile imagination they can experience countless imaginary problems, including monsters like themselves. They always appear more or less out-of-place and disconnected from other people. At worst, they are cold, gross, cruel, senseless, and totally irrational. Some of them are chronically mad. Unless Mercury is afflicted or has close to zero strength, almost all Virgos are glib, precise, honest, and decent. They enjoy routine tasks and learning new things inline with their duties, which they usually perform painstakingly. Many of them are extra sensual, others abhor sex. In any case, it is a focus of attention for them. They are good at most things connected to money, including accounting and budgeting, but spending it on carefree fun or public enjoyment is rarely ever on their mind. As a rule, they are a lot wealthier than your neighbor. With a highly afflicted Saturn, Venus, or fate line, or an afflicted Mercury which is either combust or situated in Leo or Cancer, or a fully afflicted Jupiter, people with the Sun in Gemini or Virgo easily turn antisocial. With the Sun in Gemini, they can become robbers or rapists on a whim; with the Sun in Virgo, they can become hunters or murderers without thinking twice – or even once. As immature teens, natives of these Sun signs are prime targets for bullies. Note that this mostly dignified yoga, provided that neither Saturn nor the fate line is severely afflicted, greatly reduces the inauspicious impact of these mostly undignified positions of the Sun. With the yoga ruler severely afflicted by combustion or situated in Leo or Cancer, foolishness or selfishness overshadow any auspicious results.

The best supplemental indications for the previous yogas facilitate the expression of the most auspicious qualities of this one. The Sun or the Moon in Leo or Cancer coupled with Mars in Aries or Scorpio should bring most of the ingenious or expert potential of this yoga to fruition: Clever ideas, communication skills, intelligence, and mental prowess abound!

The Best

Mercury alone in the signs of this yoga emphasizes its best qualities. Since these people tend to be open or at least frank with others, they are much less likely to develop psychoses or superiority complexes. For the following delineations to be fully applicable, the best supplemental indications for the previous yogas must also be present. If the worst supplemental indications for the last two yogas are present, the following delineations may lack relevance. In Virgo, these people are truly great with words, often playful, ingenious, clever, lucky, youthful, and highly sexual. They have no difficulty coming up with new and useful ideas nor making bold and rapid strides in the world as it is. These people fit the very definition of extroverted and eloquence is their forte. They know how to be subtle and formal in the best way possible. They never seem to lose track of any details. In Gemini, they are studious, literate, honest, discreet, candid, sporty, and highly sensual. Their business acumen can be extraordinary. They like to be active and are no strangers to manual labor. They enjoy all forms of physical exercise. As a rule, they should have no difficulty sensing the world around them nor concentrating on the task at hand. Their records and notes are likely to be spotless and precise. Some natives are extremely eloquent and may at times sound a bit too pleased with themselves. Both of these domiciled positions aid reasoning and concentration. Provided they are strong and unafflicted, they should clearly reduce the frequency of ADHD (shortly before he died, the man who introduced it to the world called it a perfect example of a fabricated illness) and other pseudo-psychiatric diagnoses (including the practice of pseudo-psychiatry itself). They are slightly unusual among homophiles.

Also a strong and unafflicted Mars in the signs of this yoga boosts all its best traits. In Virgo, there are idealistic ideas. These people are bold and canny with words. They appreciate openness and objectivity. Their thinking is innately scientific and often ingenious. With little effort, they can come up with practical ideas advancing a specific cause. In general, the natives of this exalted Mars are highly sexual and usually make playful and exciting company. Natives of afflicted suns or moons run a risk of getting stuck on details. They frequently come across as immodest. The qualities of Mars in Virgo are in most ways similar to those indicated for Mercury in the same sign, but these people are not quite as clever and may be somewhat more thoughtful. This position of Mars is the second most frequent among lesbians and the least common among faggots. In Gemini, these people value speed, especially high speed. They are often extremely glib, eloquent, and precise. Almost always on the go, they are better talkers than listeners and can be extensive in their remarks written or spoken. Although most natives are remarkably sensual, a small number may be puritanical. Still, all natives usually enjoy the physical expressions of love. Natives of afflicted suns or moons may think sex is more important than it really is. They frequently appear conceited. The qualities of Mars in Gemini are in many ways similar to those of Mercury in the same sign, but these people may be even more business-minded.

The Worst

Jupiter in the signs of this yoga, or tightly conjunct Mercury, goes beyond its typical expression and brings out the absolutely worst Mercurian traits and can reduce the Jovian qualities to zero. Joy and morality fall well below average and the full antipathetic potential of the planet Mercury is available. Its traits of ego, hubris, amorality, neurosis, frivolity, coercion, senselessness, atheism, aggression, cruelty, meanness, discontent, irritability, psychopathy, and stupidity can all assume royal status; if Mercury is afflicted, one or more of them definitely will at some point in life. If Jupiter is the atmakaraka, they can become evident right from birth. If Jupiter is the yoga ruler, they will show up before the age of 30 and may last a whole lifetime. Without very influential and contradictory indications, these people will be noted for their intellectual deficit. They will have a hard time getting things, including languages, moral arguments, and athletic medals. Academic achievement is unlikely. Logic errors are expected. Natives without a strong and unafflicted Neptune in Sagittarius or Pisces, a strong and domiciled or exalted Venus, or a strong and unafflicted moral solar moon along with an unafflicted fate line, suffer obvious retardation. Without any indications above fall in the signs of Jupiter and at least one of them strong and unafflicted or at the very least a fate line above fall and a sankhya yoga above this one, they appear extremely unlikely to become presidents or prime ministers, or assume any elevated position in a country of sufficient population (the bar is obviously lower in the least moral countries, but these people seem unlikely to rise above the fold everywhere). They are more likely to appear joyless than joyful. Venus conjunct Jupiter combined with Dama yoga and both Saturn and Rahu in Sagittarius can elevate these people to a high position, but their moral deficit will still be evident. The few exceptions to the rules set out above are either natives of both Pasa yoga and Saturn in Sagittarius or Pisces, or natives of both Dama yoga and unafflicted planets in Leo or Cancer. The even fewer exceptions still remaining, are natives of strong Leo and Aries suns (domiciliation and exaltation) and have either been assassinated or have seen their wives commit suicide. Unless Saturn is unafflicted and Venus is fully dignified or both Saturn and Venus are dignified, natives of these fully afflicted positions of Jupiter have severe difficulties associating with other people in any normal or rational way. Intimacy is problematic, especially if the Sun for a man or the Moon for a woman is afflicted as well. They are capable of extremely irrational behavior and can easily drain your soul. Even with some of the mitigating indications but without indicators in the two signs mentioned earlier, they are much more likely to be retarded than intellectual. Regardless of other planetary conditions, these extreme placements of Jupiter always reveal a critically impaired moral sense. Any sense of humor is almost always missing. Unsurprisingly, these frequently mean or cruel natives are regularly shunned by normal people. In Virgo, this is the strongest and most obvious indication of psychopathy. These neurotic players can become philanderers and even rapists without a second thought (or a first). Only through cheer luck are they more likely to acquire money than earn time in prison. The majority of natives of this Jupiter enjoy play and know how to provoke and tease people. Most of them make excellent propagandists. Without conflicting indications, such as a strong and unafflicted Venus in Libra or Pisces, these usually verbose people are capable of tormenting others without a shred of feeling or emotion. If their charts completely lack strong and unafflicted planets in the solar, martian, and jovian signs, they can completely lack bravery, courage, and honor. If you encounter a remorseless native of this kind, let them know how diseased they are and they will most likely give up with a whimper or walk away with the tail between their legs. All natives of this Jupiter placement are at least slightly neurotic and distinctly narrow in their outlook, if not outright joyless. Born with extremely limited or exactly zero vision, these people can be great risk takers. Although extremely open-minded and usually unable to keep a secret, they are unlikely to be straight-forward with the truth, primarily because of disability and lack of care but sometimes out of spite (just to be mean). Without influential contradictory indications, lying always seems like a great idea to them. Eating disorders, including anorexia nervosa and experimental diets (e.g., LCHF), as well as other abnormal behaviors are especially common among girls and women with this Jupiter placement. This is also the second most frequent position among lesbians. In Gemini, this is the most extreme and most obvious indication of disability and stupidity, which when aggravated by introvert indications, such as Saturn in Leo and Pasa yoga, easily induces madness. Its natives have big egos but limited intellects; their ability to synthesize and draw logical conclusions is concentrated on things of little to no importance. They learn very slowly, if at all. They are frequently smug and consistently mistake their thoughts for persons and things. As a rule, they prefer physical exercise to intellectual activity. They are very big on sensation and physical contact. Sexual abstinence is unlikely. All natives of this Jupiter placement are at least slightly afraid of the world and distinctly dull in their outlook. Without significant Sagittarian or Leonine influence, outright pessimism is likely. With the support of introvert indications, such as Yuga or Pasa yoga and an afflicted Saturn, they can be extremely shy. Without strong and unafflicted contradictory indications, such as the Sun in a Light or Air sign, Mars in Scorpio, or Mercury in Aquarius, along with an unafflicted Ketu and an unafflicted and domiciled or exalted Venus, these senseless people can be extremely stingy. They replace the old with the new, truth with triviality, and solution with repetition. This position supports a kind of puritanism that is clearly hypocritical. These people are discriminating rather than generous. They have a vulgar and profane tongue, which they frequently use to express their disproportionate sensual desires. Their unusual glibness comes with a major cruel streak, and they repeatedly indulge in sarcasm at great expense to other people. They laugh at people instead of with them. The worst natives (e.g., those with an inferior sankhya yoga or combust ruler along with an afflicted solar moon and Neptune in the signs of this yoga or Capricorn and those with Neptune or Venus in Scorpio or an extremely afflicted fate line with a debilitated sun or moon) personify monsters of evil. Through discreetness, they can get away with murder. Their complexion might be paler than average and their health is almost always delicate. They often have prematurely gray or white hair, or it is very thin or otherwise scant. Due to their somewhat fragile constitutions, a major sickness is likely to spring up at least once in a lifetime. If Saturn is afflicted as well, there is chronic illness. This position is the second least frequent among lesbians. Note: If Neptune is unafflicted in a moral sign and there are no other inferior planets in the signs of this yoga, this makes meanness, sarcasm, and outright cruelty much less likely. If both Jupiter and Neptune are afflicted by Mercury, situated in the signs of that planet or those of Saturn, there is severe retardation; moral progress is only possible with a domiciled or exalted solar moon in Sagittarius or Pisces. Along with an afflicted Venus, these severe afflictions of the psyche accompany extremely sick or diseased individuals, completely devoid of all principles, generosity, and rationality. The exceptional stupidity exhibited by these people must be seen to be believed. Even if only Neptune is afflicted, any signs of remorse for trespasses committed are very often missing (this especially true for Neptune in Gemini or Virgo, but Neptune in Capricorn is not far behind, and when it comes to immorality, Neptune in Scorpio with an afflicted Mars beats them all). Most of these people may be too stupid to know right from wrong altogether.

Venus in the same signs presents a slightly less extreme picture, but one that in most ways is even worse than for Jupiter. These natives are supposed to be unlikely mothers and fathers, and they very rarely come equipped with any sense of logic, truth, or humor. Their lack of emotion may sometimes make it difficult to tell if they are alive or not. Social skills are at best limited. They are more likely to be mean and antisocial than compassionate and genial. In Gemini, there is caprice and gullibility. These people ought to probe themselves to see if they are getting the most out of life, or if they are only skimming the surface. For them it is almost as important to express their emotions as to feel them. They can be wonderful companions, sophisticated, knowing all the answers, but sooner rather than later, they may go on to another love, another experience. Although their intellect is below average, they rarely lack money. In Virgo, there is routine indecision and plain stupidity. These peevish people are big on proprieties, but they can also stray from the beaten track if they have convinced themselves it is all right. They substitute self-justification for remorse. Small niceties are emotionally important to them, and if they are not careful, they will substitute the sentimentalities of love for love itself. Other people may have to remind them that the proprieties were made to serve a purpose, and that before there can be an emotional code there must be emotions. To have proprieties for their own sake is like having a general and no army. Natives of this Venus are prone to be sick. They tend to be wealthy, petty-minded, and shameless. Physically, they are likely to suffer from heart disease. Both positions inhibit intellectual development. As expected, these people appear youthful well beyond the prime of life and frequently engage in materialistic or sacrilegious behavior as well as extramarital sex. With an afflicted Sun or an undignified Saturn and without rare contradictory indications, such as a dignified Jupiter, they behave like emotionally and morally retarded teenagers until the end of life. Both of these highly afflicted Venus placements are clearly more common among homophiles than expected by chance.


Planets in Sagittarius and Pisces weaken the typical traits of this yoga. Saturn in either sign or Jupiter conjunct Saturn exactly contradict and can at worst negate its best traits. However, they also add emotion and can remove some of the indecision. The worst supplemental indications for the next yoga go even further to reduce the enviable qualities of this one, but they bring little or no good in their place. The corresponding indications for the remaining yogas also work to weaken its useful and ingenious traits. So too does an afflicted Mercury, but if combust or placed in Leo or Cancer, it also boosts the antisocial potential of this yoga.

