Those who will not be governed by God
will be ruled by tyrants.
– William Penn

Donald Trump
Hillary Clinton
A Zionist Coinflip

The war is officially on! If anyone thought President Trump would be more peaceful than his serial-killing predecessor or his wannabe replacement and war-loving former Secretary of State, they know better now. I kindly refer you to Brother Nathaniel’s article, Trump Touts War With Syria, for the truth about the Jewish war machine called the US government.

The devils are all the same... In case someone has not found out already, the system is rigged, just like Mr Trump, now President, used to say last year. As most of his predecessors, he is a fringe President, elected by fewer than 30 percent of the eligible voters, who in turn are only a fraction of the US citizens.

We live in a world of near perpetual inflation transferring fruits of labor from laborers to banksters. The War on Islam aims to stop Islamic banking, i.e. banking without usury – the basis of Jewish banking. You may voice any criticism you like against Russians, Hindus, Christians, Muslims, and even a US President like Donald Trump, but if you criticise the Jewish banking cartel, you may very well get demonized (it happens to everyone big enough and loud enough, even to the most well-spoken).

It is probably widely known by now that presidents are selected rather than elected – candidates are approved by the so called establishment (the crime syndicate predominately run by people calling themselves Jews and supported by so called freemasons way too keen on obelisks, the more faggotty the better) before they are given any airtime.

The following video is a good summary of the political state we are in. As usual, many of the video comments are refreshing reads as well, but you have to visit the youtube website to read those.

Any one who has the power to make you believe absurdities has the power to make you commit injustices.
– Voltaire (about the Democrats and the Neocons)

To learn more about the JWO, please visit Brother Nathanael’s website RealJewNews.


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Astrology: Sankhya Yoga Examples

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Astrology: Sankhya Yoga Examples

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Astrology: Sankhya Yoga

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Astrology: Sankhya Yoga

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World: Justice for Palestine

2013-01-05 The Justice for Palestine page has left draft status. With this update, the page embeds a highly relevant youtube video with information on the still ongoing Israeli blockade of the Gaza Strip.

Know Thy Enemy

I will make those of the synagogue of Satan who say that they are Jews and are not, but are lying; I will make them come and worship before your feet, and they will learn that I have loved you.
– Revelation 3:9

There are many fake or semi-real enemies: Russia, Iran, Men, Women, Whites, Blacks, Young punks, Old gits, etc. And then there is one very real. They call themselves Jews but care very little to exactly nothing about the Torah. Instead they worship Satan.

Happy New Year

Nowruz is celebrated as the beginning of the new year by more than 300 million people around the world and it has been celebrated for over 3,000 years in Central Asia, Caucasus, Balkans, Black Sea Basin, Middle East and other regions.

Happy New Year! Today is the first day of the astrological and Persian new year, nowruz. I wish all cosmic visitors love of God and extend special congratulations to the people of Crimea, who recently rejoined their native country after 22 years in exile.

An Honest Jew

Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.
– Thomas Jefferson

If you watch a lot of US or affiliated TV, you may have been led to believe that all people who call themselves Jews are stupid, dishonest, despicable, greedy, lewd, vile, and unusually ugly people. This is what they want you to believe. Who are they? They are known as blasphemers. Winston Churchill called them atheistical Jews. Almost all of them emanate from Khazaria, a former steppe empire, just North of present-day Turkey. Genetically, these atheists/satanists who call themselves Jews are less related to the Israelites than the Palestinians, but that is another matter.

There are many expressions for the established and bankster-funded media circulating online. One of the more common is probably mainstream media (MSM). Others include Jewstream media (JSM), controlled media, and corporate media. In an effort to be impartial, I will from hereon use the abbreviation BSM for all media outlets which betray public trust, including but in no way limited to CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, and AP (these are only US-based examples).

Most media in the US is directly controlled by so called Jews. ABC was founded by RCA, which in turn was founded by David Sarnoff, a Belarusian Jew. Brian Roberts, an American Jew, is the CEO of Comcast, the owner of NBC and Universal Entertainment known as NBCUniversal since 2004. The media magnate Murray Rothstein owns CBS and Viacom. Even the chairman of the FCC, a government agency and the regulatory body of the airways and telecommunications, is either a Jew (Julius Genachowski, 2009–2013) or appointed by Jews (Thomas Wheeler, 2013–).

A more recent and much more popular media organisation is Fox News, but for some obscure reason, also this network has some Jewish affiliation. Fox News is uncritical of the state of Israel – the secular and anti-Christian occupier of the Holy Land – and critical of the people of Palestine – the victims of violent occupation. The owner of Fox News, Rupert Murdoch, is a zionist (a kind of extreme racist promoting a so called Jewish, in its ethnic rather than religious sense, state in Palestine). To err on the side of caution, it might be necessary to remind some people of the fact that most Jews are not zionists and that most zionists are not Jews.

Some so called alternative media is also funded and run by Jews. One example is Democracy Now. This outlet is supported by Lucifer Trust, a satanic organisation with links to the UN. It may look like a grim picture so far, but unless you equate Google and Facebook with the Internet, at least it is not controlled by so called Jews.

The point of this update is to show you another kind of Jew, a breed that will probably never appear in BSM, i.e. a likeable and respectable kind.

