All our steps are directed by the Lord;
what do we know of our own ways?

Proverbs 20:24

Horoscopes and Psychopaths
– or –
The Astrology of Inferiority and Superiority Disorders

Working Draft

This document is a messy working draft. Everything that seems wrong probably is, and even worse, anything that seems right might still be wrong. As always, recall the good news that God loves His people and that everyone who calls on Him will be saved. Until the next update, tell the truth; however big or small, it shall set you free.

Coming Update and Current Revision

A coming update of this page will focus on indications of immorality. Immoral indications are the ones most frequent among people incarcerated for violent crimes. The most obvious of these indications are Venus in Aries and Scorpio, followed by Saturn in Leo and Cancer. It will also list astrological counter indications having reduced incidence among some 1000 people incarcerated for violent crimes

The checklist at the end of this document has been revised to correctly include all indications of inferiority and exclude indications of superiority. Pasa yoga is now included as an unconditional indication of inferiority. A section about counter indications has been added at the end of the list.

Although the signs of Virgo and Gemini have been excluded for the sake of consistency with the heading (Checklist for Disorders of Inferiority), their indications are just as troublesome as before, revealing an unevolved intellect and conscience necessary for extreme sociopathy. They do not, however, constitute any increased risk of violence, at least not in a way apparent enough to result in incarceration.

Somewhere down-the-line, this page will be renamed immorality [A]. A new page called immodesty (lack of humility and thinking) [B] will become its complement. The current checklist will be found on a page named inferiority (foolishness, greed, violence, tyranny, autism, etc.) [A]. A new page called superiority (hardness, discipline, conceit, narcissism, etc.) [B] will become its complement. A page named entropy [A] will have a checklist for catching all indications supporting chaos and psychosis. Finally, a page called stupidity (lack of ability and morality – but not necessarily IQ) [B] will become its complement. This URI (web address) will redirect to this page, since psychopathy is an example of extrovert stupidity.

Entities with disorder indications from at least one page marked with an A above and one page marked with a B are much more troublesome than entities with disorder indications from either A or B but not both. Of the simple disorders, introvert immorality (Scorpio) is arguably the one most difficult to deal with.


An earlier draft of this document used the terms autism and autistic in a wrongful way. So called autistic people have below average IQ, but the people meant to be described in this document have what I call negative IQ. Lacking a better word, I will simply call these people stupid (I see no point in inventing US-inspired terms, such as enhanced interrogation techniques [torture] and non-religious fasting [hunger strike] or calling toilets restrooms).

Unlike autistic people who do not intend to harm each other and whom I have heard described as kind by some people, stupid people do harm each other and do so purposefully. One form of severe stupidity is direct self-harm, including anorexia nervosa, which is another common occurence in the land of stupid (some people go to extreme lengths not to become vegetarians). Albert Einstein has been described as autistic, and in an absolute sense, he certainly was not a genius, but compared to stupid Swedes (dummen Schweden), he might be seen as one. Albert Einstein eventually regretted his letter to fellow Ashkenazi FDR, encouraging the US to make the nuclear bombs which killed hundreds of thousands civilians at the end of world war II. Albert Einstein also became a vegetarian at the end of his life. Unlike stupid people intent on harm or at least stupid enough not to realize or care about any harm done even after the fact, autistic people are simply not intelligent or wise enough to realize or know the consequences of their actions. In my mind, this is an important distinction to make, so I apologize to any autistic people who might have been offended by the earlier draft of this document. Strangely enough, autistic people do not even seem to be offended by being called autistic, and more than a few are outright masochistic, so my apology might not be necessary in the first place. Still, it is better to be safe than sorry. As regarding stupid people, I really do not mind offending those, but I have enough experience to know that you can call them stupid straight to their faces and they will still not understand what you are talking about.

There are more distinctions between genuine autism and plain stupidity. Unlike people who are simply autistic, stupid people do not have self-knowledge, nor any sense of humor, or understanding of right and wrong. Both autistic and stupid people may, and usually do, suffer from inferiority complexes, but stupid people frequently exhibit the signs in a directly unpleasant way. Unlike the plainly autistic, stupid people are known as killjoys and cowards. The most extreme are aggressive towards the most vulnerable, children and victims of crime. In Sweden, amphetamine in the form of ritalin is given to children (some of these sell it on as a street drug). Sweden is known as the most cowardly country during WWII, sending back Norwegians who had escaped the Nazis in Norway and allowing German soldiers free passage through the country on its railway. There are of course more and perhaps even better examples, including forced sterilizations taking place at least until as late as the 1960s. While these are all government actions – and you can always expect less from governments than people in general, stupidity abounds in the general population as well. Although some 40% may not be stupid at all, many of the rest may not see anything wrong with drugging children or even forced sterilizations. It may surprise some people to see Sweden on the top five list of countries with the most guns per capita. At the same time, citizens are not even allowed to carry pepper spray to fend off attackers and rapists (rape is more common in Sweden than in most other countries). The guns are not used for defence or self protection but for hunting, and its not hunting for survival (you would not need a gun for that). I have met a few hunters in person. While certainly not as mentally disabled nor as evil as the Swedish pseudo-psychiatrists, I think everyone could agree (perhaps even the hunters themselves) that Einstein had more brains. One of these hunters had been stationed in Afghanistan. What the heck is the Swedish army doing in that far-off country? If you were thinking ‘serving Satan’, you would have been absolutely right. Stupid people make great servants. Most people in Europe, including Germans and even the English, are against the military occupation of Afghanistan – not the Swedes! Sweden and its air force also helped out when it was time bomb Libya. While the US easily wins the prize for most unwise and most psychopathic, Sweden could arguably take home the prize for most stupid. While plainly autistic people have some sense (they generally know they are not too bright), stupid people have no sense at all (they do not understand they are stupid, not even if you tell them and explain why). Stupid people are psychologically, intellectually, and morally disabled. They will usually continue to act like teenagers throughout their often surprisingly long lives. religious in a rather austere way. They show little to no understanding. Better to have a double standard than no standard at all

This correction is not only about bashing stupid people, arrogant or autistic people have flaws which plainly stupid people do not. Autistic people are uncommunicative, not in the sense of being all-out silent, they can often talk a lot and for a long time (many autistic people listed on wikipedia are public speakers), but rather in the sense of shutting up like a clam if you ask them a question. If you say hello or something clever calling for a comment, they are likely not to respond, at least not verbally. They are poor listeners, showing little to no interest in other people and sometimes avoiding them altogether (many prefer the company of animals). While stupid people can be atheistic, autistic people are always irreligious. Although not sadistic or interested in doing harm, they are clearly the most selfish lot around. Avoiding eye contact is a common feature. They also sport obvious signs of shyness with strangers. Autism may be linked with sensual disability, especially poor or unusual eyesight (astigmatism, hypersensitivity to light, reliance on peripheral vision, etc.).

At this point, it is clear that calling Swedes autistic is at least somewhat misleading. Swedes rarely talk too much and they can be communicative (although not in any warm way). On the other hand, Swedes have been described as both shy and cold, so although it was wrong to use autism and stupidity together in the earlier draft, it was not all that wrong to link Swedes with autism. You could call them both autistic and stupid, with a strong emphasis on the latter and more than a hint of the former.