The best supplemental indications for the next sankhya yoga speed up the intellectual (emotional and moral) development. They also make these people less stingy and more generous, less formal and more interesting, as well as less irritable and more silly, which is nothing to sneeze at. At best, they can also add an interest in truth and a sense of humor. A strong and unafflicted Venus in either Pisces or Sagittarius (but especially the former for a man and the latter for a woman) can mitigate and sometimes even outshine the typical callousness of this yoga. A highly dignified Jupiter (especially in Leo for a man or in Cancer for a woman) has a similar effect. The best supplemental indications for the last two yogas promote literacy, education, broader knowledge, magnetism, compassion and understanding, among other things. Saturn unafflicted in Aquarius and Venus unafflicted in Libra go a very long way to alleviate any antisocial tendencies. Venus adds virility, understanding, and smarts, and Saturn talent, strength, and steadfastness. The same planets in Capricorn and Taurus improve social skills, remove all puritanical traits, and advance an interest in spirituality or philosophy. To greatly mitigate the psychopathy or egocentricity of this yoga when its ruler is afflicted or there are one or more amoral or immoral indications (i.e. afflicted indications in all signs except Libra and Taurus), at least one of these supplemental indications should be fully or highly dignified in its primary sign.

With a later yoga, major psychopathy and egocentricity can be ruled out when there are strong and unafflicted planets enjoying domiciled or at least exalted essential dignity in Sagittarius or Pisces, Libra or Taurus, Aquarius or Capricorn, provided Rahu is not severely afflicted, the average essential dignity enjoyed by Saturn and Rahu is above 42 %, and there are no extremely afflicted classical planets in the opposite signs (a chart failing the last condition can reveal a manic, schizoid, or lawless character as a result of childhood sexual abuse, especially in cases where the Sun is situated in Aquarius or Jupiter is in Virgo). At least two different signs must be occupied. All the classical planets should be counted. Rahu plus Uranus as well as Neptune can be counted if their dispositors are dignified. At least one planet must be highly or fully dignified. If only two signs are occupied, then Rahu should be unafflicted, but if it is not severely afflicted or the signs receive domiciled planets, of which one is Saturn in Aquarius for a man or Capricorn for a woman, a great degree of sociability or authority is present, thus ruling out serial killing, serial rape, and serial or extreme fraud. Even if only one planet qualifies and this planet is highly or fully dignified, habitual or irrational lethal use of force as well as sexual coercion is extremely unlikely, provided the planet is dignified in its primary sign (i.e. extrovert for a man and introvert for a woman).

Although the Sun in either sign somewhat undermines the objectivity and deference innate to this yoga, it also strengthens the intellect, its vision and insight. At best, such a Sun may lend these people a sense of humor, adding a little joy or sorrow to their otherwise somewhat dull or narrow personalities.

Pasa Yoga

Pasa yoga defines intellectuals – often heroic and remarkably generous. It shows a mixed fortune with a good many trials and tribulations thrown in. Although there can be considerable prosperity, there will also be matching expenses. Its best natives are supposed to be surrounded by friends and dear to all. These people are unlikely to be wealthy, but any wealth is likely to be rightfully acquired (at least not extorted).

Pasa people understand the meaning of right and wrong and you may be led to exclaim: Finally some moral people! But soon you realize that these people are a lot more concerned with the morality of other people than their own. The name of this yoga means noose or snare and its natives are apt to end up snared by pomp and circumstance, misery and sorrow, as well as their own moral transgressions. Unless other indications contradict, they are devoid of virtues and good manners.

This is the first post-adolescence sankhya yoga, meaning (among other things) that it is more independent than childish. As a logical consequence, its most extrovert natives are also the first to make any sense as leaders, but the vast majority of these are supposed to be extravagant and silly, while a much smaller number may become impressive forces for good. All natives are capable of frequently condemning and decrying the horrible actions of other people. In general, most natives tend to talk too much.

Having a broad and expansive intellect often makes it more difficult to concentrate. This is particularly true for the people of this yoga, who are only rarely committed to the task at hand. They are more likely to be looking to the far off, the distant past or future, or to appear accommodating and interested in other people, while hard at work daydreaming of something completely different. Life is never going to be dull with this yoga.

In theory, independence also increases the risk of victimization and other hardship. The younger yogas may enjoy a level of protection that the older yogas do not. The life revealed by this unlucky yoga is supposed to include numerous setbacks. Its natives may be the most likely victims of sociopaths. Out-of-control expenditures and dishonesty (most of all their own) tend to follow them wherever they go. Their health is likely to be at least slightly below average, and for the most worrying, it can suffer quite a lot.

These people value time on their own a lot more than association. They are supposed to be especially attached to their livelihoods, vocations, and life missions. Without contradictory indications, they exhibit impressive self-applauding and self-righteous tendencies. Most natives can be accurately described as cosmopolitan, not too religious, and engaged in idolatry (not the least of themselves). Lacking any kind of discrimination, they are also supposed to have many sexual partners.

No native of this yoga will ever compete for the title of most extrovert or cheerful person, but a great many natives will share the title for most hotheaded or most autistic. The former come equipped with a real gift for being blunt and tactless. Hardly surprisingly, they are also liable to be imprisoned or suffer isolation. The latter are likely to remain silent when they are expected to answer a question or comment on something just said and to talk without pause when they are expected to shut up.

For all their less than reasonable or useful qualities, all natives of this yoga without any major indications to the contrary range from heroic to mostly harmless. One of their many redeeming qualities is an inclination to forgive all trespasses. The very best natives uphold moral principles and are liked in royal circles.

Independence can become a psychological complex, and these people are the most likely candidates for it. As a result of this literally grandiose challenge, they can be difficult to reach. Not because they seek solitude or loneliness, which they do not, but rather because they are disinterested in fact, objectivity, and common ground. Reason is for mere mortals and not for ‘demigods’. The extroverted easily become impractical visionaries keeping their wagons hitched to the stars and likely driving them (and their occupants) into the ditch. The introverted have intuition as their best friend and their worst enemy, because – right or wrong – they have a sense of it being right.

Do not expect things to move quickly whenever these people make you a promise. They do have a conscience, and they will probably feel a bit guilty about missing a deadline, but they are all but practical and definitely not expedient. Never forget that speaking takes a lot of time for these people, and they simply do not have time for any ordinary, not to mention prompt, schedules.

This yoga is home to heretics and apostates. They will not give in to unfairness or illogical argument, nor compromise with the Truth. They are also reluctant to compromise with people. They believe the world should live by their principles, their codes, and their moral standards, which might perhaps be alright – at least if they lived by them too.

The most introverted natives are absent, wandering, easily led and when distressed likely to fall into drug abuse and crime. They may harbor plenty of weird notions and are in many ways very unusual but think everyone else is. They are apt to be the most emotional people you will ever meet. If they do not get what they want, they may cry you a river. Reason will get you nowhere, they prefer withdrawal to arguing.

Although usually very pleased with their own attributes, beliefs, and actions, the people of this yoga tend to have few good words to say about anyone else. Instead, they are supposed to speak ill of others. If you hear them speak anything but well of themselves, you ought to be positively surprised. Personally, I am still waiting. Let us hope you are more lucky!

Pasa natives are possibly the ones most prone to obsessions. Those who do not become gamblers and professional losers are highly likely to get hooked on drugs, fantasy, or just being right. Through their reckless and irresponsible behavior, they easily become too terrific for their own good. Crooked habits often become a terminal trap for these people. An above average number of the most introverted natives may become shoplifters, robbers, and cheats.

Considering their lack of flexibleness and intelligence, discrimination and ingenuity, reason and objectivity, honesty and expediency, boldness and candidness, if one had to pick the best adjective to describe the people of this yoga, it would most likely be pretentious. Without strong and prolific indications of inferiority, most natives appear to hold an unwarranted claim of superiority even in the company of people more fun and caring, more able and intelligent, more useful and ingenious, more loving and reliable, as well as more successful and wiser than themselves.

Pasa people tend to be outspoken. Able to seamlessly integrate both good and bad conduct, they can readily preach the moral high ground one moment and act like complete crooks the next – if not both at the same time. Generalization is their line of expertise. Usually, these people have little or no difficulty grasping academic ideas – the more general, the better – but most natives have to cultivate understanding of people. They also need to learn tact, common courtesy, and finesse.

Clearly, the general picture of this yoga is not that appealing to most people, but all is not bad: The best natives can show both mercy and compassion. Many are inclined to promote vegetarianism, and more than a few may eventually become vegetarians themselves – at least sort of. Almost all natives should experience recurring moments of bliss and emotional comfort. The most extroverted are highly competitive, and all natives are supposed to be skillful workers. They may be especially good at pattern recognition (connecting the dots is usually child’s play for these bright or profound intellects, who tend to know synthesis from birth). With other indications of support, especially a dignified Sun or Mars, they can easily handle any of the societal functions of the first three yogas.

Pasa natives have whole-souled respect for their own abilities, and with time and introspection, also profound capacity for knowing themselves. They are less interested in fun, money, and sex than in the joys of intellect. Contrasted with natives of the previous yoga, the people of this one have moved from factual to general knowledge and from temporal to eternal expression. They are most often immune to boredom and likely to be more athletic than playful and more poetic than wordy. They rarely care for dogma and details irk them.

Most natives may at times display moral courage. All forms of travel get their horses running, be it on the seven seas of the world, strictly in the realms of fantasy, or through inspired and academic truth. A sense of humor and a love of language ease their journeys. At home everywhere, they are generally good at making friends and keeping them. They are also supposed to have many servants, although a good number of these may not be aware of their positions.

The more introverted natives are inclined to drunkenness but usually stop short of becoming full-blown alcoholics. Even so, most natives run an increased risk of ending up in prison. Failing that dire fortune, the most fanciful are likely to find themselves in so called mental institutions. The least lucky may even get labelled with pseudo-psychiatric diagnoses, most typically schizophrenia or borderline personality disorder. Natives with the most antisocial, the most psychotic, and the most narcissistic indications frequently try to pin their own conditions on other unsuspecting people. A considerable number of these are themselves pseudo-psychiatrists. All natives of this yoga can be crafty and deception is supposed to be second nature. The very best of them can be called optimistic.

This is the most common sankhya yoga and it usually produces people of largely chaotic or pitiful dispositions. Most often, they stay reckless or crooked and pompous or withdrawn throughout their lives. Under the best of circumstances, rationality and insight may overtake pompousness and wretchedness about the time these people turn 50. Spirituality and selflessness, along with science and honesty, will set them free.

Pasa yoga comes with general abilities, and there are few occupations in which its natives cannot make a positive difference. However, if they are not involved in intellectual pursuits as leaders and academics, they may become especially reckless or crooked. Their most typical and most likely functions in society are as teachers, journalists, writers, composers, comedians, preachers, missionaries, explorers, athletes, advisors, lawyers, kings and directors.

See Pasa yoga example charts.

Supplemental Indications

Saturn in Pisces or Sagittarius and to a lesser extent Saturn with Jupiter corroborate the typical expression of this yoga. Sobriety is unlikely, and for the most introverted natives, drinking bouts are almost certain, but without supporting indications, these people are not genuine alcoholics. For all natives, preaching truth and fantasy overshadows fact and objectivity. They know how to be unreasonable but rarely much more. They view other people as somewhat lesser beings or at least very often treat them as if they were. With Saturn in Pisces, there is deception. These people are rarely open or idealistic but often fuzzy and scheming. They are gifted intellectually and able to synthesize and draw rational conclusions, but they are not clever, playful, or ingenious. They possess an independence complex in its most straightforward form. Nothing holds them back. Life is their cry – especially the life of the intellect – and they will range both the temporal and the eternal if they get half a chance. While they expand their souls far and wide, they are clearly poor communicators. They tend to be unaware of important facts and details. In an argument, they could not care less about factual circumstances. They easily become paranoid for no good reason whatsoever. Most often, they are unable to concentrate on anything of material consequence. Even under the best of conditions, they are unlikely to be honest and forthcoming. Instead, they are usually self-righteous or at least self-applauding. Without extraordinary indications which greatly improve their character, such as a dignified sankhya yoga and ruler as well as an unafflicted fate line, they never mention any flaws or faults of their own. This is the second most common placement of Saturn among lesbians. With Saturn in Sagittarius or closely conjunct Jupiter, there is craftiness. For these gifted chameleons, the struggle with the world is the inner struggle between the good and bad within themselves. When they have mastered themselves, they can be content with self-approval. If the introspection goes deeper, they realize that self-approval is not enough and require that self-approval wait for the approval of others. Life often seems hard to these people. If it becomes too difficult, they can give up the struggle and become withdrawn. Without strong extrovert indications (e.g., Jupiter in Sagittarius or Venus in Libra) or a dignified sankhya yoga with a strong and unafflicted ruler, they can become hermits or suffer isolation in some unfortunate way. Their reaction to experience is almost wholly subjective: sunshine is shadow if they are feeling bad; and clouds are harbingers of joy if they are feeling good. They worry a lot and most often follow the line of least resistance. Without contradictory indications, they are dishonest whenever possible. With an undignified sankhya yoga, such as this one, they are likely to engage in brooding and drug abuse. Saturn situated in Sagittarius or conjunct Jupiter are frequently occurring indications in the birth charts of people diagnosed with schizophrenia, a pseudo-psychiatric diagnosis. The same indications also support mild drug problems, including cannabis use, but they do not suffice for alcohol addiction. Sagittarius is the second most common placement of Saturn among faggots. The combination of Saturn placed in Sagittarius and Jupiter situated in Gemini points to significant emotional problems and extreme moral deficiencies. The combination is associated with heavy drug abuse leading to hospitalization or an early death.