Voice of the Voiceless

The First Casualty of War is the Truth.
– Unknown

The year 2012 was an awful year for press freedom. If you are a career criminal and want to carry on as usual without public or judicial interference, you have to employ propaganda tactics. The weakness of propaganda is that it is easily beaten by the truth – the latter is slower than the lies, but the truth always wins in the end. Just like light easily destroys darkness, the truth easily vanquishes all lies. For this reason, a successful propaganda machine must establish a media monopoly and silence all alternative voices – at least those truthful. This was not that difficult before the advent of the Internet, but these days it is substantially harder. Nonetheless, career criminals always try their best to stop the truth from coming out. They know that as soon as the truth is out, their game is over. First out was BSM bashing the Internet; their message was Stick to us, we are credible. If these very dim wits had not already proven they were not, that might have worked. Becoming increasingly desperate, they use whatever power they have to remove real news. This is what happened in 2012.

As the once big media outlets, such as the BBC and CNN, as well as their various national affiliates in the West, steadily reported less and less news and more and more propaganda, people got disinterested (to put it mildly). Many stopped watching altogether. Like most men, I have always been interested in news and weather. I started watching CNN International as soon as it was available. At this time, it was owned by its founder Ted Turner – a bona fide idiot and long-time subscriber to the NWO agenda, including population reduction – but that was a long time ago.

One day, I finally got frustrated enough with the near total lack of news from the alleged champions of the same that I did a channel search on the German Astra satellite broadcasting over Europe. I was fortunate enough to find Press TV, an English-language 24/7 news channel actually reporting real news. My first thought was: This is too good, it cannot last very long.

Unlike CNN and BBC, Press TV does not conform with the international bankster agenda and comes without annoying sounds (during election seasons, even lingering loudly in the background to really piss the hearing public off), countless commercial interruptions, or at best studied British accents of people who care exactly nothing for the truth.

While Press TV stayed on the air over Astra longer than expected, the channel was taken off the satellite in 2012. At one time, it was reinstated at the order of a German judge, but Angela Merkel had it silenced again, and now it appears permanently gone.

Dubbed the Voice of the voiceless by the former British MP George Galloway, Press TV of Iran was taken off Eutelsat in October of the same year. Despite its misleading name, Eutelsat has a CEO called Michel de Rosen, who just happens to be a zionist Jew.

I also watch RT regularly and even Euronews from time to time [the latter extremely rarely at this time, the former less regularly], but neither really compares with the end-to-end pleasantness of Press TV, which for now is still available online (in most places anyway) as well as on a few remaining free-to-air satellites.

For a prime sample of its content, you can watch a couple of episodes of Press TV’s Money Trail below (courtesy of youtube).

Merry Christmas 2012

I have always thought of Christmas time, when it has come round, as a good time; a kind, forgiving, charitable time; the only time I know of, in the long calendar of the year, when men and women seem by one consent to open their shut-up hearts freely, and to think of people below them as if they really were fellow passengers to the grave, and not another race of creatures bound on other journeys.
– Charles Dickens

Merry Christmas Everyone! Today we celebrate the birth of Christ, through whose life and death the sins of all repentant sinners are forgiven. The repentant lot might not be many, but they are a very merry bunch! Time to rest and relax in gratitude after a long year’s hard work. Take it easy!

Victory for Palestine

Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.
– Saint Francis of Assisi

A victory for Palestine is a victory for all. Last month, the Palestinians in Gaza celebrated victory over the Israeli regime. During the 8-day military offensive, the Zionists killed at least 167 Gazans, mostly women and children. The Israeli military carried out more than one thousand airstrikes against the largely defenceless population (Gaza has no air-raid shelters and no air defences). Various Gaza resistance groups responded by firing rockets into Israeli-occupied territory, killing 6 Israelis, including 4 civilians.

An interim ceasefire agreement currently in effect promises an easing or lifting of the Israeli blockade of the Gaza Strip, but so far it has meant little more than an end to airstrikes. Nonetheless, the so called State of Israel is coming to an end, at least according to Henry Kissinger. I am inclined to agree. The terrorist state is suffering from karma overload. Its reputation has become so bad it no longer enjoys the support of ordinary people in even the most Israel-friendly countries, including the UK and US.

While the officially racist state of Israel is evidently losing support among the general public in the UK, it seems to pick up support within at least one violently xenophobic group, the so called English Defence League (EDL), members of which can be seen using Israeli flags at demonstrations. It is worth noting that the islamophobic terrorist and recently convicted mass murderer, Anders Behring Breivik, is a self-professed friend of the Jewish state. The Zionist regime has also been implicated in and specifically linked to mass killings in the US, including the 9/11 attacks. In addition, if these deaths are not bad enough, the Zionists are behind the global War of Terror, a campaign of state terrorism, misleadingly called the War on Terror by the criminal and psychopathic US government and its allies. At the time of writing this, the Zionists specifically support the killings of Syrians, by now numbering tens of thousands. According to the Israeli ambassador to the US, any government is better than that of Bashar al-Assad (the popularly backed leader of Syria – popularity is the worst asset any leader can have in the eyes of the Zionists), and thus it does not matter how many Syrian men, women, and children are killed – or rather, the more, the better.