If you do not like the Illuminati (Ashkenazi) world order (crime, the US, socialism, the Federal Reserve, media [especially Western anti-Christian propaganda], the UN, the Bilderberg Group, the EU, Monsanto, BP, Goldman Sachs, Yats in Ukraine, etc.) chances are you are Christian by heart and has been called out of the world by God. If you are not born-again, all you have to do is call on Him for forgiveness and change of heart. You will be saved as promised.

In God’s kingdom, everyone is united in the love of God and therefore experiences equal importance, but for those not accepting His kingdom, life is a struggle. While denying the reality of God’s supremacy, people suffer from false ideas. These always fall into two kinds of psychological disorder: inferior and superior. This document associates easy-to-spot astrological indications with both kinds of psychological disorder and presents a near complete list of indications for the former.

Inferiority and Superiority

An extreme disorder of inferiority can trigger antisocial behavior and tyranny. When exposed to or perceiving a sense of competition, people suffering from inferiority complexes easily become violent tyrants, since they lack ability to compete and fear or cannot stand losing. Capitalism is a prime example of a potentially violent movement, and capitalists, such as Bill Gates, often resort to anticompetitive practices.

An extreme disorder of superiority can spawn hypersocial behavior and rebellion. When exposed to or perceiving a sense of power they themselves lack, people suffering from superiority complexes can become narcissistic bullies. Socialism is an excellent example of a narcissistic movement, and socialists, such as Michael Moore, usually advocate mass indoctrination, mass property confiscation, and other measures curtailing freedom.

A person expressing both inferior and superior disorders can become a violent and bullying national (inferiority) socialist (superiority), a nazi.

Notes: 1) All socialists are not as antisocial as Michael Moore whose birth chart, besides the Sun in Taurus and Rahu in Capricorn, also features the following inferior disorders of the first degree: Jupiter in Gemini, Rahu conjunct the Moon, and Uranus in Cancer (per the checklist below). More evolved narcissists have less Taurus and more Capricorn in their charts, as well as far fewer inferior disorders. Narcissists tend to become successful in life, usually through focused studies, instinctive shrewdness, and often exceptional discipline. Evolved or not, all narcissists lack humility, suffer victimization in childhood, and somewhere along the line, turn off their empathy. Until they turn it on again, they will not receive much, if any, respect from other people, except possibly from fellow narcissists, as cowardly and disingenous as themselves. 2) All capitalists do not suffer ridicule in public nor are they as disrespectful and unbalanced as Bill Gates, whose birth chart, besides a usually near perfect Sun in Scorpio, also has Mars in Libra, a superior disorder of the first degree. Additionally, with Venus in Scorpio, Gates has very limited charm and is a lot less ethical than most people. More evolved capitalists know empathy and are neither engaged in eugenics nor spitting contests. Nonetheless, all of them are greedy and either do not understand or do not care about the consequences of their many antisocial activities. Their limited compassion and lack of knowledge and awareness makes them shy or timid and often spawns rejection from other people.

Astrological Indications

In astrology, the twelve signs of the zodiac can be divided into six inferior and six superior, the two groups consisting of signs situated directly opposite the signs of the other. In this context, the term inferior does not automatically imply bad character, nor does the term superior automatically imply good character. The two terms simpy refer to six evolutionary stages, three inferior and three superior: infant, child, youth, independent, adult, and elder. The first four days of the week, starting with Sunday, represent the first three stages of human evolution and the following six zodiac signs: Leo-Cancer, Aries-Scorpio, and Gemini-Virgo. The last three days of the week, starting with Thursday, house the last three stages and the following six zodiac signs: Pisces-Sagittarius, Taurus-Libra, and Capricorn-Aquarius. When a planet is situated in a sign matching the evolutionary level of the planet, it brings out the best of this sign. This astrological order yields good fortune, thinking, ideas, prosperity, love, and health.

When the above astrological order is broken, there is a corresponding disorder of personality, which can be mild or severe depending on the degree of the planet-sign mismatch. When either the most inferior planet, which is the Sun, is placed in one of the four most superior signs (Aquarius-Capricorn and Libra-Taurus), or the most superior planet, which is Saturn, is placed in any of the four most inferior signs (Leo-Cancer and Aries-Scorpio), this indicates an extreme disorder of personality. The remaining signs (Gemini-Virgo and Pisces-Sagittarius), also known as the mutable signs, represent intermediate evolutionary stages. Nonetheless, the Sun in Gemini-Virgo consistently reveals a definite sense of inferiority, while Saturn in Pisces-Sagittarius shows the exact opposite.

With Saturn (the planet representing selflessness, samadhi, strength, invention, knowledge, wisdom and universal authority) in one of the most inferior signs, the person acquires an inferiority complex, shys away from knowledge, and can never get themselves enough attention. An inferiority complex can pull a person down into sin and should indicate short-term material fortune at the expense of spiritual and universal progress. They should try to forget themselves and seek to accomplish something for other people – even if their interest will never turn towards them personally. All of their problems stem from selfishness and if they ever gain enough strength or detachment to selflessly engage the world, their problems will suddenly disappear as the illusion they are. In case of placement in the most inferior sign (Leo), the person may only be aware of their individual self, leaving only arrogance and no knowledge to fall back on. This indicates someone who is extremely dependent on others for practical advice and easily becomes too smart for their own good. Obvously, near or complete unawareness of other people also limits any communication, compassion, and cooperation. An identical or very similar difficulty is present with Saturn combust or situated in the complement sign (Cancer).

With the Sun (the planet representing self, enjoyment, faith, material fortune, public appearance and dignity, calm and control) in one of the most superior signs, the person acquires a superiority complex, lacks faith and kindness, and can never enjoy their own company. A superiority complex often makes a person a victim of circumstances and usually indicates a great lack of fortune and unfortunate publicity. They should try to believe that other people know what they are about and can take care of themselves – even if their methods or beliefs are different from their own. All of their problems derive from lack of self-knowledge and if they ever muster enough courage to confront themselves and seek intimacy rather than distance, their problems will immediately begin to peter out. In case of placement in the most superior sign (Aquarius), the person may identify themselves with ultimate authority, leaving absolutely no room for improvement. This poor indication shows someone who is extremely dependent on others for the completion of everyday tasks and easily appears helpless in the material world. They adapt slowly to circumstances and do not learn from mistakes. Even worse is that they have great trouble reaching out to others with their problems, often living in denial. Obviously, detachment from oneself also inhibits one’s capacity for empathy. A similar difficulty is present with the Sun in the complement sign (Capricorn).

With both disorders in the same person, you may have someone who lacks capacity and know-how but nonetheless thinks themselves superior to people who have both. A combination of inferiority and superiority disorders involving Mars and Venus is common among massmurderers and spree killers. This combination usually includes the Sun or Mars in Taurus as well as Saturn or Venus in Aries. An even worse combination is the Sun or Ketu in Capricorn along with Saturn or Rahu in Leo. A mix of both these combinations can be seen in the charts for Adolf Hitler and Pol Pot.