Since Jupiter is the planet and Sagittarius and Pisces are the signs of kings and queens, all these associations of Saturn (the planet of goals, prestige, and standing in society) increase the likelihood of their natives assuming such high roles. Even if these people do not become kings or queens, princes or princesses, or assume other high positions, their high-sounding speech, not that great humility, and complete unwillingness to conform should be unmistakable (if there are other afflicted indicators in any of the following signs and the Sun is not situated in Aries or Scorpio, both characteristics should be more than crystal clear: Sagittarius or Pisces, Libra or Taurus, Leo or Cancer). Jupiter is the highest planet and its people will often be high in more ways than one. Low things, such as reason, money, sex, and sport, typically do not interest them at all. Less fortunately, this sankhya yoga emphasizes the vices over the virtues of this most high planet, apparently without exception leading its natives away from knowledge and spirituality, relations and understanding. These tendencies can of course be aggravated by inferior indications, such as Saturn in Leo or Cancer and Jupiter or Neptune in Scorpio or Aries, or alleviated by superior indications, such as Saturn in Aquarius or Capricorn and Jupiter or Neptune in Taurus or Libra.

Since its typical natives tend to be high-sounding or self-righteous and lacking communication skills, they are obviously not the most easy people to live with, but if Jupiter is strong and unafflicted, and neither the Sun nor Venus is in Gemini or Virgo, this moral yoga offers broad protection against illogical and irrational behavior, including psychopathy and egocentricity. If also Venus and Saturn are strong and unafflicted and the fate line is not severely afflicted, intentionally violent behavior is highly unlikely. If these planets are afflicted, these people will experience increasingly difficult trials and tribulations. The situation can be a lot worse for natives who have this yoga along with other antisocial indications, such as a fully undignified (debilitated) Venus or combust Saturn. This yoga aggravates the effects of all disgraced (not enjoying sufficient essential dignity) indications, since its natives will usually still perceive themselves as flawless or at least not acknowledge any flaws of their own. Extreme violence is likely with extremely antisocial indications, such as Venus in Scorpio and Saturn in Leo. If Venus is highly afflicted, the only sane and healthy way of dealing with these people is using deterrents, sanctions, and avoidance. If the Sun is in a mutable sign and there are no dignified planets in Libra, Taurus, Aquarius, or Capricorn, amiable or affable association with other people is more or less missing. In case both the Sun and Ketu are fully undignified or both are afflicted, neither of the lunar nodes is situated Leo or Cancer, there are no strong planets in these signs, there are no combust planets, the Moon is not in a sign adjacent to the Sun, and Jupiter is not unafflicted in Sagittarius or Pisces, the whole chart lacks power. Such people are severely deprived of energy and may completely lack balance, faith, calm, bravery, empathy, productivity, prudence, fortune, and normality. Ketu in the signs given above bolsters the chart and upholds the just given significations, but unless the dispositor (the Sun or the Moon) is exalted, the chart may still reveal a notable lack of energy, action, and kindness. Rahu in the same signs may raise the fortune later in life but with a very high price to pay in the end. Natives of this yoga who have Jupiter situated in Capricorn are severely narcissistic. If they also have an extremely afflicted Saturn, Mercury, or Mars (neither of the first two should be fully dignified), and the Sun is less than strong and exalted, they are eager to project themselves onto other people. If the Sun is placed in Pisces, Jupiter is in Capricorn, Mars is situated in Taurus or Libra, or with Venus, and the Moon is not strong in Leo or Cancer, Aries or Scorpio, then there is an extreme lack of humility, mental acuity, and sympathy for other people. Unless growing up in a civilized and corrective environment, such an individual is certain to be a retarded and domineering coward – an extreme bully. All of the above provisions supported by Mars in Taurus, but not necessarily the Sun in Pisces, shows a latent, ardent if unaggressive, hatred for people. These people cannot take no for an answer nor any kind of constructive criticism. Pseudo-psychiatry is not beyond them but even appears appealing to them. They are pathologically narcissistic and so out-of-touch with reality, they not only lack empathy but are also fully capable of overriding the wills of other people, usually stubbornly and without a reason or at least none even remotely related to sympathy, idealism, or everyone’s welfare. When the above superior disorders are combined with this absent-minded, often violent, and potentially despotic yoga, there is an aggravated complex disorder for which I have not a name. Since wisdom begins with humility, mentally ill people never become any wiser.

This yoga is associated with autism type II and is elevated among the people listed as having autism spectrum disorders on Wikipedia. While all natives of this yoga can be described as autistic (to a significant but not necessarily highly difficult degree), major autism requires support from additional indications of introvert nature promoting the signs of autism: Cancer – type I, Pisces – type II, and Scorpio – type III. The indications supporting autism in the charts from Wikipedia include the following: Saturn or Venus combust or situated in Leo, Rahu or Mercury in Cancer, a new moon, Jupiter in Cancer or conjunct the Moon, the Moon as the atmakaraka (for a male only), or a trine moon in Leo (type I – arrogance); Saturn, Mars, or a trine moon in Sagittarius, Saturn or Mars conjunct Jupiter, or Mercury in Pisces (type II – psychosis); and finally Saturn in Aries, or Rahu, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter or Neptune in Scorpio (type III – idiocy). Extrovert complements (such as Rahu in Leo) support the unwise and antisocial traits of autism, but at least one major indication should be of an introvert nature to support the more specific traits. One example given on Wikipedia is not sure to fit this signature. With a birth early in the day on the date given, there is a new moon, otherwise not. The chart for this individual contains indications of foolishness and patheticness, as well as recklessness and silliness, traits which I identify with Leo (the extrovert complement of Cancer) and Sagittarius (the extrovert partner of Pisces). Jupiter in Pisces supports introvertness but is an example of domiciliation and therefore should not be problematic in itself (certainly not for a woman, but in the case of this man, it could be, somewhat). The chart also features the Sun in Taurus which is more obviously problematic, but being social, it is not an indication of autism. One could argue that a dense, somewhat introvert, and much less than communicative expression of a silly fool comes close to that of autism, but as an astrologer, I must differentiate between pathetic people who are not intelligent and autistic people who usually are. A few of the above indications (Jupiter in Cancer or conjunct the Moon and Jupiter in Pisces) point to kindness or generosity rather than any major character disorder; such indications require support from other indications to support major autism, but as some people have noticed, many so called autistic children appear to be unusually kind. Autistic people are unlikely to be satanic. In a satanic world, this fact alone could be grounds for an autism diagnosis. Since Vladimir Putin of Russia, appears too kind to be a government leader – he is definitely too popular (even in the US, aka the USSR of the 21st century – but without the education), the US Pentagon published a report in 2015 claiming he had a form of autism (since the chances of having some autistic traits are truly great, the same can be said of most US politicians as well).

The more typical traits of autism are lack of knowledge and sociability. Genuine autism is a spiritual affliction and autistic people, like Bill Gates of Microsoft, are well-known for their complete lack of interest in spirituality. Instead, they are more likely to be materialistic and more than a little busy. They often show a selfish disregard for the welfare of others and may even become violent for little or no reason. The latter is especially true for natives of Rahu in Cancer or Scorpio. The kind of autism associated with this yoga is recognized by its extreme lack of communication skills. Many natives of this yoga may run away as you start talking after having patiently listened to them – usually for more than a short while, since these people can talk a lot. On the phone, even if they have called you, they may still hang up on you (not once or twice but a great many times until you simply have no energy left to answer them anymore). On the internet, they may not reply your email, even if they initiated the conversation. Never expect these people to apologize for their bad behavior, not even if they are Bibi Netanyahu of Israel insulting a President and a whole people at once. Less extreme examples of autism showcase various naive, unclever, and inappropriate behaviors, such as kissing an uninterested party in public, interrupting other people, avoiding eye-contact, etc. Many autistic people practise peripheral vision. It may look strange to you, but in many cases, they supposedly suffer actual vision impairments. Typically, autistic people have smaller vocabularies than average for their age, but the individuals listed on wikipedia may not be the most typical. A significant number appear to be clearly gifted and some may even have well above average IQs (definitely above the examples mentioned by name in this text). Most autistic people have less heart and understanding than the average man. One striking example is that of a woman born in 1947, who designed adapted curved corrals, intended to reduce stress, panic and injury in animals being led to slaughter. This severe lack of ethics and adult comprehension is not uncommon among these people. Of the more than 50 individuals listed on Wikipedia, none appears to be a vegetarian (or even a vegan), but despite the above example, most autistic people are neither psychologically ill nor retarded. All autistic people lack education and show childish and selfish behaviors beyond those normally expected for their age, including lack of sensitivity (common courtesy, diplomacy, tact, love, etc.), deference (addressing people with respect), and interest in other people (wanting to know their life stories rather than their suspected secrets – the latter is a trait of type III autism). A few may show one (most frequently the first or second) but not two or more of the given traits of sociability. Most famous autistics, including Albert Einstein and Stanley Kubrick, lack all three sociability traits. People with insufficient communication skills usually need help with mathematics (including counting) and verbalization (including spelling) as well. This is especially true for the autism associated with this yoga, whose natives typically omit all formalities – including greetings and introductions. In extreme cases, autistic people of this type do not greet those who greet them. A Spanish tennis player once complained at a press conference that a Swedish player did not greet him in a corridor at the venue of a major tournament. This behavior is so common in Sweden, the Virginia Tech shooter would not have stood out.

According to the Astrolog for OS/2 software, more than 75 percent of the cases listed on Wikipedia and those mentioned by name above could be described as typical of autism type I, i.e. they exhibit genuinely childish behavior typical of 0–3-year-olds, including selfishness or at least major self-absorption (ominous or malignant solar/lunar corruption or insufficient Saturnian perfection along with sufficient solar/lunar corruption). About 80 percent show major introvert traits (at least ominous Jovian corruption) or insufficient communication skills (Mercurial deficiency). With the current software, there are two people who do not qualify for autism types I and II (at least not directly using the conditions set out above). One is a magician and the other is a surfer. Their chart analyses only show sufficient, not ominous or malignant, solar corruption. Both charts show at least severely insufficient Venus perfection, indicating a notable lack of cordiality and geniality (if either Saturn or Mercury had shown insufficient perfection as well, there would have been a severe Venusian deficiency). The chart for the magician also shows extremely malignant Mars corruption. The surfer scores above average (Yellow) overall integrity. The magician scores below average (Orange) integrity. The highest scoring charts are those for a fashion model (Heather Kuzmich), an actress (Daryl Hannah), an artist (Richard Wawro), and a singer (Marty Balin), which all score well above average (high YG and a couple in the Green). Obviously, all results may (and should) change in later releases of the software.

Since most people have autistic or pathetic traits, albeit not necessarily major or chronic, it is worth noting that all the examples (whether named or unnamed) referred to in this text come with likely charts with at least one of the following four features: 1) a potentially autistic sankhya yoga, such as this one, 2) an afflicted Rahu, 3) an afflicted Saturn along with a highly afflicted sankhya yoga ruler or the moon in a Light or Water sign, or 4) the solar moon afflicted in a Light or Water sign. The first three conditions support chronic autism. The last condition might not necessitate a chronic impairment, but if the solar moon is highly or fully afflicted, such as a trine moon in Sagittarius or a full moon in Leo, it is definitely major. If at least two of the first three conditions are satisfied, the moon in a Light sign is enough to satisfy the fourth. Some people, such as Gary McKinnon, are likely to have charts with all four features. Albert Einstein’s chart shows the first three features, albeit the second only to a border-line minor degree. Stanley Kubrick’s chart exhibits the last two features and most likely also the first.

For more information about genuine autism (not neurological damage from vaccines or any other environmental factors), its character traits and astrological indications, read the autism notes for Sula yoga.

This document uses a character-based definition of autism. It is not based on symptoms of abuse and trauma, which is the way pseudo-psychiatrists (mentally ill or at best disabled medical doctors) diagnose autism. The former definition agrees well with the list of autistic people on Wikipedia and other websites as well as with the ideas about autism in the general population. The latter definition may perhaps agree with the former definition in fifty percent of the cases which pseudo-psychiatrists diagnose. This document calls the cases where they do not agree false autism. Early on, many decades ago, there was an understanding of the cause of symptoms-based autism. The so called psychiatrists at the time spoke about ‘refrigerator mothers’ and it was obviously understood that without these mothers there would be no cases of autism. Much later, medical doctors have started to diagnose young children who have never developed or lost the ability to communicate as autistic. These children appear to be victims of recent increases in environmental stress factors, including drastically stepped up vaccination regimes in the US, which have also been linked to sudden infant death syndromes (so called inexplicable deaths of very young children, often at hospital or soon after leaving, also known as SIDS). Most of the mothers of so called autistic children seem to be born in the Scorpio generation. Scorpio is the sign of icy cold and is itself a sign of genuine autism (type III). The overwhelming majority of the children themselves appear to be born in the Capricorn and Aquarius generations, the least vital or normal signs. While they are not signs of autism according to this document, the generational planet, Neptune, is in a state of fall in these two signs, revealing a karmic deficit. This document calls Neptune highly afflicted in this situation. A native of such a Neptune is less able to compete. If there are no other indications to mitigate, the people of these generations become losers in society, but they are certain to always strive towards the top. Cases of false autism where there is no loss of communication can be distinguished from cases of genuine autism with an improvement of the environment. The cases of false autism will see their symptoms of abuse and trauma recede within a year or two, while the cases of genuine autism will see no behavioral improvements. Individuals diagnosed with false autism or any other phantom condition, such as Schizophrenia, welcome beneficial changes, including removal of the abuser(s), moves to a warmer and/or friendlier country, better food and drink, etc. Genuinely autistic people do not welcome changes, not even for the better. While they may enjoy attention from an audience, they do not like to meet new people. They either do not communicate at all (being too shy or totally dishonest) or they do so in an insensitive and uninterested way.