Update: The US government has now joined the French, Turkish, and Arab governments in sending arms to Syrian terrorists. Here is a quote from the linked Telegraph article: New video has emerged of foreign fighters beheading civilians accused of collaborating with the Assad regime. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the rebels, who spoke in classical Arabic with an accent, may have been Chechen. For more information on the use of chemical weapons in Syria, have a look at the following GlobalResearch article: Israeli Intelligence News: Syria Rebels Possess Chemical Weapons, US-NATO Delivering Heavy Weapons to the Terrorists. Here is an excerpt: Turkey police Friday arrested 12 members of al Qaeda’s Syrian affiliate, al Nusra Front. Found in their possession were four and a half pounds of sarin nerve gas, hand guns, grenades, bullets and documents for what the Turkish daily Zaman reported was a bomb attack on the Turkish town of Adana. The War on Syria is apparently supported by the Dutch oil giant, Shell: The recently resigned head of the so called Syrian National Coalition for Revolutionary and Opposition Forces is a lobbyist for Royal Dutch Shell says a well-known author and historian from Washington, Webster Tarpley, in an interview with Press TV (one of extremely few alternative English-speaking tv news outlets).

Evil exists for us to learn Good, as soon as we have learned, all evil comes to an end, and that goes for the State of Israel as well. Some predict all of Palestine can be free in less than ten years from now. If true, we may all soon enjoy our freedom (no more financial terrorism by Zionist banksters, no more austerity measures by Zionist or corrupt politicians, and no more nonsensical wars, only serving the ends and wallets of Zionists and their cronies). In any case, sooner or later, racism in its most organized and sinister form – Zionism, Talmudism or Satanism  – will meet its destruction, it is all a matter of time.

New Year 2012

There is a time for everything
– The Preacher

Spring is here and time to wish all Godly people a Happy New Year. Some 300 million people celebrate Nowruz around the world, also known as the Persian New Year. It is also the astrological new year marking the entrance of the Sun in the sign of Aries. The celestial event took place early morning yesterday, but as the Sun is always weak at the start of a new sign, you should not expect boundless Martian passion right away.

Traditionally, this is a time for gift giving, and for this reason all dear OS/2 users can now download a new and improved freeware version of the WarpCalc scientific calculator package. For the special occasion, I had also hoped to have a new technological preview of Astrolog for OS/2 ready, but a terminal computer crash last year postponed my intention. I no longer have any working computer running OS/2 Warp 4. Instead I am currently using eCS 2.1 on a ThinkPad T60. Things are not running quite as smoothly as I have been used to on my old T30, but at least I have a big and bright screen! All of you having to use short screens (also euphemistically called wide screens) have my sympathy. Not even a 17” short screen is as big as my 15” big screen. If you are currently struggling to get some work done on a short 16:9 screen and wish you could find a bigger and better 4:3 screen, I recommend signing a simple online petition and making as much noise as you can.

To return to the main, and for most visitors these days the most pressing, issue of Astrolog for OS/2, the good news is that the hard disk I was told was broken to the core was actually working just fine in an external casing I bought for the purpose of checking it myself. After running a simple chkdsk /f all files were fully accessible, thank God – and Buddha! This means a special update, technological preview 71, is now available for download. God willing, a regular – much better documented – update will replace it next month. Stepping up the release tempo, I predict, with some confidence (I usually have too much), yet another, even more accurate, regular update a month later.

Economically, these are tough times for many people, largely thanks to the sin of greed (capitalism) and other, closely related, forms of idolatry, including Zionism (an extremely racist and truly antisemitic ideology worshiping Judaism [an extremely bigotted form of Jewish materialism], a secular Jewish nation, and ungodly Jewish supremacy in Palestine with Jerusalem [the holy city of the holy Bible] as its unholy capital), socialism (worship of material and social equality where some people are more equal than others), and US flag waving (worship of an irreligious totalitarian police state headed for hell). I primarily mention Zionism here because of its destructive influence over and beyond US foreign policy and the life and prosperity of people everywhere. Obama pledged his allegiance to AIPAC, the Zionist lobby group, before his first election, and he has repeated his pledge for the upcoming election. The self-proclaimed Friends of Syria group – much more aptly called the Friends of the Zionist State of Israel and the Enemies of Peace in the Middle East – is trying to overthrow the popularly backed government of Syria. It will fail, but a lot of blood has been let, and more will run thanks to these murderers. The war on Iraq and extreme sanctions on Iran, as well as the costly and ongoing occupation of Afghanistan, have also helped ruin the economy for the 99%. The main culprits behind the current economic crisis are a number of Zionist banks, in particular Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and the Federal Reserve of New York, but most politicians in power and central banks around the world are more or less complicit. No matter the exact details of this multi-billion dollar fraud, of which I know little, the solution to any problem is always to bow to God (and only God) and to throw the willful sinners (the Talmudists) out.

If you want a better economy (requires an end to private fractional reserve banking as well as the privately controlled central banks, most importantly the so called federal reserve in the US), and a healthier and safer environment (requires fewer wars and less – not more – depleted uranium in the atmosphere), then the solution is as simple as it gets: Protest the costly wars of aggression against the countries on the zionist hit list, which benefit no one (not even those who make some money from them in the short term), educate yourself on the financial fraud being perpetrated by a number of primarily Wall Street banks, and then vote for whoever is against the wars and the financial fraud. At first writing, there was apparently one candidate for President of the US who came close to meeting these requirements and that was Ron Paul, but we know now, he was just for show. Ron Paul is just yet another freemason US politician living under the spell of zionism and its father Satanism. The zionists hedge all their bets, just like Goldman Sachs.