Although a combination of inferiority and superiority disorder is likely to yield the most malefic results, a severe disorder of inferiority on its own can often spell more than enough trouble. While disorders of superiority always go hand in hand with emotional abuse, disorders of inferiority seem to be innate. While people with mild superiority disorders (often having slightly above average IQs and carrying a pseudo-psychiatric diagnosis such as schizophrenia) rather easily regain peace of mind when the abusive person or persons (usually an autistic mother suffering from jealousy, including the inability to be happy without the submission of everyone else in the family, or a Münchausen by proxy syndrome, but occasionally a psychopathic father, or a combination of the two) is removed from the environment and the targeted individual is left without harmful treatment, people with even mild disorders of inferiority tend to get worse over time (at least if they are left to their own devices). For these reasons, this brief article will from here on focus on the latter kind of disorder.

Levels of Inferiority

From an astrological view, there are three levels of inferiority, each level represented by one pair of signs. The Sun controls the hellish level, Mars powers the intermediate level, and Mercury maintains the last level.

  1. Sol - Hell (= Helios in Greek, the Sun in English)
  2. Mars - Conflicts and Wickedness
  3. Mercury - Crime and Evil

Fools and Bigots

The most severe, first level, of inferiority is the diabolic or selfish. People of this extreme are impossible to understand. They are the most violent of alcoholics, the most arrogant of hypocrites, and the most pathetic of liars. Just like very small children, they want everything right away and do not even begin to consider the welfare of anyone else. They are extremely foolish or extremely naive and often completely unable to separate fiction from reality. Here you find the dictatorial rulers of this world, the greedy banksters behind the current economic spiral to hell, the laziest fools, the proudest faggots, and the most extreme war criminals, the Obamas and the Bushes, the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds, and all the so called Jewish money changers before them. The extroverted group of people at this level are pathetic beyond words, they prefer to lie and fool themselves into hell rather than submitting to God and a life in Heaven. The introverted can be extreme bigots and genuine crazies, seeing all sorts of danger where there is none at all. They are unscrupulous and greedy beyond comprehension. They appear intimately attached to violence and are so xenophobic it is outright freakish. If they are not panicking, they are getting ready to. These people may also be the typical exponents of Münchausen syndrome by proxy. For a prime example of violent craziness, you only have to study the United States. Both fools and bigots have much more confidence than they have knowledge, but they do not have much of the former either.

Violence and other craziness: Cancer is the most violent archetype of the zodiac. At her worst, she delivers depression, sickliness, xenophobia, arrogance, pride, greed, tyranny and violence. The United States, a near perfect example of the Cancer archetype in all her lunatic pride and fake glory, is arguably the country that celebrates violence the most. Not long ago, an unarmed mother of a young child was needlessly shot and killed in the capital to great applause. The US is known all over the globe for its arrogance and hypocrisy. Not long ago, its foreign minister (a self-confessed war criminal, having razed villages in Vietnam) spoke out against violence in Syria while supporting the so called rebels with weapons and threatening to bomb the country – killing even more men, women, and children! The US has already bombed Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Libya, Serbia, and many other countries before them. The 2003 invasion of Iraq alone is reported to have resulted in 1 000 000 lives lost (of which 601 027 violent deaths during the period 2003–2006). The most hypocritical state in the world supports the most violent state in the Middle East with both money and weapons, including fighter jets used to bomb Gaza, the only part of Palestine not currently occupied by Israeli terrorists. The US is also the only country to have used nuclear weapons against city populations (Hiroshima and Nagasaki) and the only one where it is perfectly legal to kill an unborn child all the way up to its birth (Supreme Court ruling). Although there are countries with higher rates of violent crime, the consumption of meat (killed and slaughtered animals) is about twice as high in the US as in the EU. In the US, the crime rates might be artificially low because crimes committed by the police, including the killing of the young mother mentioned earlier, are uncounted. US police might even be more dangerous to the public than criminals are. According to Paul Craig Roberts, a former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury and author of The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism and Economic Dissolution of the West, US police really are more dangerous than criminals. He is not alone with this view (you can find countless videos on youtube depicting police violence). The US media often talks about spreading democracy around the world, but there has never been any in the US itself, which these days is more evident than ever before. Even well-known leftist academics, such as Noam Chomsky, agree that the US is ruled by businesses rather than its citizens. More specifically, the US is in the control of a group of elitist banksters who made money on their ‘Great Depression‘ in the 1930s and yet more on their so called ‘Financial Crisis‘ in 2008. Many US citizens do not know that their government does not create the US dollar. Instead, the currency is issued by a bank owned by other banks. The bank, called the Federal Reserve, lends money to the government, charging interest that the tax payers have to bear (the banksters themselves are in effect so called ‘welfare recipients’, a fact that helps explain why they historically have been such big fans of taxes, which they no longer need thanks to so called derivatives and quantitative easing – you must admire their terminology). Weapons are supposed to be in the hands of law-abiding people, but in ‘the land of the free’, this is rarely the case. Instead, they are usually found in the hands of a criminal government, other criminals, and hunters. In some states and jurisdictions – including the capital (known for its high murder rate) – law-abiding people are effectively forbidden to own a gun. Thanks to the Sun in Cancer, the United States also has some of the more fortunate characteristics of this titilating sign (its symbol is two breasts). Despite its obvious physical attributes, the most important characteristic of Cancer is her self-awareness. (when it comes to knowing herself and other people she comes in close contact with, she rarely needs to consult an astrologer). The US population knows the government is corrupt and that they themselves have been dumbed down by even dumber people like the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and the Disneys (the Miley Cyrus factory). According to a recent Gallup poll, 60% of the people in the US see a need for a third party – apparently not knowing there are more than three already.

Morons and Idiots

The second level of inferiority is the moronic or idiotic. The first group is opinionated, passionate, crude, loud, and insecure. In the face of adversity, they can develop a persecution complex. The second group is silent, timid, secretive, suspicious, impatient, power-crazed, and fearless. They are the most immediately antisocial or at best socially incompetent of all people. At the core of their usually intense activities you always find a need to attain or retain power. If you are close to any of these exceedingly jealous people, you most likely know the meaning of possession (although you may not always be aware of it). Many of them are engaged in harmful witchcraft or black magic, horrific medical research, pseudo-psychiatry (insulin shock or electroconvulsive treatments, brain-damaging drug prescriptions, and other therapeutic procedures more likely to promote death than health, including lobotomy), and war. They are easily offended and know how to nurture their upset feelings until just the right moment for a severely damaging or deadly strike. Obvious double standards (such as spying on other people while keeping secrets of their own and going after whistleblowers with extreme vengeance) are also common in this group of genuine idiots, who substitute supervision or hypnotic power for social competence. These are genuinely insane people (acting quickly, silently, and ruthlessly). Both morons and idiots have extremely low confidence and may suffer grand delusions.