Autistic people without any dissimilar disorders (especially any of those associated with the last and previous yogas but also the next) are mostly or entirely harmless, i.e. not murderous, torturing, oppressive, fraudulent, shocking, cowardly, or otherwise abusive. Instead, they are more likely to be victims of abuse themselves. This does not mean they could not become killers, but they should never become murderers, especially not mass murderers of to them unknown people nor murderers for sex or money. Purely autistic people usually use violence to defend themselves against mentally ill people, such as narcissists (murderers and bullies), psychopaths (rapists and torturers), and infidels (faggots and pseudo-psychiatrists). Many autistic people (especially those who do not have type III autism) frequently display above average and even eminent intellectual capacity, unlike fitful and irrational persons, who never ever understand anything, and lawless and sunless people, who are very slow learners (fitful is a generic term for psychopathic and youthful, sunless is a generic term for narcissistic and austere, irrational is synonymous with mad and stupid, and lawless is self-explanatory). Many autistics, including Albert Einstein, are born comedians. Although Einstein was clearly autistic, he was not irrational (most things being relative, he was not stupid, at least not relatively speaking, i.e. compared with your average scientist). Later in life, he regretted recommending FDR to develop a nuclear bomb and he also became a vegetarian towards the end. I credit this development to his above average intellectual capacity (square moon in Sagittarius) and his mostly accidental reasoning skills (Gemini ascendant) supported by a still above average fate (Rahu alone in Aquarius). I write still because his Rahu was afflicted by Mars in neighboring Capricorn (Mars within 5 degrees of Rahu supports autism type III even if the two indicators do not share the same sign). I mention reason because I believe you may need both intellect and reason to become a vegetarian (it should not take very much of either). Despite being far from evil, it should be fairly obvious that autistic people can put significant stress on their surroundings and that autism is real character disorder.

Natives who combine this yoga with dissimilar disorders have what this document calls complex disorders. These are worse than the sum of their parts. A partial and sometimes mild disorder as indicated by this yoga on its own can usually be managed and even overcome. Complex disorders, such as autistic narcissism, psychotic stupidity, or idiotic infidelity, present great and perhaps unresolvable challenges. Although I am an optimist, I probably must admit that at least the autistic narcissists (of which pseudo-psychiatrists are but one extreme example) should have their fates sealed from start to finish. The same could reasonably be said about people with extrovert complex disorders, such as foolish criminals, silly psychopaths, and insecure adulterers.

While this yoga promotes chaos and psychosis, as well as sociopathy and larceny, and does nothing to protect against foolishness and violence, it does protect against stupidity and mental illness. This means its stupid and mentally ill natives must have specific indications supporting lack of intellect and loss of realism. You will find the most important of these under the worst supplemental indications for the surrounding yogas.

A dignified Saturn, a fully or highly dignified Venus, along with a fully dignified Jupiter enables the best expression of this yoga. If Saturn is strong and unafflicted in Aquarius or Capricorn, its natives can be a lot more insightful or rational than the average person. They are also much wiser or shrewder, more talented or more successful, and more practical or more studious than typical for this yoga. In Taurus or Libra, Saturn alleviates sociopathic and autistic tendencies and furthers peace and happiness. These positions support the very best intellectual qualities of this yoga, but unless Jupiter is fully or highly dignified, they require a strong and unafflicted Venus in Pisces or Sagittarius to manifest in an entirely benevolent way. Unless Jupiter is domiciled, the Sun or the Moon should be unafflicted. As always, a fully afflicted fate line will in the end overshadow even the best of promises, and in the case of this undignified yoga, even a mild affliction is usually too much to bear.

A dignified Sun or Moon facilitates expression of the intellectual capacity of this yoga. If both the Sun and Jupiter are fully dignified, this yoga can reveal genuine heroism and moral courage way above the ordinary or effective prudence and an insightful sense of humor certain to elicit laughter from both small and large audiences. The Sun in the signs of this yoga emphasizes its benevolent side, but it is a mild emphasis at best. In Sagittarius, these people rush out eagerly to greet life. There are no people more straightforward than Sagittarians – they are widely known for their bluntness. They have abundant vitalities and radiant intellects. Nonetheless, they tend to be popular. Without very strong indications to the contrary, these people go far, literally and figuratively. Heaven is not a too distant goal. In Pisces, these people wish deeply to do the right thing, but in a world of hubris and evil, they become confused about their true aims. When these chameleons submerge their natural tenderness and try to accomodate themselves to a life of commerce, they end up crooked, dishonest, and psychotic. If they instead listen to the still, small voice, their conscience, their desire for self-knowledge, and the world be damned, they can be the happiest, most learned and most professional of mortals, living comfortably with profound intellectual truths and able to provide ease and comfort to many a damaged soul. Note that this mostly undignified yoga almost always reduces the auspicious influence of these mostly dignified positions of the Sun (there is an exception if both Saturn and the fate line are unafflicted and the yoga ruler is both strong and unafflicted). In combination with this sankhya yoga, the Sun in Sagittarius promotes silliness, off-the-chart generalization, extreme recklessness, and deceit. The Sun in Pisces reveals lack of communication and shows clear signs of absentness (traits of autism type II). It indicates a significant lack of discrimination and also promotes dishonesty. If the yoga ruler is fully dignified and neither Saturn nor the fate line is fully afflicted, enlightenment and insight may overshadow the inauspicious and unfortunate traits. Character and good fortune may also appear if the yoga ruler is dignified and neither Saturn nor the fate line is afflicted at all.

The Best

Jupiter alone in the signs of this yoga emphasizes its best qualities. Intellectual capacity, character, and a strong moral sense lead the way to prosperity. For the following delineations to be fully applicable, the best supplemental indications for the first two yogas must also be present. If the worst supplemental indications for the last two yogas are present, the following delineations have limited relevance. In Sagittarius, there is plenty of joy, optimism, and prosperity. These people seek opportunities along intellectual and non-material lines. They value independence and tend to make excellent teachers and lawyers. They readily perceive the truth and immediately detect any lies. They have a fully mature sense of humor and are immunized against egomania, stupidity, hubris, boredom, doom, and depression. Usually very popular and highly competitive, they steadily rise to importance. Their vision is clear, and if both Saturn and Venus concur, they can become moral kings or highly benevolent political leaders. More than a few of them become genuine heroes. They are unlikely to abandon anyone no matter what the circumstances, but if someone repeatedly transgresses moral boundaries, they never hesitate to quickly bring them down. Their corrective actions resemble strikes of lightning. Their build is more likely to be athletic than short. This is the most common position of Jupiter among lesbians. In Pisces, there is an easy tendency towards introvertness. Piousness comes by itself to these solemn people. Without contradictory indications, they epitomize gentleness, generosity, and good humor. While still appearing tender, they are more likely to be corpulent than anorectic. Unlike their parents, they are unlikely to be stupid. Instead, they are learned and usually come equipped with profound insight. Their learning often causes them to reach a high position in society. They have a flair for satire and some make excellent comedians. They may appear whimsical, but are, in fact, acting according to a fixed code that is crystal clear to them. If this code is big and generous, their whole lives will be miracles of service. If it is little and obscure, their lives will also be miracles of service, but to themselves. To be satisfied with that which also satisfies others is their key to success. If they utilize their power to lose themselves in large, humane ideals they cannot fail. This is the least frequent position of Jupiter among lesbians.

Also a strong and unafflicted Venus in the signs of this yoga promotes its best traits. These are indications of emotional power and extraordinary ability. They support ease of synthesis, moral and humane behavior, and encourage a working grasp of at least one foreign language. In Pisces, these people are outgoing and heroic. They tend to be popular, exalted, and humorous. Their own responses are true and fine; they expect the same of others and must learn to estimate others better in order to get back from the world some fair return for all the devotion they give to it. Without a lot of Cancer, Scorpio, or Virgo in their charts, this placement destines its natives for many and long journeys (regularly international, often intercontinental, and perhaps even interplanetary at some time). Many natives travel the globe as a full-time occupation. In Sagittarius, these people have high standards and emotional courage. They have hearts unafraid of love; they dare to feel, and to follow their instincts to the last outpost of experience. They do not experiment with love; they do not trifle with their emotions; but others may. They have a gentle sense of humor supported by profound insight. Many natives become prominent comedians. Their domestic life is likely to be happy, as they know how to comfort people and ease tensions. Both placements are infrequent among faggots and lesbians. In a group of 715 mostly public figures, the position in Pisces is the second most common with 70 entries (in a completely random distribution, the number should be close to 51). In a group of 1080 murderers, rapists, frauds, and registered sex offenders, Venus in Pisces is the least frequent placement with only 60 entries (a random distribution would give a number close to 76). In a group of 483 homophiles, the frequency is 26.

The Worst

Mercury in the signs of this yoga brings out the worst Jovian traits and may reduce the Mercurian qualities to nothing. Without contradictory indications, reason and honesty are completely replaced by silliness and craftiness. Both positions are unfortunate with regard to body and mind, effectively inhibiting any acuity, subtleness, or discretion. Both luck and wealth may vanish or never appear. All people born with a fully afflicted Mercury (situated in the signs of this yoga or tightly conjunct its ruler) need to learn deference but are unlikely to do so (unless the Sun or Ketu is highly dignified or at least domiciled). In Sagittarius, these people tend to overlook what is right before their eyes, to neglect what is shouting right in their ear, because their senses are occupied with bigger, or anyway farther-off, things. They frequently do not hear little squibs of conversation and thus miss the whole point. These people can be pretentious and are unlikely to engage in debate or argue for their beliefs. There is regularly a high-sounding tone in their voice, and their senses tend to scatter. This position also increases the risk of deception and recklessness. In Pisces, the approach to things is far from scientific. Its natives have to struggle to exercise an objective judgement – to see anything for its own sake, without the intrusion of some personal irrelevancy that alters their vision and therefore their judgement. If their best friend has the voice of a screech owl, they will think it music; and if their worst enemy were a Caruso, they would actually believe he was singing off key. Very often, there is a dismal tone in their voice. When annoyed by something or someone, they are more prone to become listless than aggressive. They are unlikely sport champions but likely shoplifters and psychotics. This is the most direct and most influential indication of dishonesty and lack of discrimination.

Mars in the signs of this yoga reveals slightly less severe conditions. In Pisces, the vitality is a low and jumpy. These people tend to overestimate their energies and abilities. If possible, they should select for themselves activities that do not tax the physical body too much. They can easily be too generous expressing their joy and should allow themselves plenty of time for rest. Most natives enjoy travelling or at least do not enjoy staying in one place for too long. Some natives may call themselves scatterbrains. All of them are combative. This is the most common placement of Mars among lesbians. In Sagittarius, there is an absent, haphazard, slapdash way of doing things. These people may try to move faster than possible sometimes, and trip over things or their own feet. They are unlikely to be studious or scientific but are usually good-humored. Unless Saturn, Rahu, or Venus are highly afflicted, they are always ready to yield, be of comfort and receive joy. They are liable to extremes and likely to have many foes. This Mars placement is the most common among faggots. In both signs, the fallen state of the martial planet undermines the ability to exalt passion and reach ecstasy. Self-assertion is either lacking or out of place. These placements introduce a degree of flight or chaos in the thought processes. Loyalty and fidelity need watching. Any religiosity might not be perfectly clean or genuine and may never reach the climactic stage. These people are supposed to have few children.