Freedom is a Universal Right

Nothing is to be preferred before justice
– Socrates

Autumn is here and despite US support for the Arab Spring in countries such as Libya and Syria, freedom has still not come to Palestine (nor Bahrain, Yemen, Saudi Arabia). Instead a coalition of both democrats and republicans who support the State of Israel in the US congress has decided to freeze aid to Palestine (when it comes to supporting evil, the members of the US congress have apparently no trouble coming to agreement).

Thankfully, the United States is becoming more and more isolated around the world, and the evil prince Obama has lost all the credibility he once may have had. Not only because of the recent assassination of a US citizen without due legal process, but thanks to a most impressive record of amorality going all the way back to day one of his presidency.

The State of Israel was founded on terrorism and is today headed by people with genuine terrorist background. The state, which is guilty of war crimes according to International law, is supported by the US government. Gaza is the only part of Palestine not presently under Israeli occupation. The people in Gaza lived under a complete siege by the Israeli government and Egypt until Egypt’s dictator Hosni Mubarak was overthrown by the Egyptian people earlier this year. The Israeli state still controls the water outside the Gaza shore and does not allow everyday civilian products into Gaza through its land border.

Last year the EU reiterated calls for an immediate, sustained and unconditional opening of crossings for the flow of humanitarian aid, commercial goods and persons to and from Gaza, but has yet to act.


Three things cannot be long hidden: The Sun,
The Moon, and The Truth.

– Buddha

Following the award-winning new media website Wikileaks’ publication of documents revealing a plethora of crimes committed by the US government, including most recently the Secretary of State’s incitement to engage in espionage on diplomats world-wide, high-profile members of the government and political establishment of the United States of America have seemed to equate revelations of its misconduct and illegal activities with attacks on the people of this world. It is of course the US government that is attacking people and not WikiLeaks. The most grievous attacks on logic, morality and human dignity being statements by a number of literally insane US politicians, such as Sarah Palin, suggesting that one of the website’s founders, Julian Assange, who is not a US citizen, should be arrested or, according to Palin, assassinated. She is obviously used to assassinating animals who cannot shoot back, but this time she may have found herself going too far even for a US politician. If there was any law enforcement in the US she would have been arrested already. The well-known Israeli-American politician Senator Joseph Lieberman, chairing the Senate homeland security committee, said earlier this month that the department of justice should indict Julian Assange under the 1917 Espionage Act and try to extradite him from the UK. Born in early 1942, the Senator joins the former dictator of Iraq, the current dictator of North Korea, and the biggest swindler in US history, as yet another excellent example of the stupidity and psychopathy of the Neptune in Virgo generation (the most immoral since Hitler’s with Neptune in Gemini, both generations are as far from devoted to Good as you can possibly get).

Another sad case of US immorality is four big corporations acting like idiots. First out to stop people from donating money to the not-for-profit organisation was MasterCard. It was soon followed by Visa Inc. Although WikiLeaks may have been set up to run a Zionist agenda (as some online sources insist), there have been no criminal charges filed against the website or the organisation behind it, much less any trial with a guilty verdict, so for US corporations to act as judges and juries seems at the very least unprofessional and should definitely be illegal (if it is not already), since it reveals a very real threat to democracy. The third corporation to get in the way of people trying to donate money to WikiLeaks was PayPal and at least initially it went even further than the others. On 8 December 2010 it announced it had restricted WikiLeaks’ account, effectively engaging in money theft. PayPal has been in trouble before over seizing assets that does not belong to it, but this is the first time, as far as I know, that an internationally renowned public service website has become a victim of the corporation. A day later it said the money already in the account would be returned to WikiLeaks, but that new payments would not be accepted. Although a huge improvement over theft, the announcement is hardly enough to bring any customers back. PayPal’s history is shady to say the least, but convenience has brought many websites (including this one) to use it for accepting payments and donations. Many people have now quit accepting payments and donations via PayPal and although it is little more than a symbolic gesture for this particular website, it has now joined the moral majority. PayPal’s attempts to justify theft of donations made to wikileaks are so thin no one should be able to take them seriously, and I am glad to see that few if any people seem to do so. To borrow from online comments: The US government, it’s officials and faces of at least two administrations have more blood on their hands than Wikileaks ever will. To date, there has been no record of anyone being killed because of wikileaks. Last out to join the three other corporations in their illegal activities was Bank of America.

Due to the Terms of Service used by PayPal its behavior may not be illegal in the US (though theft and obstruction of democracy certainly is immoral). MasterCard and Visa Inc. are being sued over breach of customer agreement by DataCell, an IT company that enables WikiLeaks to accept credit and debit card donations. According to the Guardian newspaper both MasterCard and Visa Inc. have no trouble funneling money to overtly racist organisations, such as the Knights Party, which is supported by the Ku Klux Klan.

The Russell Tribunal
on Palestine

May this Tribunal prevent the crime of silence...
– Lord Bertrand Russell

For the love of God, peace and justice, this website supports the The Russell Tribunal on Palestine. In its own words, the tribunal will reaffirm the supremacy of International law as the basis for a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The first International War Crimes Tribunal was constituted in 1966 to investigate crimes committed in Vietnam and judge them according to International law. Initiated by Lord Bertrand Russell, Nobel laureate in literature, and supported by intellectuals such as Jean-Paul Sartre, who chaired the Tribunal, this Tribunal was named the Russell Tribunal.