Genuine insanity: At this time, I do not know of a perfect example of a country that can be accurately described as genuinely insane (mostly silent but with a venomous tongue), but such a country must lack a benevolent Venus and have a malevolent Mars. More exactly, the country has to expose the Scorpio archetype at her worst. If crossed, which requires a lot less than you might think, she can strike a lethal blow, quicker than anyone can blink, usually without any advance warning. Genuinely insane people can be intelligent, perfect supervisors, but also antisocial, perfect avengers. A cold country with an antisocial Mars leaning towards Scorpio is Norway, but both the benevolence and the malevolence of her Venus make her a less than perfect example. Still there are plenty of examples of idiocy in arguably the most beautiful country of Scandinavia (not referring to the capital). The only example I am about to give is horrific but extremely telling and thus necessary. If you follow international news, you already know about Anders Behring Breivik, the xenophobic and extremely pathetic massmurderer who in 2011 killed 77 people and injured 319. The Norwegian massacre is, as far as I know, the deadliest non-military mass murder in Europe since World War II. The extreme lethality of the terror attacks in and near Oslo exposed the megalomania of the killer as well as the dangerous limitations of the foolish, secular, and obtuse Norwegian government (Pasa yoga, Rahu in Cancer, the Sun in Taurus, and Mars in Cancer), perhaps especially its law enforcement and intelligence agency.

Criminals and Monsters

The least severe, third level, of inferiority corresponds to plain psychopathy and madness. This is the level of moral relativism. In the psychopathic group, you find scientific experimentation with no regard for either animals or humans, all forms of provocation, and all sorts of meanness, starting with frivolous lying and teasing, and ending with full-blown rape and torture. To these criminals everything is play, never realizing that the same rules which apply to you and me also apply to them; there is apparently nothing these people cannot debate. For a prime example of psychopathy (with a large dose of hypocrisy thrown in), study the United States. In the mad group, you find all forms of aggression, cruelty in the name of conformity, jaundice, plain malice, as well as cold-blooded murder for sex or money, or another equally senseless goal. These socially rejected monsters know immorality inside out; their extreme stupidity is seemingly incurable. For a prime example of egoistic madness, have a long good look at Sweden. Both criminals and monsters have sufficient confidence but clearly lack bravery and empathy. They often experience hallucinations.

Utter stupidity and madness: Unlike insane people, which are mostly silent, stupid people are more aggressive, both verbally and physically. This kind of madness shows the Virgo archetype at her worst. Virgo knows all about intolerance, but apparently she abhors men the most and small animals the least. Murder is an extreme expression of this always cold and often cruel archetype. Sweden, to give a concrete example (I mean concrete literally – unpainted is the most common and apparently preferred finish) of Virgo madness, has the most murders per capita in the European Union. While officially neutral and, according to her own generals, unable to defend herself, Sweden is also second in the world in per capita weapons exports. Among countries with more than a million inhabitants, Sweden ranks top in the world for rapes per capita, but very few white natives are ever convicted of rape, and if the victim is a young child, the highest court in the country considers it less of crime, because the victim does not realize what rape is (their motivation). Despite the poor crime solving skills of the Swedish police, any given year this millenium, about 5000 men and nearly 300 women were serving prison time. These figures reveal the most disproportionate inmates number by gender in all of Europe. Sweden compensates for the relatively low number of legally incarcerated by shamelessly showing the industrialized world the way things should be done, i.e. have people involuntarily committed. Sweden’s per capita rate for this immoral practice is twice the average for all OECD countries (trailblazing such as this is nothing special but a regular routine in the extremist country). Thanks to involuntary commitment, the judicial system can be largely circumvented – a system which is not much to be trusted anyway: Without any evidence, Swedish courts convicted a man, now exonerated, for murder in 8 separate cases. Although no longer convicted of any murder, nor any other crime in the last 20 years, the man is still to this day in psychiatric confinement for an armed robbery he was convicted of in 1991; Swedish law stipulates a maximum sentence of 10 years. More widely known facts about Sweden, the land of ‘weird and stupid’ (at best), concern its mistreatment of children and their parents. In this virgin country (where about 40 000 unborn babies are killed each year through induced abortions, for which the tax payers pay the bill, letting someone else adopt your child is not a legal alternative according to Swedish law), such people do not really fit in at all. To underscore this fact, the parliament in 2010 outlawed home schooling, only the second parliament in Europe to do so (the first was the German parliament in 1938 under Adolf Hitler). Currently, not even the Chinese government bans parents from schooling their own children. In Sweden, you should be a good slave, do your job, and pay your taxes (the income taxes were fairly recently reduced to place the country a mere second in the world in terms of total tax burden, but the socialist opposition standing to win the upcoming election has promised not to reduce the tax burden on workers any further). If you really have to do something besides your job, it should be related to sport, a favorite Virgo pastime. For balance, there is an alleged positive fact about Sweden, the country may emit less carbon dioxide per person than all other countries in the world. Unfortunately, carbon dioxide is a gas vital for the growth of plants, which in turn are necessary to sustain both animal and human life on this planet. When it comes to emissions of more toxic substances than carbon dioxide, the picture is much bleaker for the once green country (the forests are clear-cut in a great many places). To learn more about madness, the Swedish style, I can warmly recommend the Why I Left Sweden website. If you need or prefer ink on paper, the website mentions an appropriately titled book by Daniel Hammarberg, The Madhouse, which details some of the more outrageous and well-known scandals to rock the misandrous country of the North. Just to be clear, a single archetype does not fully explain any country; other Virgo countries, such as Switzerland and Japan, are in many ways markedly different from Sweden (perhaps almost entirely for the better). Note that the narcissistic characteristics of Sweden are both aggravated and obscured by an at best mild psychosis (lending a chaotic touch to your daily life).

Antisocial Behavior

The three levels of inferiority usually work in tandem to promote antisocial behavior. People with inferiority disorders take themselves too seriously and are frequently perpetuating lies, conflicts, dogmatic rules, and drama, or in constant struggle with life due to a refusal to yield themselves to anyone – not even God. Those who are unable to constructively deal with their sense of inferiority try to build themselves up by tearing other people down. Serial killers frequently start out with cruelty to animals. They then progress to attacking children and women, but lacking confidence, they rarely go after grown men, and never anyone on a level playing-field. Homicidal and suicidal behavior often go hand in hand, both being the result of inferiority disorders. As can be expected, many killers also end up taking their own lives.

Sociopaths and psychopaths are extrovert and unscrupulous people. They both lack conscience, but the former is more obviously antisocial, while the latter may be merely soulless and unbelievably lonely. Suffering massive inferiority complexes, both groups seek to gain the upper hand any way they can. They often show hubris, believing they are too clever to get caught. Their hubris causes them to make spectacular mistakes, making them easy to catch. Sociopaths are usually found in occupations where they themselves make up the rules and low IQ is not a hindrance. Such occupations typically include physician, legislator, and businessman. They are rarely, if ever, writers, comedians, teachers, poets, athletes, judges, mediators, cooks, musicians, priests, inventors, or involved in any kind of work where intellect, genuine listening to other people, following a higher authority, or any special talent is a requirement.