An afflicted Sun creates a complex disorder with this yoga and also increases the risk of Alzheimer’s disease as well as other severe or fatal mental afflictions. Without contradictory indications, the Sun in Libra shows poor material and mental balance, irreligiosity, and popularity due to loose morals. These people can be very unstable (Libra: Margaret Thatcher, Silvio Berlusconi, Benjamin Netanyahu, and Vladimir Putin). The three remaining major afflictions of the Sun are no better, just introverted and narcissistic (Taurus: Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, Harry Truman, and Tony Blair; Capricorn: Konrad Adenauer, Richard Nixon, and Omar al-Bashir), or even less empathetic (Aquarius: Ronald Reagan, Richard Cheney, and Nicolas Sarcozy). Their natives are clearly lacking in faith and public dignity. Transparency and accountability suffer as they often believe themselves to be above the law. The laws passed by governments they circumvent or rewrite, but the law of karma they cannot change or go around. The examples given here are for Pasa yoga only and they all, with the exceptions of Reagan, Cheney, and Sarcozy, have plenty of antisocial indications to go with them, thus they are not to be taken as the most typical examples of these Sun signs. In addition, Thatcher, Netanyahu, Berlusconi, Lenin, Blair, al-Bashir, Marx, Nixon, Reagan, and Adenauer all have afflicted fate lines. Thatcher and al-Bashir share theirs, Rahu in Leo, with Adolf Eichmann, Pol Pot, Hu Jintao, and Barack Obama as well as John Kerry. The fully undignified fate line going from Ketu in Aquarius (Man) to Rahu in Leo (Beast) shows autocratic tendencies. These people are uncommunicative and good at avoiding straight answers. They prefer their own opinions over reasoned arguments. As parents, they tend to embarrass their own children, often publicly. The emperor with his new clothes could have been a native of this fate line. These people are easily deceived and do not know how to act wisely. Rahu conjunct the Sun, by sign or within 8 degrees longitude, indicates a similarly foolish fate. This condition applies to the charts of the current Pope (Francis), Edward Kennedy, Karl Marx, and Adam Weishaupt. Lenin shares his Rahu in Cancer with Hitler, Castro, and LBJ, as well as the retired Pope (Benedict). The fully undignified fate line going from Ketu in Capricorn (Success) to Rahu in Cancer (Tragedy) is the polar complement of the previous one and shows materialism, arrogance, bigotry, hypocrisy, selfishness, and depression. It supports an attitude of self-righteousness, whereby the actions of others are rarely condoned but often condemned. Its male natives tend to be effeminate, if not outright homosexual. These people are unwise, naive, and proud. Craziness and extreme violence are no strangers to them. Rahu conjunct the Moon, by sign or within 8 degrees longitude, indicates a similarly surreal and tragic fate. This applies to the charts of François Hollande, Anthony Blair, Ronald Reagan, Raoul Wallenberg, and Mahatma Gandhi. Like Winston Churchill and Mao Zedong, Adenauer, Nixon, and Netanyahu were all born with Rahu in Aries. While a less extreme fate line than the earlier two, it reveals difficult relations prone to severe conflicts. Without contradictory indications, these people can be idiotic, jealous, and manipulative. They have trouble adhering to the law and are slightly more likely to become registered sex offenders. They are needy, not sure of themselves, and somewhat suspicious of other people. Their envious past is inconsistent with spiritual evolution and averse to religion, but their present is more religious, though not necessarily in a good way. All the remaining politicians have fate lines which are not directly afflicted. However, Cheney has sidereal Leo rising, which is also supposed to indicate a difficult fortune, not dissimilar to Rahu in Leo. Putin’s and Sarcozy’s Ascendants are here unknown. Putin has an ideally placed fate line for a man, i.e. Rahu in Aquarius, but its dispositor is fully afflicted (combust) and most of the other indications in his horoscope are far from stellar as well. All the afflicted fate lines emphasize material increase over spiritual and universal progress. They therefore promote enslavement, while the unafflicted fate lines promote liberation.

With Pasa yoga, pseudo-psychiatric practice is perhaps only possible with an afflicted Sun or Mars. It probably also requires an afflicted fate line or a severely afflicted Jupiter or two debilitated, i.e. fully afflicted, planets, such as Mars in Libra and Mercury in Sagittarius. The worst supplemental indications for the previous yogas offer support for pseudo-psychiatry, but they might not be enough on their own. With a highly afflicted Mars, especially if situated in Libra for a man or Taurus for a woman, and without a highly dignfied Sun, natives of this yoga can completely lack intelligence. If there are no planets nor Rahu in Gemini or Virgo, the same can be said with Mercury placed in Sagittarius or Pisces. With the Sun as the atmakaraka situated in Sagittarius, there is a genuine independence complex. If supported by any of the above conditions (afflicted Mars or Mercury) and with enough planets linked to the Sun, pseudo-psychiatry is a definite possibility. With the Sun as the atmakaraka and placed in Pisces, there can be arrogant psychosis. If supported by any of the above afflictions, such natives can be all-out psychotic and arrogant enough to label other people with pseudo-psychiatric diagnoses. They avoid intimacy and dislike all forms of objective testing and reasoning. They lack humility, attention, and empathy. They also lack all signs of education, including even the most basic of manners, such as being able to introduce oneself. Unlike sane or happy people, natives with Mercury, Saturn, or Venus in Aries or Scorpio may want other people to be insane and unhappy too – by manipulation, intrigue, or trauma if necessary. People with the first two planets afflicted in these two signs are clearly antisocial and may also be called evil or at least immoderate and paranoid. Any major malevolence may hopefully require an afflicted ascendant (e.g., in Scorpio or Aries) and an afflicted fate line. With only mildly contradictory indications, such as the Sun conjunct Venus in Libra, their ill will comes and goes.


Planets in Gemini and Virgo lessen the typical traits of this yoga. Saturn in either sign or Mercury conjunct Saturn are exactly contradictory indications and can significantly reduce the chaoticness and crookedness of this yoga, but they also add a hint of indecision and remove some of the emotional maturity. The best supplemental indications for the previous yoga go even further to reduce the unlucky qualities of this one but leave the advantageous traits alone. A strong and unafflicted Mercury in Gemini or Virgo makes psychosis and sociopathy unlikely. The corresponding indications for Sula yoga also counteract the most useless and insincere features. Strengthening of both Mercury and Mars can greatly increase the IQ. Since this is a mostly undignified yoga, the potential improvement from contradictory indications is somewhat limited. Nevertheless, dignified lower planets still lessen the worst traits of this yoga and also promote faith and empathy, thinking and attention, intimacy and humility, objectivity and precision, reason and communication, etc. A dignified Sun increases empathy, mental balance, and the ability to learn from mistakes. In Leo, it adds bravery and dignity, public and material in particular. If the Sun is fully or highly dignified, it improves the character quite significantly, and these natives are thus much less likely to speak ill of others. The latter goes for natives of the Sun in Cancer as well. All natives born with a strong Sun in Leo or Cancer, Aries or Scorpio are also less likely to be diagnosed with psychiatric diagnoses, or diagnose other people with fabricated or imaginary illnesses. In general, the corroborating and best supplemental indications for the higher yogas and the best supplemental indications for the lower yogas, mitigate the deceptive and treacherous tendencies of this yoga. They also make pseudo-psychiatry a less likely occupation. If they involve Saturn with Rahu and the full moon as support, or merely Mars strong and domiciled with an extrovert solar moon or at least a strong Sun in Aquarius, Aries, or Gemini, they may totally negate any possibility of pseudo-psychiatric practice.

The worst supplemental indications for the previous yoga impede the intellectual, moral and emotional, development of this one, causing logic, language skills, semantics, truthfulness, and morality to suffer greatly. The worst supplemental indications for the last yoga has a similar retarding but less extreme effect. All these indications make their natives less interesting and more narrow, less intellectal and more sensual, less joyous and more tense. The worst supplemental indications for the third yoga demotes the typical extraordinary abilities of this yoga. Natives of these indications will not be heroic but more likely petty and crude. Pasa people are usually not depressed nor melancholic (spending three months or more with neither joy nor sorrow), but with the afflictions referred to here, or at least Jupiter in Scorpio or Aries complemented by Saturn in Cancer or Leo, there can be severe melancholy or major depression. An above average number of these people could be accurately described as alcoholics. The risk of depression ought to be the greatest with Jupiter situated in Gemini and Saturn placed in Leo.

The Sun in Gemini or Virgo is a mixed blessing for this yoga, since it alleviates any tendencies toward psychosis or chaos, but also takes away some of the ease and benevolence. Unless at least two of the planets Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, and Saturn are strong and unafflicted, you will probably not want to be around these natives more than necessary. In Virgo, there is coldness and indifference, in Gemini, meanness and caprice. This may be a somewhat academic problem, since natives with most of these planets weak or afflicted seem to avoid people altogether.

Dama Yoga

Dama yoga signifies lovers. This is the first sankhya yoga to indicate potential for leadership and stability. Its natives tend to be good listeners, lucid, compassionate, patient, and pleasing. Their mood changes slowly and is most often moderate or stable. They are unlikely to change their mind very often and they never become intimidated. They are equipped with an innate sense of education and easily become pillars of society. Even after a less than fortunate beginning in life and more than a fair share of sadness later on, they are still more inclined to be happy and merry than anything else.

Dama people are supposed to be affluent and devoted to public welfare. They can be great benefactors to humanity and generally excellent people. As such, they are often recognized by their cordial and relaxed ways and their patience and tolerance. As natives of the previous yogas consistently exploit these appealing traits, people of this yoga often appear weak. It is true that Dama people can be lax or tolerate too much – but not forever.

A substantial number of natives tend to be prodigies, and although not really inclined to be as competitive as the natives of the previous yoga, they usually cannot help but end up at the forefront of their diverse careers and realize considerable prominence. The name of this yoga means garland or wreath and hints at the veneration and honors often bestowed its natives. It might also say something about their attractiveness to the opposite sex, but that is mere speculation on my part.

The more introverted natives of this yoga tend to be natural providers. Their competence is hardly ever disputed. They enjoy solitude and nature and would rather be left alone than invited to a party, but eager to please they always make excellent company. Without contradictory indications, they have the most exquisite social skills. The more extroverted natives exude warmth and confidence. A good number have enough charisma to sweep any woman off her feet.

Since these polite or cultivated people demand little, know how to be diplomatic or tactful, and are often born cooperators (so long as their strong sense of justice or ethics does not have to be compromized), they are easy persons to live with. Nonetheless, some of their shortcomings include a minor tendency to suppress emotions and a major inclination to involve too many sentiments in their decisions. A lot of times, these less than ideal tendencies make their decision process slower than necessary.

Dama natives usually love to do good and since they love themselves, they also love others without even thinking about it – and herein lies their only real problem: They can be too tolerant or lenient and therefore think too little before loving some less loving person. They always prefer to see good, even when there is little of it to be seen. At worst, they constantly overestimate other people and suffer as a consequence.

Despite their sometimes countless disappointments in dealing with the mostly unevolved people of this world, the natives of this yoga remain naturally forbearing and readily listen to the plights of other people. They are inclined to join social causes fighting for peace and justice. The opposite of timid, they can become militant if need be. A great number feel at home in the judicial system and in the military, but as educated men and women of courage, they have a great many other avenues open to them.

The most extroverted natives of this yoga are extremely sensitive in every sense possible. On the upside, they can be especially warm-hearted and responsive to the feelings of others. On the downside, they are easily disturbed by lack of compassion, or by coldness, or hardness, or lack of consideration in those around them. They are also sensitive to noise, loud traffic, barking dogs, bad sights and smells, and all forms of injustice.

All about love and very much about sex (often slowly and tastefully executed, rarely in a hurry to begin with and never in a rush to finish), these natives are not doing their job if they are not having it, but this does not mean they are all homosexuals. Instead, the vast majority of natives are predominantly neat and straight. The men are usually smart and the women generally cute. Together they are supposed to have many sons, some or all of which are likely to become as prominent as their mothers and fathers.

In general, this yoga indicates relatively little victimization in childhood, but if other indications in the horoscope are supportive of this, there can be difficulties accepting less than ideal realities. Other potential character flaws include corruption, adultery, infidelity, lewdness, oppression, hypersocial behavior and restlessness as well as complacency or tendencies to go overboard in militant love of justice. Any mental issues these natives might have should dissolve in good company, by themselves around the age of 40, or more immediately as these people commit totally to a spiritual life with full understanding of the law of karma.

This yoga associates all people involved in pursuit of good taste, justice, happiness, and tranquility. These people are usually very good at what they do, and few people can argue with them. Some of their ideal and most natural roles in society include aristocrats, gardeners, singers, cooks, pilots, scholars, philosophers, founders, administrators, diplomats, mediators, negotiators, bankers, judges, military men and warrior women.

See Dama yoga example charts.

Supplemental Indications

Saturn in Taurus or Libra as well as Saturn with Venus corroborate the typical expression of this yoga. These people come with an almost entirely cordial or social disposition. Small and often insignificant portions of their character reflect their less typical hypersocial or restless and indulgent or lustful traits, but with other indications in support, such as those mentioned further down, they can grow beyond insignificance. With Saturn in Taurus, understanding is usually second nature. These natives are easy to live with because their deep ego centers do not bristle and writhe at imagined affronts or offences. They are secure if their bodies are secure; and are able to bring a great deal of idealism to bear on all of life’s other problems in which they (unlike most others) can be detached and gracious. Their most significant drawbacks include restlessness and fondness for other people. They can easily become too lenient or expect too much of others, which can cause them to lose security, either by taking it too much for granted or by not exercising necessary supervision. Fortunately, these people can be secure on little, for stretching money is their long suit. Needless to say, they are supposed to be pillars of society. Natives with Saturn in Libra appear to have little need to defend themselves since their justification comes directly through others. They are capable of being the best adjusted of mortals, living easily with their associates. They have tact and their deep intuition tells them how to win friends and influence people genially and agreeably, rather than through manipulation, collusion, and intrigue. They are supposed to have few significant shortcomings, but they can be conceited. They are also capable of fervent opposition. Both of these placements of Saturn are common among lesbians, with the one in Taurus being the most common of all. They are relatively less frequent among faggots (close to average but with Libra having a clear edge over Taurus). A fully dignified Venus, in Libra for a man and in Taurus for a woman, supports the typical traits of this yoga and should make antisocial and immoral behavior (all forms of violence beyond common fraud but especially acts triggered by hate and jealousy or paranoia) distinctly exceptional. The remaining paragraphs of this section assume an unafflicted fate line as a precondition for the auspicious promises of this yoga. All charts reviewed so far support the idea that a combust Venus with this yoga cancels most of its promises and does not strengthen Venus in any way (if Venus is combust, the delineations for Gola and Yuga yoga appear more accurate).