Today, and in the same spirit, the Bertrand Russell Foundation supports the setting up of a Russell Tribunal to examine the violations of International law, of which the Palestinians are victims, and that prevent the Palestinian people from exercising its rights to a sovereign state.

The tribunal has completed two sessions (two more sessions are planned, the next to be held in South Africa). The first one in Barcelona was on EU complicity and omissions. The one just completed in London on 22 November 2010 focused on International corporate complicity.

Witnesses appearing in the London session testified to the potential legal liability of several corporations, including the following: a) G4S, a multinational British/Danish corporation, b) Elbit Systems, a leading Israeli multinational, c) Caterpillar, based in the US, d) Cement Roadstone Holdings, an Irish multinational corporation, e) Dexia, a Franco-Belgian corporation, f) Veolia Transport, a French corporation, and g) Carmel Agrexco, an Israeli corporation,

The Tribunal heard evidence that G4S, Elbit Systems and Caterpillar all acknowledge and actively boast in their promotional material about the use of their equipment during the Israeli War on Gaza, which killed at least 252 children under 16 and an estimated 900 civilians in all, and leaving countless survivors homeless. Please read the tribunal’s concluding statement for more details, including the exact complicity of the offending corporations. Regardless of your view on the previous tribunals or the list of jurors on this one, its findings are worth reading.

If you have a conscience, or a business sense, you will do well to avoid any unnecessary business with the above corporations. Thankfully, Veolia Transport lost the operating franchise of the Stockholm Metro, a USD 2,45 billion eight-year contract, last year. God willing, all other corporations complicit in crimes against International law will also lose much of their business.

Israeli Attack on Gaza Aid Convoy

All States shall cooperate to the fullest possible extent in the repression of piracy on the high seas or in any other place outside the jurisdiction of any State.
– United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea

In an act of mass murder on the high seas, the State of Israel, on 31 May 2010, killed at least nine people on board a ship bound for Gaza with humanitarian aid. According to the Israeli military, they boarded the ship in international waters some 100 km off the coast of Gaza in a pre-dawn raid. All the six ships sailing together as part of the international Freedom Flotilla were then hijacked and forced to make port in the Israeli city of Ashdod.

The complete freedom flotilla consisted of eight ships from different countries, but two US-flagged ships were sabotaged by Israeli agents and forced into port in Cyprus when steering systems on both ships broke down on their passage from Heraklion in Crete. The six remaining ships carried 10 000 tonnes of building, medical and educational supplies along with close to 700 human rights activists from every populated continent.

The passengers who survived the Israeli attack were taken as prisoners and all of their belongings were confiscated, most of which remain in Israeli possession to this day, including notebook computers, SIM cards, and photo and video equipment. The BBC reported that 30 passengers were injured in the attack. At least 7 commandos were injured as they were overpowered by passengers.

In response to early and even more ludicrous claims than usual from the Zionist state of the human rights activists being members of al-Qaeda or associated with Hamas, we can only assume that the Israeli government views anyone taking action to break the illegal siege of Gaza as a terrorist or terrorist supporter, including the Swedish best-selling author Henning Mankell (that I am not a fan of his books is totally irrelevant – he is still not a terrorist supporter), the Irish Nobel peace laureate Mairead Corrigan-Maguire, the US holocaust survivor Hedy Epstein, the retired US Army colonel Mary Ann Wright, the former US ambassador Edward Peck, and the members of the European, German, Israeli, Scottish, Swedish and Turkish Parliaments – all heroes on board the eight vessels of solidarity.

Endorsements of the aid flotilla have come from an overwhelming number of terrorists around the globe, including Jewish groups which campaign for the rights of Palestinians (for US readers without a sense of humor, I should make clear I do not consider these people terrorists).

The Elders group of past and present world leaders, including the former President of the Republic of Finland, Martti Ahtisaari, and the former South African President, Nelson Mandela, has condemned as completely inexcusable the deadly Israeli attack.

The EU has reiterated calls for an immediate, sustained and unconditional opening of crossings for the flow of humanitarian aid, commercial goods and persons to and from Gaza. Now will the EU act?

Age of Experience

Besides assessing the Sankhya Yoga of an astrological birth chart, I – and many others with me – have discovered the importance of the lunar nodes. The north node, which is called Rahu in Jyotish, reveals age as measured in past-life experience. This spiritual age tells a lot about how a person, institution or anything else, will take to new ideas in this life. Rahu is at home in the really old signs of Aquarius and Capricorn. John McCain has it placed in the former and Barack Obama in the youngest of all the signs: Leo. No doubt who is the eldest, is there? John McCain has expressed his wonder regarding Obama’s willingness to try ideas that have been tried and failed in the past. Another example is Adolf Hitler, who had Rahu in Cancer, the partner of Leo and likely the second-youngest of all the signs. Mr Hitler did mistake after mistake, and one could perhaps argue that all he did was a mistake.


On the matter of Sankhya Yoga, I should point out that both McCain and Obama (unlike Hitler) exemplify Dama Yoga, and thus should exhibit at least some of the auspicious character traits associated with pillars of society, such as innate education, a strengthened sense of justice, tact and diplomacy, and a heartfelt concern for people not too distant. Keep this perspective in mind while reading the following paragraphs.