Forewarned is Forearmed

Before risking your money, health, and life in dealing with a certain person you may want to know if they are likely to suffer from any of the severe disorders of inferiority described above. With access to the person’s birth certificate, there is a quick way to find out. A horoscope of birth reveals all potentials. While it is not possible to say for certain that a person is a saint, a psychopath, a lover, a massmurderer, a genius, or anything else, it is certainly possible to say that someone is not any of those things. For details on spotting disorders of inferiority in a birth horoscope, see the slightly revised checklist below.

Checklist for Disorders of Inferiority

This is an almost complete astrological checklist for disorders of inferiority. If none of the listed astrological indications is present, then the possibility of any severe inferiority complex can be ruled out. Most people’s birth charts feature at least four of the following indications, but there are a few which have none and a good number with more than six. As a minimum, severe antisocial behavior requires one indication of the first degree as well as one additional major indication of the first or second level and the first or second degree or two additional indications of which at least one is of the first or second degree and the other is of the first or second level. If the singular additional indication is of the second degree only, the indication must involve the sankhya yoga ruler. In exceptional cases, there can be severe antisocial behavior even without indications of the first degree. These cases require either a minimum of four indications, of which at least one must involve the sankhya yoga ruler as an indication of the second degree, or three indications assisting an undignified sankhya yoga, whose ruler must be undignified as well. Of the three indications, at least one must be of the second degree. In extremely rare cases, a single indication of the first level and the first degree is enough to originate severe antisocial behavior. These cases must feature a fully afflicted North Lunar Node (Rahu) and a sankhya yoga or ruler indication according to this list or Neptune must be severely afflicted or in Scorpio and Uranus must be an indication of the first or second degree.

1. General Indications

The strongest and most general indications of antisocial behavior are the first three sankhya yogas: Gola, Yuga, and Sula. If any of these yogas is present, there is every reason to watch out; with and without counter indications, they spell serious trouble! Ability to cooperate with other people is very limited and in the case of Sula yoga, conflicts may even be sought out.

  • Gola and Yuga yoga (both of the first degree)
  • Sula yoga (second degree)

The fourth sankhya yoga, Kedara, is not associated with antisocial behavior, but it is not competent or smart enough to be a counter indication. It is still an immature sankhya yoga and it does not come with any moral compass. If its ruler, Mercury, is a specific indication (according to this checklist), it still has potential to reveal an inferior disorder. In this case, count the indication twice.

  • Kedara yoga with Mercury as an indication

The fifth sankhya yoga, Pasa, is clearly less antisocial than Sula, Yuga, and Gola, but when it comes to deceit and dishonesty it cannot be beat. Because of its association with Jupiter, the planet of expansion and chaos, Pasa yoga brings expansion and chaos to the effects of other antisocial indications. Its natives more often than not see themselves as above everyone else (when they are doing drugs, which they are less averse to than most people, they may very well be). They have a rightness complex (for lack of a better word) and a somewhat comical idea of infallibility. Their pretentious disregard for evidence and factual circumstances makes it easy to believe all its natives are sociopaths. This should at least in theory not be the case, since Jupiter is also a moral planet (sociopathy is here defined as amoral antisocial behavior). If Jupiter is strong and domiciled, exalted, or situated in the signs of Venus and the fate line is unafflicted, the dangers of sociopathic behavior should be limited to cases where revenge is involved. If in addition, the solar moon is unafflicted in an attractive or social sign (those ruled by Venus, Saturn, and Mercury), the risk of major sociopathy should be close to zero. A full moon is exalted in Libra, domiciled in Aquarius, and welcome in Gemini.

  • Pasa yoga (third degree)

The last two sankhya yogas, Dama and Veena, are superior, but if their rulers are afflicted, the indications can be counted twice. If their rulers are strong and unafflicted in superior signs, the counter indications (see section below) can be counted twice.

  • Dama yoga with Venus as an indication
  • Veena yoga with Saturn as an indication

2. Specific Indications

The following indicators become specific indications of inferiority when they are situated in the signs or joined by the planets listed further down. Unlike the general indications, the specific indications may at times be inactive. The a and b indicators are major. The c indicators are minor and usually require major backing.

    1. The Ascendant, the new and the full Moon
    2. The North Lunar Node (Rahu), Saturn
    3. Uranus
    1. The Sextile Moon (two signs away from new)
    2. Mercury
    1. The Half Moon (three signs away from full)
    2. Venus

An indicator of a certain order in the list above combined with a sign or planet of the same order in the list below constitutes an indication of the first degree.

An indicator of the first or second order combined with a sign or planet of an order right below the indicator’s own, or an indicator of the third order combined with a first-level sign or planet, is an indication of the second degree.

Finally, an indication of the third (least severe) degree is present with a third order indicator in a combination with a sign or planet of the first order in the list below.

For the three different Moons, only the sign placements convey disorders of inferiority.

  1. Leo/Cancer, the Sun/the Moon
  2. Sagittarius/Pisces, Jupiter
  3. Aries/Scorpio, Mars

The first two numbers in the above list represent the first two levels of inferiority. These are the least aware of the world we live in and the most foolish or selfish. The third number is the immoral. While this level is more aware, i.e. somewhat wiser, it is much less moral and may reveal violent intent when introverted or paranoia otherwise. Cancer is the most violent sign, but intent may be missing. Pisces is the second most violent sign, but intent is usually missing. To a victim, it probably matters less if a violation was intentional or not.

3. Auxiliary Indications

There are additional indications which offer significant support to the more important indications given above. The most significant of these auxiliary indications is the Trine Moon in Leo or Cancer. The other indications are, roughly in order of importance, Mars in a first-level combination, the Sextile Moon, the South Lunar Node in a third-level combination, and the Sun in Gemini or Virgo. All of them constitute indications of the third degree.

  • The Trine Moon in Leo or Cancer
  • The Sextile Moon (especially in inferior signs)
  • The South Lunar Node (Ketu) in a fourth-level combination
  • The Sun in Gemini or Virgo
  • Mars in a first-level combination

4. Tricky Indications

The following indications might be the most important, but they usually require the exact time of birth and for the last two also the place of birth. A New Moon (the Sun and the Moon in the same sign or within 16 degrees longitude of each other), and the Sun in the same sign as the sidereal Ascendant, are first-level indications of the first degree. Mars in the same situation is a considerably weaker second-level indication of the second degree. A New Moon in Leo/Cancer or Aries/Scorpio is particularly bad.

  • The New Moon (first degree)
  • The Sun in the first house (first degree)
  • Mars in the first house (second degree)

Counter Indications

Counter indications can reduce the impact of, or sometimes completely counteract, antisocial and violent tendencies.

The most notable counter indications are the full moon or Saturn in Aquarius, Capricorn, or Libra, the half moon or Venus in Libra or Pisces, Saturn in Taurus (for a man) or Libra (for a woman), and to a lesser degree also Venus in Taurus (if unafflicted, the latter is a first-class counter indication for a woman, but much less so for a man). For the Sun in Aquarius, the Moon in Taurus is a major counter indication of the first degree. Other notable counter indications include Mars in Capricorn (for a man) or Aquarius (for a woman) and Mercury in Capricorn or Taurus.

In general, any superior planet (i.e. Saturn, Uranus, Mercury, Venus, full moon, sextile moon, half moon) strong and unafflicted in a superior sign (one ruled by the superior planets) can constitute a mitigating indication.