This is the only sankhya yoga that is both superior and moral. For this reason, it ameliorates the inauspicious impact of all disgraceful indications involving the lower planets, i.e. the Sun, the Moon, Mars, Mercury, and Jupiter, situated in their signs or conjunct each other. Since it strengthens Venus (the planet of love, taste, education, sanity and justice, compassion and moderation, ethics and aesthetics, understanding and happiness), this yoga primarily protects against insanity and paranoia, which can never become as severe as with any of the other yogas unless the fate line or Saturn is severely afflicted. Psychological illnesses, including retardation, psychopathy and egocentricity, are extremely unlikely with this yoga. If neither the Sun nor the Moon is afflicted in a retarded sign (i.e. these two planets placed in Virgo or Gemini, Capricorn or Aquarius), all illnesses of the psyche require Venus situated in a retarded sign and Jupiter as well. Obviously, unless the solar moon is domiciled or exalted in an intellectual sign, natives of Saturn or Mercury in Aries or Scorpio will still perform below average for natives of this yoga, which also offers great protection against foolishness and selfishness as well as some protection against chaos and psychosis.

Unlike natives of the previous yoga, of which half could be described as chronically psychotic and the other half as chronically chaotic, natives of this superior yoga are much more lucid or stable. To introduce suffering akin to psychosis and chaos, this yoga requires specific indications in support, most notably those mentioned under the previous yoga. That being said, this yoga is not nearly as antipsychotic or antichaotic as the other superior sankhya yogas, especially Kedara. The Sun conjunct Venus in Libra or Taurus may be enough to undermine its lucidity and stability, at least as a start. With a fully afflicted fate line and a fully afflicted solar moon in an inferior sign, it is a done deal. These people can be full-blown drug addicts. Although stronger, if the solar moon is afflicted in the signs of Jupiter or this yoga, they can be almost as chaotic or psychotic as natives of the previous yoga. Extrovert males with a strong and unafflicted Saturn will be aware of their condition.

This is the first yoga with the potential to qualify a native to practise psychiatry. To have a mature moral compass with this yoga, it is often enough to have domiciled or exalted planets in Leo or Cancer. A superior atmakaraka, such as Mercury in case of the Sun or Saturn in case of both the Sun and Jupiter, can significantly reduce morality, if advanced ahead of the mentioned moral planets by more than a few degrees. As always, Jupiter strong and unafflicted in Sagittarius or Pisces is the ideal, but combustion by a very weak Sun or a Sun situated in an amoral sign will diminish its effectiveness. A Venus atmakaraka reduces the benevolence of Jupiter when it comes to telling the truth, but does not indicate amorality or lying and certainly does not promote retardation, sarcasm, or cruelty. Venus in the moral signs is more than enough to promote moral maturity if Jupiter is unafflicted and not situated in an extremely immoral sign, i.e. Scorpio or Aries (the former is a violent indication if Mars is less than exalted). It should be noted that morality does not exclude the possibility of violent behavior. Whenever the solar moon is afflicted in an immoral (i.e. inferior) sign, violence is more or less guaranteed. (Note that all afflictions in all signs other than Libra and Taurus are either immoral or at least amoral.) Obviously, the chart for a well-qualified psychiatrist should not feature any of the worst supporting indications for the previous yogas nor this one. Provided both Saturn and Venus are dignified or the latter is strong and unafflicted in its primary sign (Libra for a man, Taurus for a woman) and the former is unafflicted, this yoga offers very strong protection against melancholy and depression. In general, the risk of addiction is very low; it is extremely low with the most self-destructive drugs (including ethanol and heroin). Unless Saturn is highly undignified, any severe addiction requires that Venus is highly afflicted. The risk of addiction should be the greatest with Venus situated in Aries or Scorpio and Saturn placed in Leo.

As is the case with all the sankhya yogas, Dama yoga does not protect against the vices associated with its ruler, which primarily include feeble-mindedness, indulgence, lewdness, contrariness, and other unbalanced behavior, in extreme cases, including oppression and brutality. For proper brain function, the Sun must not be afflicted. For grasp of reality, Mars should be dignified. If it is not, neither the Sun nor Jupiter must be afflicted or severely weak. If neither the Sun nor Jupiter is domiciled, the Sun should be placed in Aries or Scorpio. An atmakaraka other than the Sun, the Moon, Mars, or Jupiter may indicate major loss of reality, and always reduces realism to some degree (the amount of which is dependent on the advancement of these planets in their signs relative the atmakaraka). The same goes for an atmakaraka situated in a superior sign. With the Sun in Taurus, what is commonly called loopiness is more than likely. Both pseudo-religiosity and irreligiosity are common. Mental illness is also present with the Sun in Libra. A strong and unafflicted Venus emphasizes the best of these placements. The worst is mitigated but not eliminated by Mars in Scorpio or Aries. Extreme feeble-mindedness is possible with Mars in Libra or Taurus. Obviously, a strong and domiciled or exalted Mercury would contradict this. If both the Sun and the Moon are strong and unafflicted, it is usually enough to rule out severe mental illness. Men with the Sun as the atmakaraka and women with the Moon as the atmakaraka placed in a Light sign are well protected from abnormality and eccentricity. The same goes for men with Ketu unafflicted in Leo and for women with Ketu unafflicted in Cancer. If Rahu is not afflicted, their lives will steadily bring them closer to God.

If Venus is strong and domiciled, Saturn is not afflicted, and the solar moon is neither combust nor less than exalted in an inferior sign, this yoga protects against all inferior vices, including greed, violence, manipulation, secrecy, grandioseness, xenophobia, addiction, laziness, prejudice, idiocy, bigotry, arrogance, autism, pretence, psychosis and chaos, as well as all inferiority complexes and virile shortcomings. If Venus is strong but only exalted and Saturn is not strong and unafflicted in its signs or those of Mercury, the protection is less than full against the vices associated with the previous yoga. It is still good enough against all the others. If Venus is less than exalted or clearly polarized, i.e. situated in Taurus for a man and in Libra for a woman, the protection is far from complete if Saturn is afflicted. If Saturn is afflicted by Jupiter or by situation in its signs, there is a case for chronic chaos or psychosis, but it will be significantly moderated or stabilized by this yoga. There is no real protection against a severely afflicted Saturn other than the fact that it will take a harsher environment to bring out the vices associated with its placement than is required with one of the inferior yogas. Further emboldened by a strong and unafflicted Sun, Mars, and Mercury, this yoga protects against reclusion, loneliness, and poverty.

The vast majority of natives of this yoga are either very loving or very loveable. This is at least in part also true in cases where the fate line is afflicted. It is most obviously not true when Saturn or Venus is severely afflicted or when the solar moon is afflicted in an inferior sign and Venus is either weak or not domiciled. Only debilitations (e.g., Saturn in Leo or Cancer, Venus in Aries or Scorpio, Jupiter in Gemini or Virgo, Mercury in Sagittarius or Pisces, Mars in Libra or Taurus, and the Sun in Aquarius or Capricorn) cannot be mitigated by this yoga. However, if Venus is strong and domiciled, this yoga moderates the influence of all extreme afflictions by surrounding them with well above average courage and understanding or competence and geniality. So long as both Venus and Saturn are strong and unafflicted, these natives will mostly live their lives in the best possible manner, given the opportunities available to them.

It takes a sidereal Leo or Cancer, Aries or Scorpio ascendant, Saturn and Mercury in immoral signs, a weak or afflicted Venus, and the Sun, a dark Moon (joined by or adjacent to the Sun), or Mars in the first house to severely undermine the auspiciousness of this yoga and introduce an arrogant, selfish, deceptive, scheming, petty, base, or sordid character; and for any possibility of general disability and lack of conscience, egoism and hubris, you still have to add Jupiter or Neptune in Gemini or Virgo (if not both, the other should be in Aquarius or Capricorn, Aries or Scorpio, especially the latter of the two amoral pairs). Even with all of the above highly troublesome indications, if the Sun, the Moon, or the atmakaraka is unafflicted along with the fate line, the character should improve with age.

The Best

Venus alone in the signs of this yoga emphasizes its best qualities. For the following delineations to be fully relevant, the best supporting indications for the following yoga must also be present. If the worst supplemental indications for Gola yoga, Yuga yoga, or Kedara yoga are present, the following delineations may lack relevance. In Libra, there is love the way it is meant to be. These people are cultured, confident, warm, patient, and understanding. They are easily hurt, but they are not touchy about it; they cannot hold a grudge, or even condemn those who hurt them. They have a knack for thinking the best of people who reciprocate by thinking the best of these natives. Their sincerity and impersonality endear them to many and make them highly soughtafter companions; their air is sweet and exhilarating. This placement of Venus is slightly unusual among faggots, but very common among lesbians. To women, it is no doubt the most attractive indication to be found in the birth chart of a man. In Taurus, there is the object of the former. These people are competent, reliable, robust, and lustful. They love to touch, to hold, and be held. They are likely to be happy in love. Plenty of love addicts have this position, to whom love means physical enjoyment and little more. At best, natives of Venus in Taurus understand love deeply; accept it with their whole beings, are content to express it wordlessly, and value love’s silences more than its speeches. They know both ecstasy and despair of love; and they cling to a love once given and received with unbelievable tenacity, even in the face of great obstacles. This Venus placement intensifies all sense reactions; there is love of color, art, music and beauty in all its different forms. It is very unusual among lesbians, but common among faggots. To men, it is no doubt the most attractive indication to be found in the birth chart of a woman. Both placements are unusual in a group of 1080 murderers, rapists, fraudsters, and registered sex offenders (when compared to their overall frequencies in the last century). Libra shows up with 70 entries and Taurus with only 67 (the numbers expected by chance are closer to 76 and 86 respectively).

The Worst

Mars in the signs of this yoga strengthens its worst characteristics beyond their typical insignificance. The best Martian qualities are overtaken by the absolutely worst Venusian traits. Fidelity and loyalty fall below average and the full hypersocial and irreverent potential of the planet Venus is available. Without contradictory indications, these natives completely lack humility and restraint, passion and fame. They have little or no sense of reverence or presence. Sympathy and solidarity are scarce (to say the least). Among the less extrovert and rather sleepy natives, stubbornness, lethargy, immodesty, obtuseness, daftness, irreligiosity, infidelity, fraud, lewdness, and brutality are common. Among the most extrovert and rather smarmy natives, defiance, contrariness, feeble-mindedness, indulgence, pornography, adultery, envy, restlessness, and temperamentalness are common. Unsurprisingly, they are both very likely to become infamous. They have great difficulty maintaining privacy in normally private matters. A significant number of them are public fornicators. If there are no unafflicted planets in Aries or Scorpio, there can be severe mental illness with illusion and ignorance replacing reality. These people know apathy or procrastination. The extroverts wear rose-colored glasses, ignoring most unpleasant things and denying all the horrible whenever possible. The introverts make up their own reality, which can be both more romantic and darker than the one known to other people. Both the extroverts and the introverts are often more than willing to impose their own ideas on everyone else. Unless there are domiciled or exalted planets in Leo or Cancer plus the same in Sagittarius or Pisces, extreme mental illness is guaranteed. Although these people do not see themselves as violent – and without immoral indications, their intent is just or ethical – their less than realistic ideas coupled with their oppressive or domineering attitudes amount to violence just the same. Without the above exception and no planets at all situated in the signs of Mars, mental power is utterly lacking. Natives of these superior afflictions are probably always victims of abuse. In Libra, social urges are powerful – usually too powerful. These natives are sensitive to what they call love and one way or another will have a lot of it. They are moody and alternate between full indulgence and total self-assertion. They need some restraint on the social and love instincts, which tend to run away with them, upset their lives and destroy their peace. This position of Mars along with Mars conjunct Venus expose a possibly extreme lack of balance. The conjunction is supposed to accompany individuals of really extraordinary sex appeal, but this may apply more to the women than the men. In any case, the males are significantly more likely to be homosexual than your average male. Without contradictory indications, especially a domiciled or exalted solar moon in an inferior sign or at least an unafflicted sun and Jupiter, the temperamentalness, restless pursuits of pleasure at all cost, and lack of sympathy, thinking, and fidelity associated with these severe afflictions of Mars usually lead their natives down paths to infamy. These people are the opposite of intelligent. Determination, indulgence, and corruption are almost certain; humility, balance, and marriage are not. These positions are the most common among high-ranking Roman Catholic priests, televangelists, and other false prophets. A severely afflicted Mars reveals people who totally lack privacy or have their privacy invaded. A few notable examples include Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Adolf Hitler, and Margaret Thatcher, but of these only Lincoln’s birth chart features this exalted yoga. More recent, popular examples include Pope John Paul II, Jimmy Swaggart, Dalai Lama XIV, Ted Turner, Pope Francis I, and former US President Bill Clinton. One extreme example is Josef Fritzl, but he, like Pope Francis, was born in the psychopathic Virgo generation. In Taurus, there is hardly any financial restraint. These natives require, and usually get, plenty of sex satisfaction. Yet in this, as in money, their energies can run away into prodigality and excesses. They know how they want to do things and generally manage to do them that way. Their motto is, I don’t want to fight; just let’s do it my way, and with or without the consent of the governed, they generally prevail. These people are worldly. They are the opposite of famous artists and soldiers but more than likely to be collectors of art or weaponry. The men are either immodest fornicators or brutal sex offenders. Without compensating or alleviating indications, such as a strong and domiciled or exalted sun and an unafflicted Jupiter, or a strong and extrovert Venus, they suffer from near constant anger. While less frequently surfacing, their rage is the more destructive when it explodes. They are the opposite of choleric. Instead they are lustful, oversure of themselves, and reliably fraudulent. Mars in Taurus is the most extreme aggravator of indications supporting unreasonableness, treachery, and psychosis. A few major examples include Adolf Hitler, John F. Kennedy, Olof Palme, and Joseph Lieberman, but none of these feeble-minded politicians had birth charts featuring this exalted yoga. More recent, widely popular, and frequently idolized examples include Fidel Castro, Michael Jackson, Madonna Ciccone, and Alex Jones (all their charts, with an exception for Ciccone’s, illustrate this yoga). DJ and TV presenter Jimmy Savile was an especially disturbing sex offender in the UK, who abused both boys and girls while working for the BBC. He is said to have ‘groomed a nation’ and despite plenty of allegations against him and having been outed by Johnny Rotten on TV as early as 1978, Savile was allowed to continue without the slightest hint of an investigation. His Mars in Taurus was accompanied by a fully afflicted fate line. An even more extreme example where Mars also acts as the atmakaraka is John Couey, but Kedara yoga along with the Sun and Venus (especially the latter) in Virgo and Saturn conjunct the Moon are all required to explain his kidnapping, extended sexual battery, and eventual cold-blooded murder of Jessica Lunsford, a nine-year-old girl. Common for both positions is the potential for extreme mental illness, including Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and ALS. Few natives of these extreme placements are religious in any authentic or sincere way. Without strong planets in Aries or Scorpio, they suffer from mental disability and are either defiant, thoughtless, and restless or stubborn, daft, and lustful. Mental retardation is likely, but if Venus, the dispositor, is not afflicted or weak as well, they can be somewhat precocious (most obvious with Libra males). They exhibit a significant degree of innate education or competence as well as charm or tact well before their peers, but without any of the conflicting indications mentioned earlier, they are rather slow learners and really slow thinkers. All the traits already mentioned plus their extreme want of humility and modesty as well as lack of cognition and attention invite victimization and frequently precludes advancement in life. All natives are unrealistic, but the extroverts are ignorant of realities and the introverts appear more than a little loopy. If the Sun is severely cusped or afflicted in an Earth sign and there are no unafflicted planets in Leo or tightly conjunct the Sun, or the fate line is afflicted, these people can be utter cowards, totally devoid of solidarity, sympathy, and honor. They may even lack regular emotions altogether; they rarely show any passion or consideration for other people. Natives of these Mars placements and Mercury, Saturn, or Venus in Aries or Scorpio, or a sextile, opposite, or square solar moon in the same signs, indulge in immoral behavior. With Mars in Taurus, they often personify archetypical bullies. Many natives (i.e. not only Alex Jones) are perpetually switching between their Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde personalities. They like to be lewd. In Libra, they are more obviously unbalanced. They can be pornographic but not nearly as lewd.