John McCain, unlike many politicians before him was born with the Sun in the eighth house (using Sidereal Houses). This position brings emotional isolation in some form. In his own isolation, it is hard for him to see the need and vulnerability of others, and he may be capable of terrible coldness and even cruelty to those who need him. All this according to The House Book, an excellent little textbook written by Stephanie Camilleri, whose reading for this house placement makes perfect sense for the Sun in Virgo as well. Her book also mentions that death, imprisonment and/or exile may mark his life. Adding my own interpretation, McCain’s Virgo Sun indicates a slight mental deficiency and a significant intellectual limitation. As a result, McCain has developed his talents and intellect at a slower than usual pace. The coldness of Virgo also makes him appear less warm than Obama (not that I consider Obama a warm person).

The mental picture for Obama is quite different. His vibrant Sun in Leo shows mental capacity to learn quickly and to live up to the best that is within him. Compared to McCain’s, Obama’s temper should be more civil and pleasant. However, an extremely weak Ketu in Aquarius brings both his learning speed and temper closer to that of the average person. Technically, Obama’s Sun may be read as placed in the eighth house, just as McCain’s, but with an even Ascendant (Capricorn), the meaning of this placement of the Sun is most likely very different. In this case, there may be a great potential for power, as well as an ability to manage others with skill, though that skill may sometimes appear somewhat Machiavellian. The excellent wording of the last two clauses is yet another loan from Stephanie Camilleri’s house book.

The Moon signs of both candidates are tougher to read. McCain’s Moon in Aquarius shows a focus on society and activity aiming towards large-scale social improvement. He does not share this Moon sign with any other Dama yoga politicians that I have on file. However, there are a few Pasa yoga examples, including Angela Merkel, Tony Blair, and Richard Nixon. Most often, the Moon in Aquarius reveals good intentions gone wrong. A notable exception is for the Full Moon, but none of the aforementioned politicians has it. Obama’s Moon is in Gemini. Again I have no Dama yoga politicians with this Moon sign on file, but a couple of Pasa yoga examples are John Kerry and Vladimir Putin. There is also a Kedara yoga example with Helmut Kohl. The Moon in Gemini most often indicates psychopathy, but the ideal aspect to Obama’s Sun in Leo limits the psychopathic traits and maximizes the clever, playful, lucky, and idealistic qualities of Gemini. It still indicates a very youthful person, and not someone with a clear direction in life. Together with no planets in Sagittarius and Pisces, and a highly undignified Jupiter in Aquarius, this Moon gives Obama much of the bad child about him – but nothing of your typical leader figure. To be perfectly clear, the unusually weak Jupiter combined with the undignified Moon in Gemini indicates the opposite of a moral king. Gemini is the sign of openness, caprice, money, as well as ideas and the persuasive selling of them. It is also the sign of modern science, which helps explain Obama’s unusually narrow focus.

Intellectually, McCain is light years ahead of Obama, in large part thanks to his Jupiter in Sagittarius, which is the single strongest possible indication for a prosperous leader and a moral king. McCain’s Jupiter is here in complete disagreement with his Virgo Sun, which represents the antithesis of a leader. The strong Jupiter, nonetheless, gives McCain a sense of humor, some knowledge of right and wrong, as well as growth and prosperity – all things which Obama sorely lacks. Unlike W. Bush and Dick Cheney, both McCain and Obama were born with dignified sidereal ascendants. McCain’s ascendant is Aquarius, which supports a lot better health than Cheney’s Leo ascendant can ever accomodate. Aquarius rising also increases the likelihood of good deeds. It points to a fortunate life with infinite chances of acquiring and conveying knowledge. This is the most honorable of the twelve possible ascendants. According to Jyotish, it indicates a doer of all things which are morally right. In Obama’s horoscope, the rising sign is Capricorn, the sexual complement of Aquarius. Capricorn is capable of planning and carrying out schemes of considerable magnitude. The chances of health and success in life are greatly strengthened (especially for a woman).