Note that a superior planet (other than the solar moon and Venus with Jupiter or Mars) is afflicted if it is joined by the Sun, the Moon, Jupiter, or Mars. If it is afflicted, it cannot be an effective counter indication.


A minimum requirement for any severe disorder of inferiority is that there exists at least one major indication, or that the sum of inferiority indications after reduction by the sum of counter indications exceeds one. Since evaluating the exact strength of each indication and summing it all up quickly becomes a complex business, I am developing software to do this as consistently and accurately as possible. In the next version of Astrolog for OS/2, the mean inferiority factor for all non-violent people should end up well below 5,0. As this factor increases, the antisocial potential should increase as well. The inferiority factor is independent of birth location. For those with access to the software, it can be calculated by dividing the inferiority score by the integrity score.


The atmakaraka – the most advanced planet in the chart – can never be an antisocial indication in itself, but if the planet functioning as the atmakaraka constitutes an antisocial indication according to the checklist, then this will at least double its antisocial impact.


This list may give some people a fair chance of identifying sociopaths and other antisocial people before it is too late. If you cannot check a birth chart yourself, you are welcome to contact me, and I will be more than glad to help you out. For those, most people these days, who have already suffered, or are still suffering, from contact with psychopaths, remember that God is just and always sees Justice done. It is thus wise to heed the proverb: Do not say, I will repay evil; wait for the Lord, and he will help you. Humility is the way to knowledge, and knowledge is the way to liberation. Wherever you go, think of God, and He will smooth your way!

Note: All planetary sign placements reference the tropical zodiac, which is the one most commonly used in the West. The Ascendant is the only indicator to reference the sidereal zodiac commonly used in India. The sign of the Ascendant is therefore related to the stars rising over the eastern horizon, while the signs of the planets, which are the same regardless of geographic location, follow the vernal equinox.


The following list of examples will be revised and extended in a future update (including lists of massmurderers, war criminals, and pseudo-psychiatrists). For now, its age clearly shows.

The birth chart of Isabel Hickey, a much acclaimed spiritual astrologer, has exactly zero simple indications supporting any major disorder of inferiority. Her chart also features Veena Yoga, the most dignified of the seven sankhya yogas, but since Saturn, the ruler of this yoga, is slightly cusped it does not constitute a full counter indication. A cusped Venus shows weak interpersonal skills and does not exclude a mild sense of inferiority in that area, but all in all her chart excludes psychopathy or anything worse. The Sidereal Ascendant, the North Lunar Node and Saturn all act as major counter indications. The software calculated inferiority factor is about 0,1. The atmakaraka is the Sun (although fully dignified in Leo the Sun as atmakaraka placed in an odd sign may significantly increase the inferiority factor for a woman).

The chart for the Dalai Lama, a world-renowned Tibetan buddhist leader, has just one major indication: a second level indication of the third degree (3b). A membership of the intellectually disadvantaged and totally conscience-free Virgo generation adds a third level indication of the first degree (3c). He shares this evil or psychopathic indication with the former dictator of Iraq, the current dictator of North Korea, and the biggest swindler in US history. However, unlike their charts, but like Isabel Hickey’s, his chart too features Veena Yoga, though Saturn is here more obviously weak and therefore reduces this yoga to even less than half a counter indication. His antisocial potential after reduction still comes to less than one, thanks in large part to his North Lunar Node in Capricorn being a first-class counter indication. A slightly cusped Uranus in Taurus reduces the potential even further, but not enough to enter negative territory. The exact final figure will vary with your evaluation of Saturn in Pisces (an indication of subjectivity and a third level superiority disorder of the third degree) and the weight you assign Neptune. The software calculated inferiority factor is about 0,6 (not including Neptune and Uranus). The atmakaraka is Jupiter (as the second level indication of the third degree already mentioned above it should increase the inferiority factor).

For Bernie Madoff, the Wall Street fraud, Kedara Yoga (the sankhya yoga of wealth he shares with Henry Ford, Ingvar Kamprad, Orpah Winfrey and Bill Gates, just to mention four) without any counter indications, constitutes a possible indication. Since Mercury is somewhat strong and reenforced by a mutual reception with Mars, we may very conservatively count his Kedara Yoga as just half an indication. His chart also has at least one first level indication of the first degree (1c) and possibly also a New Moon. Since there is not even a minor counter indication in his chart, adding two second level indications of the second degree (1b × 2) and the same first degree indication (3c) as for the Dalai Lama, gives him a final antisocial potential of at least five and a half. The software calculated inferiority factor is about 14,4. The atmakaraka is Venus (cusped in Taurus this reduces the overall integrity of the chart and thus increases the inferiority factor very significantly). The ascendant was not available for this analysis.

The chart for Bill Gates, an extreme sociopath notorious in the software industry for his anticompetitive practices, has at least six indications, starting with Kedara Yoga, which qualifies due to a weak Mercury and no major counter indications. In addition there are two first level indications of the first degree (1a & 1c), as well as two second level indications, one of the first degree (2b) and another of the second (1b). A third level indication of the third degree (the South Lunar Node in Gemini) reenforces the sociopathic vibes of the primary indication. Besides a cusped Neptune in Libra there are no counter indications in his chart. Even if the planet were at peak strength, its placement in Libra would still only amount to a minor counter indication of the third degree. Venus in Scorpio also lessens its effect. Most people’s birth charts feature both more and a lot stronger counter indications. The software calculated inferiority factor is about 23,7. The atmakaraka is Jupiter (its extremely poor chaining condition should increase the inferiority factor to the full extent possible).

If wikipedia can be trusted, Nidal Malik Hasan, a psychiatrist (M.D.) who allegedly shot and killed 13 people on a US army base in November of last year, was born on 8 September 1970. This date produces yet another birth chart featuring Kedara Yoga with a weak Mercury, but this weakness itself does not qualify this yoga as an indication of antisocial potential, instead it is Mercury’s combust state that helps make it so. Four additional indications are derived from the Sun and Ketu in Virgo joined by Mercury and Mars. Following the checklist his chart gives rise to a total of at least seven indications: Three of the third level, two of the second (2b & 3b), and two of the first (Mercury & Mars). There are two counter indications, Saturn in Taurus being the most important, but due to an extremely weak dispositor, Venus in Scorpio, they do not hold up very well. A generation X membership adds a second level antisocial indication of the third degree (3c), but Uranus unafflicted in Libra largely counteracts that indication. The software calculated inferiority factor is about 12,1. The atmakaraka is Mercury (as combust this will boost the inferiority factor considerably). The ascendant was not available for this analysis.

The chart for Ted Bundy, a psychopath, torturer, rapist and serial killer responsible for the death of at least 26 people, features the first sankhya yoga, Sula, which by itself is enough to indicate major antisocial potential. Since Mars, its ruler, is here very weak in Sagittarius and there are no major counter indications we can start our antisocial potential count at two. In addition there are two simple first level indications of the first degree (1a & 1b), and one second level indication of the first degree (2b). Finally, another first level indication of the first degree (a New Moon), a first level indication of the third degree (Mars with the Sun), and a second level indication of the third degree (3b), bring the grand total of antisocial indications to eight. Neptune in Libra constitutes a minor counter indication of the third degree, but Venus in Scorpio minimizes its effect. The software calculated inferiority factor is about 161,4. The atmakaraka is Mercury (as combust this will increase the inferiority factor).