Also a strong Sun in the signs of this yoga boosts its least auspicious traits. An above average number of these natives get legitimately labelled as drunks or drinkers, tramps or fags. Few of them will ever be described as sympathetic, but most of them will regularly come across as contrary and unfriendly. In Libra, there may be plenty of love and understanding waiting in the high above, but the characteristics closer to home are indulgence and envy. Most of the traits associated with Mars in Libra apply here as well. These people need to cultivate attention (they can be very dangerous drivers). If they do not, their public image will erode over time. The same fate awaits their intimate relations – if they have any! These people are the bathetic complement to the romantic Taureans. Libra suns should not be expected to keep clean or think a lot. Their restlessness is likely to take over well before they have a chance to think anything through. Libra is not the sign of balance, but its natives usually seek to achieve an impartial and just balance. They are easily disturbed and just as easily influenced by the thoughts of other people. Natives of this position value other people a great deal and will often please others before thinking of what they want themselves. At their best, they can be ideal companions, moderate in almost every way. Since the Sun is in its state of fall in this sign, it is not the virtues but rather the vices of Libra which dominate the character. These include procrastination and defiance. Most natives will wait till the last minute to get things done, even if it is catching an international flight. Most of them much prefer the couch over work. In their unintelligent quest to moderate everything, a great many natives appear to take almost every opportunity to be contrary. At their worst, they epitomize bipolar disorder – their mood going very high at one moment and very low the next. They may be selfless and democratic in spirit but are often thought of as aristocrats or snobs. Many who have tried to force these apparently yielding people along a path counter to their principles have felt the iron hand in the velvet glove. Libra is one of the three strong signs (the strongest being Aquarius, the runner-up being Gemini). Its natives are usually the smartest around. They are the ones best equipped for leadership. Although better educated than most people and at ease with abstract concepts, their education has obvious and significant gaps. In Taurus, lust has replaced thinking. Most of the traits mentioned under Mars in Taurus apply here as well. These people have an unmatched singleness of purpose. It is their need for security. Their instinct is to hold themselves to what they need and want – and they cannot by any force in the world be held to anything else. These people can be extremely social and highly reliable. If you are willing to never go against them, they are the easiest people to live with, rarely ever losing their temper, raising their voice, becoming mad or aggressive, leaving you with a dismal or blunt remark, acting like a jerk or wuss. They are the romantic complement to the bathetic Librans. Taureans are attracted to perfumes and often have prominent noses. While it is common for the women to be very attractive to men, the men are more rarely attractive to women. Since the men are sexist and lustful and treat women with little or no respect, the former are said to be hated by the latter. In any case, the men care very little for fidelity, and women eventually avoid them – if they did not from the start (omitting private examples, two public examples are Jack Nicholson and Che Guevara). For the men, this may be less of a problem than it may seem at first, since Taurus is the most frequent position of the Sun among faggots, and these may not care much about women anyway. Natives of both genders have deep and sometimes dark subconsciouses, but the men even more so (a prime example is Sigmund Freud): They lack both humility and sympathy, but since they are unlikely to be aware of themselves, they often do not realize why people avoid them if they can. They suffer from very bad karma and need to realize that most people are either foolish or selfish (if not both), just like they probably have been themselves in lives past. Combined with antisocial indications, especially Venus in Aries but also Mercury in the same sign or Saturn in Scorpio, amplified by an extremely afflicted fate line (for the most extreme results), they can become mass murderers (the examples are too many to mention here, but let us start with Maximilien Robespierre). Taurus is perhaps the most competent sign of the zodiac and if you want to have a house built to stand the test time, both esthetically and otherwise, it may be wise to hire a builder with the Sun in this sign. Just beware of the possibly wide cracks in their competence and supervise them carefully. In both signs, the Sun is highly afflicted. Since Libra and Taurus are situated exactly opposite Aries and Scorpio, the signs of thinking and analysis, the Sun in the former signs is unlikely to produce great thinkers or intelligent analysts. Instead, it shows unintelligent and irreligious people more likely to become infamous than famous. At their best, they are unaggressive and sensitive or responsible and tactful. Otherwise, they can be militant and oppressive or domineering and brutal. As always, polarized examples are the worst: men with the Sun in Taurus can become socialists (like Lenin and Hitler) and women with the Sun in Libra can become ‘iron ladies’ (like Thatcher and May). The lack of mental power and sharpness associated with these positions of the Sun also increases the risk of mental illness, frequently expressed as defiance or rebellion, or at best as ignorance or loopiness. A strong and mature sankhya yoga (such as this one) with a strong and unafflicted ruler and a domiciled or exalted solar moon can greatly alleviate or even transcend the effects of the solar afflictions. With the Sun in Libra, the solar moon is domiciled in Pisces and exalted in Scorpio as well as Gemini. With the Sun in Taurus, the solar moon is domiciled in Sagittarius and exalted in Aries as well as Virgo. Note that the Moon itself always has some major issues in Gemini and Virgo, regardless of the Sun sign. The combination of the Sun in Libra with the Moon in Pisces may produce a born diplomat or detective. These people can outguess almost anyone. Usually beyond reproach themselves, they can smell a crook at five hundred meter. The fully exalted Moon in Scorpio clearly outshines the solar affliction. These people are mentally astute and ready students, frequently precocious and facile. Here is independence of mind and action, thought and expression. The Sun in Taurus combined with the Moon in Sagittarius may produce a born scholar. These people have a highly developed social sense and an even higher moral sense. Without an afflicted fate line or extreme planetary afflictions, they will stick to their very high principles both in their personal conduct and in the abstract. The fully exalted Moon in Aries easily overpowers the severely afflicted Sun. These people have a truly remarkable mind that is capable of mastering anything, however abstruse or realistic it may be (clearly less remarkable if the Moon is combust or in planetary war with the Sun, not to mention if Mercury is afflicted by either planet and Saturn is debilitated). These people are capable of making both themselves and those around them unhappy by getting their own way. This is truly a position of: Beware your desire for assuredly you will have it.

Initial findings support Taurus as the most common position of the Sun among faggots. It is the least frequent position among lesbians. Neither is in anyway surprising, since Taurus is the motherly sign, and thus the most developed of all the womanly signs. More surprising – to me at least – is to find Libra as a close second for the same pattern. It is surprising because Libra is the fatherly sign, bringing together the most manly attributes, including confidence, justice, semen, warmth, and taste. One possible explanation is that both of these highly undignified placements of the Sun substantially reduce faith and fortune (solar keywords), making childhood victimization more likely and normal material development less likely. Another plausible explanation is that someone with the Sun in one of the most extroverted signs is less likely to hide his sexual orientation than someone with the Sun in Virgo, Taurus, or Capricorn. My guess is that the numbers of in-the-closet faggots in the Earth signs should be a lot higher than in the Air signs. Among the 179 lesbians included in this preliminary study, the three most womanly signs all show low frequencies for the Sun: Pisces and Taurus with 8 each, and Capricorn with 11. Of the inferior signs, only Virgo lies low with the same figure as Capricorn. The most frequent position is Aquarius with 26 entries. The last result should be no surprise, since it emphasizes the most extroverted sign of the zodiac.

Also Jupiter in the signs of this yoga promotes its worst traits, but to a lesser degree. Jupiter, the Sun, and Mars in Taurus are indications of increasing daftness, rebellion, impureness, infidelity, and mental illness. In the case of Jupiter, the intellect is overcome by eroticism. These people are despotic, self-important, and uninterested in details. Jupiter, the Sun, and Mars in Libra may be just as challenging, but they are more extrovert and much more likely to start a conversation. Jupiter in Libra indicates restlessness and overconfidence. These people are sweet and adulterous, but they frequently get exhausted.

Venus as the atmakaraka, especially when less than a degree away from a cusp, is an affliction on all three of the honorable and loyal planets mentioned in the previous paragraphs. (obviously less so when strong and only a few degrees ahead of them). It reduces the power of the Sun and the Moon, and also Mars and Jupiter. In case Venus is more than 15 degrees ahead of Mars, the former has a debilitating effect on the latter. Venus is the most common atmakaraka among registered sex offenders.


Planets in Aries and Scorpio weaken the typical traits of this yoga. Saturn in either sign or Mars conjunct Saturn exactly contradict and can at worst completely negate the best qualities. However, these indications also add passion and attention, causing decisions to be made more quickly. With Saturn in Scorpio, these natives can be wasteful, unhealthy, heartless, touchy, and less than happy. In Aries, they frequently reveal impatience, timidity, suspiciousness, delusions, and misunderstanding. Natives of both positions have reduced smarts (compared to the average for this yoga).

The worst supplemental indications for Sula yoga also reduce the most admirable qualities of this yoga, but they bring very little or nothing good in their place. The same holds true for the corresponding indications for the remaining inferior yogas. All these indications weaken the typical warm, charming or genial characteristics of this yoga. So too does an afflicted or weak Venus. Atypically low education, antisocial behavior (including pseudo-psychiatry), and inferiority complexes, all require an afflicted or extremely weak Venus, or a severely afflicted Saturn, and either twice as many antisocial (inferior) indications as strong and unafflicted superior indications or at least one antisocial indication involving Saturn or Venus. In addition, for any major mental illness, domineering tendencies, pseudo-psychiatric practice, etc., both the Sun and the Moon must be undignified and at least one of the antisocial indications must be highly or fully undignified, or Mars and Mercury must both lack essential dignity and at least one of them must be extremely afflicted.

The Sun in Aries or Scorpio reduces any hypersocial tendencies. If the Sun is dignified, its natives should have especially few mental issues, and the otherwise typical symptoms of mental difficulties, such as restlessness and adultery, infidelity and lewdness, mood disorders and lingering anger, oppression and complacency, bullying and domineering tendencies should not arise. If the Sun is highly dignified, it clearly reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and other neurological illnesses. Even if the Sun is not dignified, it still promotes versatile thinking and intelligent analysis in the above signs.

Veena Yoga

Veena yoga reveals masters on path to become like God. These wise, strong, and selfless natives, are delighted to serve others and big enough to wash the feet of their disciples. They have potential to become God’s finest. The most extrovert natives are invincible in resistance. The more introvert are recognized for their discipline and musicality. They are successful also in submission.

Without contradictory indications, this yoga marks individuals capable of grasping everything while being completely inscrutable to others. They are supposed to be happy as well as wise. This yoga is by far the most influential. A number of its natives will have truly exceptional influence on the world.

Veena people are supposed to be eloquent, of real knowledge, and interested in religious precepts and rules of life. They are capable of all austerities mentioned in spiritual scriptures, skilled in every kind of work, very learned and shrewd. They often act as role models to their many friends and servants. Barred a possibility of carelessness or cowardliness, samadhi is not far away.