As far as generations go, I would have preferred Pope Benedict’s or my own. McCain was born with Neptune in Virgo, a planetary indication defining a generation of extreme intellectual limitation and unmatched hubris. He shares this ominous indication with John Lennon (bigger than Jesus), Josef Fritzl (almost a monster), Bernie Madoff (the Wall Street fraudster), and of course the United States of America with its fully psychopathic New World Order, currently struggling to take over Syria. The United States and its Jewish world order were both ushered in by the Rothschild Illuminati society, founded in 1776. The latest natives of the Neptune in Virgo generation, including the first Jesuit Pope, took birth during the Great Depression and the first half of World War II. Some of them are psychologically deficient enough to psych even their own children and not demonstrate the slightest sign of remorse later. The only other generation revealing equal intellectual impairment, lack of emotion and logic, is Adolf Hitler’s (Neptune in Gemini). Both generations value change and represent the antithesis of Truth. Most of their members are born losers. Some accept this fate, others try to limit competition. If you can grasp the fairly limited stupidity and emotional isolation of the Sun in Virgo, you can begin to imagine the extreme psychopathy and soul isolation of Neptune in the same sign. Many natives cannot (or will not) even connect with their own children. They are inhibited and show no interest in morality. If you want to be kind, you can call them extremely neurotic or diseased. Regardless of what you call them, these people always promote immorality, pain and suffering. If you appreciate boredom, pathological lying, constant torture, and other forms of completely irrational behavior, you can definitely find it with them. If you are like me, you have probably wasted a lot of time, patience and diplomacy on these amazingly stupid and extremely selfish people. Obama has the same planet in Scorpio, which is a lot less irrational and a far more intelligent position. Nonetheless, this sign placement also strengthens the potential for inferior traits on an even lower level than Gemini and Virgo. At their worst, members of the Scorpio generation can demonstrate jealousy, blind hate, idiocy, and all sorts of wickedness, including killing for its own sake. Other features of this generation include surveillance, secrecy, autism, OCD, materialism, timidity, prejudice, etc. Obviously, this does not mean that all (or even most) of its members exhibit these very powerful traits, but it does mean that you are likely to come across more idiots in this generation than in the two generations immediately surrounding it. While it is impossible to associate any dignified traits with McCain’s generation, there are many desirable traits accompanying Obama’s, including libido, cleanliness, religion, loyalty, and analytical ability. All these auspicious traits clearly set this generation apart from the much more liberal Flower Power generation that preceded it. With regard to intellectual capacity, the Scorpio generation should score about or slightly above average (at least the women).

Note: It is possible to overcome the extreme neurosis of the Gemini and Virgo generations, including their potentially perpetual youthfulness, if all of the following conditions are satisfied. 1) The Sun or Ketu is placed in Leo, Cancer, Aries, or Scorpio. 2) Rahu is not seriously afflicted by being placed in one of the four previous signs or joined by the Sun, the Moon, or Mars. 3) Saturn is strong and unafflicted, or Rahu is highly or fully dignified.

Obviously, there is no critical intellectual limitation if Jupiter is fully dignified and Venus is unafflicted or Venus is strong and placed in Sagittarius or Pisces (the signs exactly opposite Gemini and Virgo) and Jupiter is unafflicted. Just as obviously, it is possible to experience critical intellectual limitation outside of these two generations if Jupiter is undignified (e.g., situated in Gemini, Virgo, Aquarius, Capricorn, Libra, or Taurus) and there are no strong planets occupying its signs. Since Jupiter and Neptune are planets of vision and insight, intellectually retarded people are unable to see and appreciate what they are missing. Jupiter spends about one year in each zodiac sign, and Neptune about 14 years. The latter planet recently entered Pisces, a potentially fully dignified placement, and if strong and unafflicted, one that always contributes significant intellectual power. If there are undignified planets in Sagittarius and Pisces, this can make the psychopathy of the Gemini and Virgo generations even worse by introducing psychotic traits. The subjective way of viewing facts, the often highly fanciful notions, and the scheming and dishonesty accompanying Saturn or Rahu in Pisces and Mars in Sagittarius make it difficult to communicate with these individuals. The worst afflicted natives may even approve of their own psychopathy.

After Gemini and Virgo, the most ominous signs for Jupiter and Neptune are Aquarius and Capricorn. People with any or both of these planets in the latter sign are likely to have weak bodies, with little stamina and no virility. They possess several low traits of character, including cowardliness, narcissism, and sexual perversion. They usually lack cleanliness, compassion, and benevolence towards other people. They are not very intelligent and have to put in much hard labor for small financial returns. Success and education means a lot to these people, who tend to be a lot quieter and shrewder than your average person. They are both daring and cautious. Unlike the placements in Gemini and Virgo, the placements of Jupiter and Neptune in Aquarius and Capricorn are primarily indications of victimization. The life experience is karmic or due to a severe lack of light (faith, humility, and devotion).

Naturally, the same cancellation indications noted for Neptune in Gemini and Virgo also apply to Neptune in Aquarius and Capricorn. In addition, if Saturn is highly or fully dignified, the intellectual limitation of Neptune in the latter signs is clearly less pronounced than with Neptune in the first two signs (regardless of other indications).


I am an astrology student and not a professional astrologer. As I through the grace of God learn more, please expect some interpretations to change over time. The birth data used here have been published elsewhere on the web. The rodden ratings are AA for Obama’s chart and A for McCain’s. For a professional reading of the two Sun-Moon combinations, I recommend the astrology classic Heaven Knows What by the late American astrologer Grant Lewi.

Updated Birthdata

The most recent birth data available through Astrodatabank have 18:25 as the birthtime for John McCain. These data carry an AA rating and should be more accurate than the A-rated data used in an earlier postscript from 8 May 2009. The Sun is no longer in the 1st house, but the 8th. The Moon has also changed. It has now advanced from Capricorn to Aquarius, which I think gives McCain a more suitable reading from Heaven Knows What.

Full Moon

Once a year, we experience an ideal Full Moon. This occurs when the Sun is in Leo and the Moon is in Aquarius. While a New Moon is considered a natural malefic in Jyotish (Indian astrology), a Full Moon is seen as a natural benefic. Also the Chinese consider a Full Moon fortunate. With the Sun in its natural domicile, the Aquarius Full Moon represents the very best of single planet indications. For a little more than two days a year, both the spiritual and the material sides of life are fully energized. A person born under this Moon is aware of ultimate reality (Aquarius = Knowledge) and has the sense of self necessary (Leo = Royalty) to see dreams materialize. For Kedara yoga, this could mean a master of numbers. For the Dama and Veena yogas, it spells leaders of thought. For all the others, unreliable emotions yield caprice.