To round up, I have chosen six examples to show that not all birth charts of serial killers have as many antisocial indications as Ted Bundy’s does. The strength and in particular the level of the indications are more important than the sheer number. Also the linking of planets in dispositor chains can be important. Through this mechanism any planet in any of the inferior signs can promote antisocial traits. The first two examples feature the nonsocial Kedara Yoga and complement it with the Moon as an antisocial indication. The last four examples highlight the characterless and often promiscuous Pasa Yoga. Like its undignified inferior counterparts this undignified superior sankhya yoga also reduces overall chart integrity, but usually in a less dramatic way. Since it at best contributes a mild superiority complex, it is not surprising to see it associated with an increased risk of ending up in prison. In fact, it is the only sankhya yoga to show this clear increase. Its dignified colleagues, the Dama and Veena yogas, show a negative association.

The first example is the birth chart of John Wayne Gacey, a serial killer who raped and murdered at least 33 young men and boys before he was executed in 1994. Here Kedara Yoga with an extremely weak Mercury (cusped in Pisces) starts us off with at least one major antisocial indication. Next we have a first level indication of the first degree (a New Moon), and a couple of second level indications, one of the second degree (1a) and another of the third (3b). A third level indication of the first degree (3c) brings us to a grand total of five antisocial indications. Saturn and Uranus in Taurus are potential counter indications, but both are weakened by Venus in Aquarius, and at least Uranus is significantly cusped. Through dispositor chaining the North Lunar Node in Virgo and Mars in Gemini also contribute significant antisocial traits. The software calculated inferiority factor is about 9,4. The atmakaraka is the Moon (acting as Saturn and combust this will increase the inferiority factor very significantly).

The final Kedara Yoga example is for the most prolific known serial killer in history. Harold Shipman was a UK medical doctor and drug addict who systematically killed at least 218 of his patients. In addition to the antisocial indications to be mentioned next, his chart also has a hypersocial indication of the first degree: the Sun in Capricorn. With such a weak Sun by sign placement there can be a severe lack of dignity, mental capacity, faith and lawfulness. Other indications can compensate for this, but there are no such indications in Dr Shipman’s chart. This shows that he identified himself as above his patients as well as above the law. Now let us quickly get back on our antisocial track. The chart features one first level indication, an indication of the first degree (1b). Mars in Cancer also contributes inferiority due to its dispositor (the Moon) completely lacking dignity in Gemini (for a Capricorn Sun). A major third level indication of the first degree (3a) brings the total of antisocial indications to at least three. Jupiter and Neptune in Libra constitute possible counter indications of the third degree, but a weak dispositor renders both of minor significance. Thanks to dispositor chaining, other indicators in Gemini (1b & 1c) also contribute significant antisocial traits, as does Kedara Yoga considering both the weakness of counter indications and Mercury’s lack of strength. The software calculated inferiority factor is about 70,3. The atmakaraka is Jupiter (its extremely poor chaining condition will increase the inferiority factor to the full extent possible). The ascendant was not available for this analysis.

The first Pasa Yoga example is fairly recent and features the chart of serial killer Anthony Sowell who is a convicted rapist most likely also responsible for the rape and death of at least seven women in the US state of Ohio. He was arrested for murder in October 2009 and was convicted last year. The remains of 11 women were found at his home. In addition to murder, he was also convicted for kidnapping, attempted murder, and rape. According to the checklist Sowell’s chart has a total of at least five antisocial indications including two of the first level, one of the first degree (1c) and another of the second (Mercury in Leo). Pasa Yoga promotes an unfounded sense of superiority. Here it also strengthens the antisocial effect of its ruler Jupiter (3b) as a second level indication of the third degree. The last major indication is Venus (2b) joined by Mars in Virgo. As for the potential of an inferiority complex this is probably mostly a second degree indication, but going by classical interpretation of this conjunction of enemies, it is also likely to have traits of a second level indication of the first degree. Finally, a generation X membership adds a minor second level indication of the third degree (3c). The only counter indication is the North Lunar Node in Libra, and a weak dispositor minimizes its effect. The Libra placement, however, fits a military and Sowell was in the US marine corps for seven years. The software calculated inferiority factor is about 7,4. The atmakaraka is the Sun (as fully dignified in Leo this will not increase the inferiority factor). The ascendant was not available for this analysis.

The second Pasa Yoga example is for the second most prolific known serial killer in history. Luis Garavito is a Colombian rapist and serial killer, who in 1999 admitted to murder and rape of 140 young boys. In addition to the few antisocial indications to be mentioned next, his chart also has a hypersocial indication of the first degree: the Sun in Aquarius. This is the second weakest Sun by sign placement, but statistically this sign is much less common among murderers than Capricorn. However, the possible lack of dignity, mental capacity, empathy, faith and lawfulness also applies here. Just like was the case in Dr Shipman’s chart there are no indications in Garavito’s chart to compensate for his weak Sun sign. This confirms the lack of the qualities mentioned above. The chart only shows two major antisocial indications, one second level of the second degree (1b) and one third level of the second degree (2b). However, a first level indication of the first degree (1c) and a by now common second level indication of the third degree (3c) bring up the grand total to at least four. Jupiter in Libra constitutes a possible counter indication of the third degree, but cuspal placement and a weak dispositor renders it of minor significance. Despite the relative lack of antisocial indications and largely thanks to the undignified sankhya yoga along with extremely weak Sun and Moon placements, the software calculated inferiority factor still comes to about 28,7 – this even without including the outer planets responsible for the minor indications. The atmakaraka is Mars (slightly cusped and situated in Aries this will at least marginally boost the inferiority factor for a man). The ascendant was not available for this analysis.

The chart for America’s Most Fiendish Killer, Albert Fish, also has Pasa Yoga. He did not kill as many people as the most prolific serial killers mentioned above, but he is commonly and understandably considered the most twisted, depraved, sick or diabolic serial killer in America. I will not go into all the details here, you may find them in the book by Harold Schechter (a true crime writer who specializes in serial killers), except to mention that he cannibalized a little girl and wrote a letter to her mother about it. He is known to have killed at least three people, all children, with three more suspected victims. As a house painter he also alleged having molested children, mostly boys under six. During a relationship with a mentally retarded man he attempted to castrate him, but luckily the man’s screaming frightened Fish, who fled. Fish was married to a woman nine years his junior with whom he had six children. By now we should not be surprised to find a great many and very strong indications of inferiority in his chart. The antisocial potential includes five simple indications of which four are of the first degree: two first level (1b & 1c), one second (2b), and one third (3b). Wrapping up is a second level indication of the third degree (3c). There are no first-class counter indications, but depending on the exact time of birth the Moon can become a second-class counter indication of the third degree. In addition, the chart also has at least one major hypersocial indication: The Sun in Taurus. This placement increases susceptibility to mental illness and is consistent with the abuse Fish suffered as a child, having spent much of his childhood in orphanage. The software calculated inferiority factor comes to 19,9. The atmakaraka is most likely the Sun (very weak in Taurus this should significantly boost the inferiority factor) or otherwise the Moon acting as Mars (a bit weak in Capricorn and suffering from somewhat poor chaining this should at least slightly increase the inferiority factor). The ascendant was not available for this analysis.