Loving right things only, these people are always full of energy and have various kinds of wealth and luxuries at their disposal. With no shortage of talent nor lack of confidence, nothing ever overwhelms them. They either ensure safety or know caution. They have no fickle urges. Their health is usually robust, their longevity above average.

Veena natives rarely talk too much. They never speak ill of other people and they never use excessive force, whatever the situation. They are capable of infinite control and sacrifice. They have unmatched strength and endurance. They can easily master themselves and natives of both sexes are fully adept at leading lives of celibacy. They are never lazy nor busy. The more introvert natives can become quiet builders and the more extrovert great inventors.

The name of this yoga derives from a lute with seven strings. Many natives are literally fond of song, dance, and musical instruments. The number seven hints at all there is, and the most typical natives of this yoga are proficient in all areas of life. All natives value loneliness and solitude, which are important for practical or spiritual reasons, since loneliness or solitude are needed to gather strength and tune skills as well as for invention and innovation. Despite this, most natives are usually recognized as the most gregarious and social anywhere. The most typical introverts are strikingly mannerly.

Veena yoga does not in itself impose any shortcomings of character or limits of fortune, thus all the other indications possible in a horoscope finally assume their full importance. Without any indications to the contrary, these natives never tell lies, nor do they harbor arrogant thoughts. They have depth of feeling but are wise enough not to be controlled by emotions. They know how to be detached from the material world and are always sober or wide awake. They represent the exact opposites of fakes, liars, fools, and addicts. The best natives are fully mature adults by the age of 30.

This yoga embodies the people we all turn to when there is nowhere left to turn, or eventually have to reckon with, usually happily, but sometimes grudgingly. In a generic sense, they represent authorities or people who make life more endurable, including those most capable of filling the functions listed for the previous yogas. They are especially adept as sages, astrologers, statesmen, inventors, designers, managers, mechanics, priests, musicians and dancers.

See Veena yoga example charts.

Supplemental Indications

Saturn in Aquarius or Capricorn corroborates the typical expression of this yoga. Without contradictory indications, these people’s personalities consist entirely of excellent qualities. If Saturn is unafflicted and strong, these natives are anything but fools. With Saturn in Aquarius, there is great concern for the welfare of other people and the society as a whole. They are willing to trade respect for love. Since society is important to them, they tend to assume that they are important to society. With an inferior sankhya yoga and a passive Mars, they may come to think that society owes them a living and that their existence is best justified when they are collecting unearned increment. In most other natives, there is a great urge to serve society. This supremely practical and idealistic position conveys great strength and knowledge, which can appear supernatural to more ordinary people. Obviously, this position is a lot better for a man than a woman. With Saturn in Capricorn, success in life is almost guaranteed. They may work long and hard for little pay and little acclaim, but their aim is to get more and they never forget it. With an inferior sankhya yoga or an afflicted fate line, this often indicates someone who is hardheaded, if not hardhearted, and can very well be both. In its simple form, it leads to embittered failure. In its advanced form, it leads to heights of success. This spiritual position conveys great discipline and endurance, which can appear otherworldly to more normal people. Obviously, this position is a lot better for a woman than a man. Both positions reveal sociability and longevity well above average. All the planets situated in their own signs yields the perfection of man (the Sun acting as atmakaraka in Leo, the Moon in Cancer, etc.) or woman (the Moon acting as atmakaraka in Leo, the Sun in Cancer, etc.) and the realization of the truth We are all gods, as conveyed in the Gospel of John, chapter 10, verse 34.

Also a strong and unafflicted Mercury in the signs of this yoga promotes its best traits. These indications support practicality and sociability, ease communication, and encourage a lasting interest in society. Their natives make likely statesmen and women as well as very notable musicians. In Aquarius, these people have alert senses, strong and sensitive. Most natives are born extroverts (those with a strong and unafflicted Saturn more than others). Their rapid minds contemplate the world around them in a strikingly robust way, despite a very keen sense of beauty. They make all useful things as beautiful as possible; and thus believe in the utility of art and the art of utility. They can be perfect utilitarians and easily become great scholars. Without plenty of Leonine vices in their chart, they abhor slaughter and should become frugivores if they are not already. In Capricorn, these people never miss a trick. They can hear the grass grow, smell garlic three blocks off, taste the faintest suggestion of flavoring, and feel the difference in the diameter of two hairs. They are economical, and their sense impressions are right down to earth as well: they see things for what they are, without any ifs, buts or ands. Although rarely brave, their sound reaction to sense impressions makes their viewpoint a whole lot more cultivated than most, and they can often help people come to the point by calling them back from irrelevant details or fancies. Both placements are especially frequent among faggots and lesbians. In a group of 283 faggots, 31 were born with Mercury in Capricorn. Among 179 lesbians, 22 were born with Mercury in Aquarius.

The Worst

The Sun in the signs of this yoga brings forth the worst Saturnian traits and may often reduce the solar qualities to zero. Saturn as atmakaraka presents the exact same challenges. Without contradictory indications, fully undignfied emphasis on Saturn, the hardest of all the planets, points to an extremely hard life. It starts with an unusually difficult childhood and continues with a great many agonies later on as well. Natives of these karmic indications do not experience much fun in life, but they frequently do experience authority, leadership, prestige, success, and considerable standing in society. Most of them cannot enjoy life even if they tried. They usually lack bravery, and due to their troubled pasts, they may at an early point in life completely turn off their capacity to empathize with themselves and other people. If this happens, it is very hard for them to turn it back on. While there is plenty of bad karma shown here, these indications also reveal spiritual skills, universal know-how, and superior strength and endurance. How they use their skillfulness and mastery of life depends on other indications. The only option available to these people is to gracefully or stoically endure whatever punishment life has to offer. Eventually, they will learn to turn a blind eye to their seemingly never-ending maladies and sufferings, and instead focus all their energies on their penance. The sooner they do this, the sooner their lives will improve. Good faith, humility before God, and recitation of the maha mantra are essential remedies. Natives who lack empathy and faith in God tend to mistreat those who treat them with respect and please those who abuse them. Put another way, they are more familiar with those outside their family and more engaged with those they are not engaged to. In Aquarius, the Sun reveals extrovert and gregarious people. Rich or poor, great or small, deep or shallow, they always like folk. More than a few of these people are social reformers and put their minds on the woes of humanity. They can be master problem solvers, independent astrologers, adept mechanics, great inventors, and wasted talents, but more commonly, they show up as local or global aid workers. Aquarius is the wisest sign of the zodiac, and people born with the Sun in this sign value knowledge more than everything. In love, they are loyal but not faithful. Most of them tend to be far from rich if not outright poor, but they rarely suffer from any inferiority complex. Instead, they are much more likely to overestimate their own abilities. They are usually stronger (electrically and practically) than the average person, but neither prudent nor foolish. Most of them lack perception and wit. They are poor at relations, especially close ones. They tend to be very hard on their families and intimates (if they have any). A dignified sankhya yoga and ruler along with an unafflicted fate line can bring out their most convivial and ingenious sides. Aquarians are as far from arrogant and greedy as you can possibly get. They make up mankind’s least selfish lot. An undignified sankhya yoga along with an afflicted fate line (especially if supported by antisocial or tactless indications, such as the Moon in Virgo and Venus in Aries or the Moon in Sagittarius and Mars in Taurus), is certain to reveal one of their more perverse habits: They enjoy doing the opposite of what is expected of them. At their worst behavior, these unkind people can be perfect jerks. They habitually return faith with faithlessness and care with carelessness. They are nearly impossible to teach anything, and they seemingly repeat the same mistakes ad infinitum. This is the most common position of the Sun among lesbians. In Capricorn, the Sun reveals ambition, discipline, learning, savvy, and great depth of character. Early in life, these people tend to suffer immense hardship, physical and emotional abuse, even molestation. Although their background is often one of poverty and destitution, their focus on success rarely allows them to end up destitute as adults. Capricorn is the shrewdest sign of the zodiac. Its natives are daring dreamers. You can frequently recognize them as focused students, demanding managers, tireless executives, futuristic builders, superb musicians, as well as keen adulterers and sacred saints. Regardless of their position, Capricornians never bring much fun with them. Their sense of humour is British rather than intellectual. The women are the most unlikely spinsters. They tend to be quiet and naughty, hardly ever talkative or puritanical. Nobody can surpass their endurance, but tolerant they are not – at least not of children and apparently not of adults either. While they are rarely passionate or ardent in love, they can be stable and steady, able to put up with a good deal for the sake of duty and sacrifice if not indeed for affection. Without a dignified sankhya yoga, Moon, and Venus or other indications to the contrary (such as Jupiter combust or situated in Leo), the Sun in Capricorn is likely to produce a total wuss who will not learn normality and faithfulness, loyalty and fidelity, honesty and openness, nor the meaning of fun before it is too late. Infidelity is very likely, and with the Moon in Pisces, deceit is almost a sure thing. If Mars is situated in Libra, they definitely know the meaning of cowardliness. Some early victimization might help explain their narcissistic and aloof behavior, but even a good explanation cannot return what they may steal, so I leave it up to you to decide how to best go about them – in very big circles maybe? This is the most frequent placement of the Sun in the group of 1080 criminal offenders referred to earlier in this document. Both positions increase the risk of neurological illness (Alzheimer’s disease and ALS may be the most obvious exponents). They also inhibit empathy. It must be willfully activated, perhaps with the help of therapy. Since the Sun, which signifies brain and vitality, is fully afflicted in both Aquarius and Capricorn, the oldest signs of the zodiac, the brain is not as quick as it could be. Natives of the Sun in Capricorn have a vitiated sense of balance and are regularly eccentric – both physically and otherwise. Natives of the Sun in Aquarius are never normal and often outright odd. Domiciled and exalted solar moons can greatly mitigate or even overshadow these afflictions. With the Sun in Capricorn, the solar moon is domiciled in Libra and exalted in Leo as well as Virgo. With the Sun in Aquarius, the solar moon is domiciled in Taurus and exalted in Cancer as well as Gemini. Note that the common Moon always has some issues in Virgo and Gemini. The combination of the Sun in Aquarius with the Moon in Taurus may produce a lover of peace and harmony. These people will use all their tact and graciousness to avoid a quarrel. Socially, they do not go out of their way for people, but their warmth makes them sought after company. They are interested in the arts, but they are usually not creative themselves. The nearly ideal Moon in Cancer may completely overshadow the solar affliction. These people are extremely popular in both small and wide circles. They have an uncanny faculty for responding to other people. They are romantic and keen on adventure. Although their impulses and intuitions tend to bear the stamp of practical good sense, their ideas are likely to be visionary. The combination of the Sun in Capricorn with the Moon in Libra may produce an eccentric, rigid, and inflexible character with a great chance to rise to great heights through continuous and almost monomaniac plugging at some individual ideal or goal. These hardcore narcissists are hypersocial. They like to be surrounded by people, but at the same time, they do not warm up to them very quickly. Their chief lesson is to give up some of their ideas and some of their independence in compromise with the world as it is. In the proportion that they learn cooperation, they will achieve success. The nearly ideal Moon in Leo may completely overshadow the solar affliction. These people are disciplined as well as enthusiastic. Success in business, the arts, or politics is almost guaranteed. With this, the ultimate sankhya yoga, their power acts at a spiritual level – and their rise to glory can be truly spectacular. If Saturn is dignified, they can become spiritual leaders. Provided that the yoga ruler is strong and unafflicted, the spiritual potential may be evident also with lesser sankhya yogas.

Jupiter in the signs of this yoga promotes character traits similar to those of the Sun in the same signs, but material matters suffer less and intellectual matters more. These people exhibit a notable lack of joy, ease, insight, and growth. An above average number of them are intellectually, emotionally, and morally retarded. All natives should lack stamina and care little or nothing for athletics. In Aquarius, Jupiter indicates castles in the air. Success in life is unlikely without a liberal dose of Earth somewhere else in the chart. These people have a tendency to see things through the wrong end of the opera glasses; realities recede in favor of other things. Their aims may get broader than their capacities, and many natives will be drifters. They are supposed to be poor and given to controversy, but also popular and considerate. This is the least common placement of Jupiter among faggots, but it is not infrequent among lesbians. In Capricorn, Jupiter brings qualities of daring and caution but also several low traits of character, including cowardliness, exploitation, and perversion. At worst, these people can be totally depraved. They do not know magnanimity and are supposed to have very little love for their fellow creatures. They are unlikely to be shy, but without contradictory indications, they lack bravery, compassion, and religious conduct. They are not very intelligent and have little sense of cleanliness. If Jupiter is the atmakaraka or dispositor of the Sun, they are prime candidates for narcissistic character disorder. This position is clearly more frequent among faggots than among lesbians.


Afflicted planets in Leo or Cancer weaken the typical qualities of this yoga. Saturn in these signs exactly contradicts the best features. In Leo, there is arrogance and a great risk of depression. In Cancer, there is drama and a huge potential for defeat and failure. In both signs, the health is more fragile than expected from this the ultimate sankhya yoga.


Of all the days (noons UTC) in the last century, about 0,01 percent featured Gola yoga, 0,21 percent Yuga yoga, and 5,4 percent Sula yoga. Roughly 28 percent featured Kedara yoga, almost 43 percent Pasa yoga, and a little more than 21 percent Dama yoga. Only around 2,3 percent came up with Veena yoga. The numbers differ only very slightly for this century. The most important difference is that the current century will probably not see any births with any of the first two sankhya yogas.

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