A Note on Happiness

If you are not happy but want to be, try these three steps: 1) realize you are better off with God, 2) ask His forgiveness in full understanding of your past stupidity, and 3) expect Him to surprise you with all the happiness you need.

As for giving, remember that you cannot give what you do not have. If you want to give peace to the world you have to have peace within. You can only have peace within if you are with God and you can only be with God through asking forgiveness. To receive forgiveness you also need to give forgiveness.

Life in the material world is said to be like having a constant 40-degree fever. Until you remember God, you are delirious beyond all hope of recovery, especially so if you do not realize how bad your condition really is.

According to Jesus, we are all evil and only God is good. Thanks to his mercy, God constantly teaches us how to restore our health. Some of us may be more difficult to teach than others, but we are all work in progress.

For people on the road to recovery, God has provided astrology, through which we can learn where we stand, how far we have to go, and what to expect from both ourselves and the people around us.

As astrology helps keep madness at bay, we get a grip on our situation and it gets easier to love – His first commandment. Astrology can also give practical advice on everything from selecting a suitable spouse to the best time for celibacy.

Finally, astrology makes it more obvious that we do not have free will. To praise or blame ourselves or others is to worship the created in place of the creator, so we better stop the praise-blame game and realize who is God.

When we receive punishment it is not for our actions, but for believing we are actually responsible for them – thinking we could have acted differently. If you think you are doing good (self-righteousness) you have in this sense just as much to ask forgiveness for as someone who thinks he or she is doing evil. All that does not take place in faith is sin (Rom 14:23).

Let us all follow God’s long-standing advice: Worry about nothing, love your neighbor (in God), know and trust in Him. Whoever does God’s will is my brother and sister and mother (Mark 3:35).

Astrological Review and Forecast

There are many wills in the world and not all of them can have their way at the same time. Using astrology one can track who is on top at any given time. Simplistically speaking demons reign when the planets are in their signs of fall and saints reign when they are in their own signs.

The most important planet for tracking the will of the world is Saturn, or Kronos in Greek. Saturn left the sign of Leo and its state of fall on 3 September 2007. It continues to be somewhat poorly placed all through Virgo, but the worst of the current cycle should now be over. After a period of relative happiness and tolerance, Saturn entered Gemini on 21 April 2001, then reached Cancer on 4 June 2003, and finally Leo on 16 July 2005.

The period through Cancer and Leo covers the U.S. occupation of Iraq, a magnitude 6 earthquake killing over 5 000 in Indonesia, a tsunami killing more than 200 000 people around the Indian Ocean, a hurricane killing over 1 000 in the U.S., and all sorts of horrific injustices including abortion legalizations. Closer-to-home, less high-profile and more every-day nerve-wrecking activity should have left many without proper sleep.

In August of this year the world also experienced a magnitude 8 earthquake shake Peru, killing over 500 people and injuring more than 1 000, and the day Saturn conjuncted the Sun, reenforcing the roaring Leo characteristcs, the first and probably only category 5 hurricane of this season struck Mexico. The period as a whole saw no fewer than 7 category 5 atlantic hurricanes.

Finally, as the period came to an end this past Summer, Greece saw more than 3 000 wildfires giving many people a visible picture of the hell that is Leo at its worst. A personal example of Saturn in Leo is Adolf Hitler, notable for exhibiting the worst qualities of this placement including invalidism, need to head the parade at any cost, and being too smart for his own good. The same traits also grow strong when the Sun joins Saturn, or with Uranus placed in Cancer, both cases notably showcased by current Russian President Vladimir Putin. Unlike Hitler, however, Putin is a young adult rather than a school boy. His Rahu in Aquarius, revealing strength and grace, is also the exact opposite of Hitler’s in Cancer, showing arrogance or foolishness.

Things should be improving as Saturn now transits Virgo. Despite being weak at first and then possibly resentful and plagued by frequent changes, the coming 2 years should see an overall improvement over the past 5. Already since December of last year, Jupiter in Sagittarius has been mitigating the worst of Saturn in Leo. Jupiter – the planet of fundamental truth, insight and joy – will continue to be extremely well-placed until December of this year.

Not long after Jupiter leaves Sagittarius in December of this year, the Moon’s nodes enter their best signs. The longest period of dignity in their cycle begins in January of 2008 and lasts all through Saturn in Virgo and beyond. People should become more aware of reality, and astrology could see a major breakthrough. Spirituality booms yet again as it did once before in the early 90s.

Jupiter will see another high as it enters Pisces in January of 2010. This transit favors intellectual ventures, perspective on life, stand-up comedy, and general prosperity. In summary, the overall forecast until 2010 is for the better, with the middle of November especially good for saints and a lot worse for demons.

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A few years have already past since the launch of the current website design. A redesign is on the horizon. To speed up my own updates and to open up for collaborative updates in the future, the new design will sit on top of a wiki engine, although that will probably not be evident to the general visitor. What will become evident here and there (and technically already is) is the move to the most recent HTML specification.

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Quote for Thought

You shall be loving the Lord God out of your whole heart, and out of your whole soul, and out of your whole comprehension, and out of your whole strength. This is the foremost precept.