The last example shows that not only the antisocial potential of individuals, but also of nation states, is revealed by their horoscopes of birth. The State of Israel began the War on Gaza with a wave of airstrikes on 27 December 2008. For more than two years preceding the attack, the terrorist state had imposed a crippling siege on the Gaza Strip (with the help of Egypt). In war, civilians usually have the option of becoming refugees, but because of the siege the people of Gaza had nowhere to flee. At least 1 417 people lost their lives in the three-week massacre, most of which were civilians and at least 252 were children. 5 000 homes, 16 government buildings, and 20 mosques were destroyed. The war ended with a unilateral Israeli ceasefire on 18 January 2009, and the last Israeli troops left Gaza three days later. After the war, the Israeli military continued to kill Palestinians almost every month, including a mentally handicapped man and a 13-year-old boy shot in the head while playing football. Both killings took place in early November 2012, and they probably helped spur more rocket launches from Gaza into Zionist-occupied territory. On 14 November 2012, the State of Israel launched another military offensive, involving more than 1 400 airstrikes, killing at least 167 Gazans – including 36 children. An interim ceasefire agreement currently in effect stipulates opening the crossings and facilitating the movements of people and transfer of goods and refraining from restricting residents’ free movements and targeting residents in border areas, but as of December 2012 there have been no changes on the ground. Thus, the still ongoing Israeli blockade makes rebuilding houses, schools and infrastructure difficult at best. Meanwhile, the State of Israel is continuing to build settlements on occupied territory in direct violation of International Law. All the crimes committed by the Zionist state against the people of Palestine during six decades of occupation are too numerous to mention here. You can find more information and external links, including practical ways to promote an end to the injustice the Palestinians are suffering, on the Justice for Palestine page.

The antisocial indications of Israel’s birth chart are not as great in number as they are great in strength. Lately, the comparisons between Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians and Nazi Germany’s treatment of the Jews under Adolf Hitler have become more frequent. Astrologically, the similarities in behavior are not surprising, since there are also two major similarities between the two birth charts. To start with, both Hitler’s and Israel’s charts feature the Sun in Taurus, an indication of secular energy and unrestrained lust. Since this infamous position, quite similar to the one in Capricorn, renders the Sun weak, the capacity for self-awareness and empathy is similarly weak. Taurus is the most stubborn sign and it is obvious that Israel, just like Hitler, will not stop until it is forced to. The other major indication they share is antisocial, a powerful first level indication of the first degree (1b). It conveys an extreme hunger for attention and a focus on power for its own sake with little or no concern for the well-being of other people. There are two more first level indications, one of the first degree (the North Node with the Sun) and another of the third (Mars in Leo). Depending on the time used for the Israeli Declaration of Independence, there can also be another first level indication of the second degree. Two potential counter indications are present, but neither carries much weight. Neptune in Libra is the most significant. Jupiter cusped in Sagittarius is the other. This chart represents the final example of Pasa Yoga, which here makes the infallible Zionist state see itself as a victim rather than a perpetrator. The software calculated inferiority factor is about 7,6 (for Adolf Hitler’s chart the same figure is about 15,0). The atmakaraka is Mars (situated in Leo and suffering from a very poor chaining condition this should increase the inferiority factor considerably). The ascendant was not available for this analysis.

This was supposed to have been the end of the list of examples, but then the name of Tzipi Livni kept turning up in the news. She is the former foreign minister of Israel responsible for the War on Gaza and the resulting massacre of at least 1 400 people. As a wanted war criminal a warrant for her arrest was issued in December 2009 by a UK court, but it was revoked the same month after it was revealed that Livni had changed her plans and was no longer to set foot on British territory. Unfortunately, but not unexpectedly, the cowardly and amoral UK government headed by David Cameron (a mentally unstable Libra Sun with a combust Venus and a clueless and potentially diabolic Leo Moon) gave in to Zionist pressure last year and made any future arrest warrants for her and other Israeli war criminals less likely.

Besides revealing a person with little sense of remorse, Tzipi Livni’s chart also suits this list by way of nicely rounding it off with an example of Dama Yoga. This highly dignified sankhya yoga is a potential counter indication, but it requires a strong Venus. In Livni’s chart Venus is very weak in Gemini, a third level antisocial indication of the second degree (2b). Another three antisocial indications, one second level indication of the third degree (3c), and two of the first level, one of the first degree (1c) and one of the second (Mercury in Leo), bring the total to four. There are two counter indications, one of the third degree (Jupiter in Libra) and one of the second (Rahu in Libra). The latter is cusped and also reduced in strength by a planetary war with Jupiter. Finally, it is also worth noting a weak Saturn in Sagittarius, since it lends similar traits to that of Pasa Yoga. The software calculated inferiority factor is about 47,3. The atmakaraka is Jupiter (an at least slightly poor chaining condition should increase the inferiority factor). The ascendant was not available for this analysis.

Footnote: The Rothschilds founded the Illuminati on 1 May 1776, about two months before the so called United States of America. The German surname Rothschild has two parts: roth, meaning red, and schild, meaning shield. The name was adopted by descendants of Isaak Elchanan, an Ashkenazi Jew, who in 1567 built a house called zum Roten Schild. As expected, the Rothschild family symbol is a red shield and the color red often stands out clearly in their many political undertakings, including the Soviet Union, the People’s Republic of China, and of course the Obama Presidency of the United States of America. Mayer Amschel Rothschild, born in 1744 in Frankfurt am Main (the present day seat of the ECB), founded the Rothschild dynasty, a banking empire. Between 1815 and 1914, the family owned the world’s largest bank. On the first of May every year, followers (some unknowing) of the Illuminati celebrate May Day, a national holiday in all socialist countries around the globe; for everyone else, the word mayday is a signal of distress, usually broadcast using radio waves expanding into deep space. Currently, the Obamas are the most visible puppets of the Illuminati. According to Israeli papers, Barack Obama is the first Jewish President of the United States (we are still waiting for the first Black). The satanists of the Illuminati and their secular followers and puppets are building what they call a novus ordo seclorum, in plain English a new age order based on man-made laws rather than God’s laws. In practice, this means a world order where everyone is a slave to satan and money, the latter primarily created and loaned at interest by the Rothschild central banking cartel. The United States one-dollar federal reserve note has the latin phrase printed on the reverse side beneath an almost finished pyramid. Above it, there is a single eye and the phrase annuit coeptis. The meaning of the two phrases, the eye and the almost finished pyramid is that providence (some power beyond human), approves of the building of the new age order. The so called ‘new agers’ have two options: They can 1) repent and receive just punishment for their crimes against humanity here and now or 2) endure the lake of fire. But we all know, most of them were created for the latter.